grandiose - producing an effect or impression of grandeur or greatness; characterized by largeness of plan or nobility of design.

scotography - the exhibition of the effect of the Röntgen rays; the production of a picture by means of such rays.


extravert = extrovert - a person given to or characterized by extroversion; a sociable or unreserved person.

Tom Thumb - a dwarf or pigmy of popular tradition or fable, whose history was common as a chap-book; hence a name for a dwarf or diminutive male person; also contemptuously, a petty  or insignificant person, a pigmy holder of a high position.


bel canto* - (It., = fine song) singing characterized by full, rich, and broad tone;                        chant - a song, melody; singing. 

songbird - a singing-bird; a superb (female) singer


afterthought* - reflection after the act; a thought which did not occur at the time when the matter to which it refers was under consideration.

buccinate - 'to blow a trumpet'

tuba - a brass wind-instrument in the bass range of the sax-horn family; the straight bronze war-trumpet of the ancient Romans.

insignia (l) - mark, sign

substantively - in substance or effect, substantially, inherently

verdure - the fresh green colour characteristic of flourishing vegetation; green vegetation; plants or trees, or parts of these, in a green and flourishing state.

varnish - to overlay with a thin coating composed of varnish; to invest with a bright or glossy appearance; to embellish or adorn.

confound* - to mix up in idea, erroneously regard or treat as identical, fail to distinguish.

injective - of the nature of or pertaining to an injection (Math. A one-to-one transformation, esp. (formerly) an inclusion; fig. The 'throwing in' or active introduction of something from without, as of an idea into the mind, or of a statement into an argument, etc.; that which is so introduced, a suggestion, a hint). 

fiery - ardent, eager, fierce, spirited; fiercely irritable; easily moved to violent anger.

incensed - inflamed with wrath, made angry, enraged

red pepper - the prepared fruit of Capsicum fastigiatum, an active stimulant, used chiefly as a condiment.

auricle - an 'ear' or ear-hole

confine - fig. To keep within bounds, limit, restrict

glaring - that displays itself openly; obtrusively evident or conspicuous

insinuation* - the suggestion or hinting of anything indirectly, covertly, or by allusion or implication.

mordant - that causes pain or smart; pungent; biting

physiog - humorous colloquial abbreviation of physiognomy (the face or countenance, especially viewed as an index to the mind and character).

furnace - to exhale like a furnace (an apparatus consisting essentially of a chamber to contain combustibles for the purpose of subjecting minerals, metals, etc. to the continuous action of intense heat; the fire of a volcano; the volcano itself).

verjuice - the acid juice of green or unripe grapes, crab-apples, or other sour fruit, expressed and formed into a liquor; In fig. use, with reference to the characteristic acidity or sourness of verjuice.

fix - to settle definitely; to appoint or assign with precision; to specify or determine; to arrange, get ready, put in order.

for the time being* - during the period under consideration

French pastry - fancy pastry varying in shape

quoth - Used with ns., or pronouns of the first and third persons, to indicate that the words of a speaker are being repeated.

erstwhile - former

postmistress* - a woman who has charge of a post office

gay - brilliant, attractive, charming

receiver - an official, officer, or servant appointed to receive money due; a treasurer, collector.

for, in, as to, etc. (one's) particular* - in (one's) own case, for (one's) own part, as far as (oneself) is concerned (obs.)

Scotic - pertaining to the ancient Scots

sorter - one who sorts, arranges, selects, or classifies; spec. A letter-sorter.

poss - post ?



privet - obs. form of private

stationery - the articles sold by a stationer; writing materials, writing-table appurtenances, etc.

softy* - characterized by softness

quipu - a device of the ancient Peruvians and others for recording events, keeping accounts, sending messages, etc., consisting of cords or threads of various colours, knotted in various ways.

largely* - copiously, abundantly; in a large measure; to a great extent; freely, without restraint.

nettlesome - easily nettled, irritable

goat - a fool; a dupe

greed - inordinate or insatiate longing, esp. for wealth; avaricious or covetous desire.

bon appetit* - (Fr. = 'good appetite') a salutation before eating

avowal - an act of avowing; acknowledgement, declaration

murther - murderer                                                                                                                                                         mother

apt - suited to its purpose; suitable, becoming, appropriate

up to scratch* - to the standard expected or demanded

compound - to put together, combine, construct, compose

making - poetical composition; poetizing, versifying. Also pl. = poetical compositions, poems (obs).

verdigris* - a green or greenish blue substance obtained artificially by the action of dilute acetic acid on thin plates of copper and much used as a pigment, in dyeing, the arts, and medicine.

savings book - a book in which an official record is kept of sums deposited and withdrawn by the holder and of interest accrued.

Capri - name of an island in the Bay of Naples

boxing gloves - gloves for fighting with fists

musketeer* - a soldier armed with a musket


Bruno Giordano, byname IL NOLANO (b. 1548, Nola, near Naples - d. Feb. 17, 1600, Rome).

Christcross - the figure or mark of a cross in general; esp. that made in 'signing' his name by a person who cannot write.