foretold - predicted + (notebook 1924): '...It was foretold for me more to work...' ('more' not clear, may be 'not'). 

brevet - an official document granting certain privileges from a sovereign or government; an official or authoritative message in writing; esp. a Papal Indulgence (obs.)


disbar - to exclude, shut out, prevent, stop

servile - befitting, or characteristic of a slave or a state of servitude

reckless - Of persons: Careless, heedless; Of actions, conduct, things, etc.: Characterized or distinguished by negligent carelessness or heedless rashness.

relics - that which remains or is left behind, in later use esp. after destruction or wasting away

douche - to administer a douche to + me so doing.

got into a blame (Joyce's note) → Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 167 (sec. 164): 'As a great many... nouns and verbs had thus come to be identical in form (e.g.,... fight... blame... )... whenever the need of a verb arose, the corresponding noun might be used unchanged, and vice versa'.

sieve - a utensil consisting of a circular frame with a finely meshed or perforated bottom, used to separate the coarser from the finer particles of any loose material + When thieves fall out, honest men come into their own (proverb).

fall out - to happen, chance, occur; to disagree, quarrel

excelsior - the Latin motto ('higher') on the seal of the State of New York

tip - to give a 'tip' or piece of private information about; esp. to mention or indicate as a probable winner, a profitable speculation, etc.

whoa! - stop! (especially to horses)

nightmare + Joyce's note: 'I there go that island one sleep there then I go another island there 2 sleeps I catch 1 sealion then return mine' Clodd: The Story of the Alphabet 58: (deciphering an Alaskan sea-lion hunt pictograph) '"I there go that island, one sleep there; then I go another that island, there two sleeps; I catch one sea-lion, then return mine"'.

deary - a little dear; a darling: a familiar term of amatory and conjugal endearment

quit - to rid (oneself) of + (notebook 1924): 'never - yet quit of him'.

make face to - to offer resistance to 

rife - abundant, plentiful, ample; large in quantity or number; numerous

wife + Pfeife (ger) - pipe; whistle.

Amen - ancient Egyptian god associated with conception in women and animals (name means 'the hidden one'), later identified with Ra (the Sun) to become Amen-Ra, personification of creation and power of cosmos.

Ptah - Egyptian god of speech (name means 'the opener'), one of the gods carrying out the Creation as ordered by Thoth (also involved in ceremony of Opening of the Mouth [Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. XXIII: '"May the god Ptah open my mouth"')].

eirÍnÍnÍsia (Greek Artificial) - peace-island-land + Lord's Prayer: 'Thy will be done, On Earth as it is in Heaven'.

simplicity - freedom from artifice, deceit, or duplicity; sincerity, straightforwardness

at the root - at bottom, essentially

discipline - a branch of instruction or education; a department of learning or knowledge

truthfully - in a truthful manner; with truth, truly

declare it + declaret (l) - may [he, she] make clear + claret (Slang) - blood + (notebook 1924): 'I can truthfully say'.

Deity's + geit (Dutch) - goat + Gaiety Theatre, Dublin (performed Christmas pantomimes).

panto- - all + panto-creator (gr+l) - all-begetter, all-creator + Pantokrator (gr) - Almighty.

epistle - a letter from an apostle, forming part of the canon of Scripture + (notebook 1924): 'epistle' → Epistle (part of Mass) + pizzle - the penis of an animal (especially, that of a bull, from which a whip is made).

apposil (notebook 1923) + apostles

glory be + rosary beads + (notebook 1924): '...I say my prayers regularly'.

mummy - a child's word for mother

mit (ger) - with + Mut - Egyptian goddess, consort of Amen. Her name means "mother." 

dummy - a dumb person; a deafmute

mat (Russian) - mother + mat (Breton) - good; ha!

bouzar (Breton) - deaf

regular - subject to, or bound by, a religious rule

genuflection - the action of kneeling or bending the knee, esp. in worship

enclose - to insert in a frame or setting, or in a surrounding mass of material; to shut up in a case, envelope, or receptacle; Also fig.

''Kde Domov Muj'' (Where is my home?) - the national anthem of Czechoslovakia + Domovoj - Slavic soul of an ancestor, become a household god.

hummock - a low hillock or knoll + Lord's Prayer: 'Our Father, who art in heaven'.

gee - a word of command to a horse, variously (in different localities) used to direct it to turn to the right, to go forward, or to move faster

dag (Dutch) - day + dagelijks brood (Dutch) - daily bread + Lord's Prayer: 'Give us this day our daily bread'.

Ave Maria (song)

Gloria Patri (l) - Glory be to the Father

credo (l) - ''I believe''; the first word of the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds, in Latin in Joyce's account (Dubliners, 'Grace') of the 1870 Vatican Council, John MacHale shouts 'Credo!', declaring his submission to doctrine of papal infallibility.

Hermes + here's my tongue (i.e. I am not lying).

forsooth - in truth, truly; Now only used parenthetically with an ironical or derisive statement + FDV: ó Yet one question minute's conversation, dear Shaun, for as I observe, you have painted the town green.

Tara - ancient Irish royal capital + Tara-bred (i.e. Irishman) + tarwebrood (Dutch) - wheaten bread + falsehood of a thoroughbred.

domestic - attached to home, devoted to home life or duties

Red Riding Hood - eaten by a wolf in a nursery tale and pantomime + paint the town red - to cause an excitement or commotion, to go on a boisterous or riotous spree + The Wearing of the Green (song) +  (with Irish independence postboxes were painted green).  

mŤre (fr) - mother + The Wearing of the Green (song): 'O Paddy dear, and did you hear'.

smile in one's sleeve - to laugh to oneself, to nurse inward feelings of amusement + FDV: ó With Well, yes, Shaun replied, With my post lamp which is grandiose.

sleeve - that part of an oil-lamp which holds the wick + (adding oil to his lamp, as its light fails).

Well, no (Joyce's note) Connacht Tribune 15 Mar 1924, 2/1: 'Guard and Ex-R.I.C. Man. Story of Street Scene in Loughrea': (cross-examination of a witness in a drunkenness and disorderly conduct trial) '- So the man was perfectly quiet until he got near you? - Well, no'.

lamp + Ulysses.3.88: 'Lump of love' + The Moon Hath Raised Her Lamp Above (song).

diagnosis - identifying the nature or cause of some phenomenon + Diogenes (b. 412 B.C.) - Greek philosopher who spent time in a tub and searched with a lantern for an honest man. 

anonest (Welsh) - dishonest + non est (l) - is not.


indeedy - used as an emphatic affirmative; indeed, certainly + ditty - a short song.

lay - a short song + day + I'll say.

Saxon + Saoz (Breton) - English.

ruse - a trick, stratagem, artifice, 'dodge' + rule + ruz (Breton) - red.

waistcoat + (got paint on his coat) + (coat changing).

Il Trovatore: song Stride la vampa (literally 'the blaze crackles') 

foculus (l) = foco (it) - fire + focal (fukel) (gael) - word.

redshank - one who has red legs, especially an original Celtic inhabitant of the Scottish Highlands or Ireland (in allusion to the colour of bare legs reddened by exposure) + red shank (Slang) - a duck + (notebook 1924): '*V* regular fellow'.

impregnable - that cannot be overcome or vanquished; invincible, unconquerable + (mules are sterile).

other + daughter.

frightful - horrible to contemplate, shocking, dreadful, revolting + Sigmund Freud -(1856-1939), Austrian specialist in neurology and founder of psychoanalysis + Freude (ger) - joy [Motif: O felix culpa! (Exsultet)].

pork - a swine, a hog, a pig; the flesh of swine used as food