foretold* - predicted

brevet - an official document granting certain privileges from a sovereign or government; an official or authoritative message in writing; esp. a Papal Indulgence (obs.)


disbar - to exclude, shut out, prevent, stop

order - the rank, status, or position of a clergyman or ordained minister of the Church; Now always pl., more fully holy orders.

servile - befitting, or characteristic of a slave or a state of servitude

reckless - Of persons: Careless, heedless; Of actions, conduct, things, etc.: Characterized or distinguished by (negligent carelessness or) heedless rashness.

relics - that which remains or is left behind, in later use esp. after destruction or wasting away.


douche - to administer a douche to                                                                                                                                 doing

sieve - a utensil consisting of a circular frame with a finely meshed or perforated bottom, used to separate the coarser from the finer particles of any loose material, or as a strainer for  liquids.

fall out - to happen, chance, occur, arise, come to pass; to disagree, quarrel.

excelsior - the Latin motto ('higher') on the seal of the State of New York.

tip - to give a 'tip' or piece of private information about; esp. to mention or indicate as a probable winner, a profitable speculation, etc.


deary - a little dear; a darling: a familiar term of amatory and conjugal endearment.

quit - to rid (oneself) of

to make face to - to offer resistance to 

rife - abundant, plentiful, ample; large in quantity or number; numerous


simplicity - freedom from artifice, deceit, or duplicity; sincerity, straightforwardness.

at the root - at bottom, essentially

discipline - a branch of instruction or education; a department of learning or knowledge.

truthfully - in a truthful manner; with truth, truly


panto - - all

epistle* - a letter from an apostle, forming part of the canon of Scripture.

glory be

mummy - a child's word for mother

mit (d) - with

dummy - a dumb person; a deafmute

regular - subject to, or bound by, a religious rule

genuflection - the action of kneeling or bending the knee, esp. in worship.

enclose - to insert in a frame or setting, or in a surrounding mass of material; to shut up in a case, envelope, or receptacle; Also fig.

hummock - a low hillock or knoll                                                                                                                                   heaven

gee* - a word of command to a horse, variously (in different localities) used to direct it to turn to the right, to go forward, or to move faster.


credo (l) - ''I believe''; the first word of the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds, in Latin.


forsooth* - in truth, truly; Now only used parenthetically with an ironical or derisive statement.

domestic* - attached to home, devoted to home life or duties

to paint the town red* - to cause an excitement or commotion, to go on a boisterous or riotous spree.

to smile in one's sleeve* - to laugh to oneself, to nurse inward feelings of amusement. 


diagnosis* - identification of a disease by careful investigation of its symptoms and history, also, the opinion (formally stated) resulting from such investigation, Also fig.

indeedy* - used as an emphatic affirmative; indeed, certainly. 


ruse - a trick, stratagem, artifice, 'dodge'                                                                                                                               rule

foculus (l) - fire

redshank - one of the Celtic inhabitants of the Scottish Highlands and of Ireland.

impregnable - that cannot be overcome or vanquished; invincible, unconquerable.


frightful* - horrible to contemplate, shocking, dreadful, revolting;                      Sigmund Freud -(1856-1939), Austrian specialist in neurology and founder of psychoanalysis.

pork - a swine, a hog, a pig; the flesh of swine used as food