how I beheld

grandiose - producing an effect or impression of grandeur or greatness; characterized by largeness of plan or nobility of design + Joyce's note: 'grandiose'.

scotography - the exhibition of the effect of the Röntgen rays; the production of a picture by means of such rays (literally 'darkness writing').



extravert = extrovert - a person given to or characterized by extroversion; a sociable or unreserved person.

Davy - miners' safety lamp + "such pivotal ancestors as the Glues, the Gravys," [030.06-.07]

Magh Ard (ma ard) (gael) - High Plain; anglic. Moyard + You Are My Heart's Delight (song).

daylight + day/night.

Tom Thumb - a dwarf or pigmy of popular tradition or fable, whose history was common as a chap-book; hence a name for a dwarf or diminutive male person; also contemptuously, a petty or insignificant person, a pigmy holder of a high position.

melodious + miel (French) - honey + melodrous (l) - smelling of honey + FDV: — Do you mean, I insinuated, that verdure or varnish will? + {will the green vanish?} 

chant - a song, melody; singing + bel canto - (It. = fine song) singing characterized by full, rich, and broad tone + Belcanto (or Bello) - Wyndham Lewis in The Childermass, uses this name to signify Joyce when he quarrels with a "rival clown," Chodoveo.  

songbird - a singing-bird; a superb (female) singer


afterthought - reflection after the act; a thought which did not occur at the time when the matter to which it refers was under consideration + After (ger) - anus + (fart).

buccinate - 'to blow a trumpet' + Vulgate Psalms 80:4: 'Buccinate in neomenia tuba in insigni die solemnitats vestrae (l) - Blow up the trumpet on the new moon, in the time appointed, on our solemn feast day'.

Emania - ancient capital of Ulster

tuba - a brass wind-instrument in the bass range of the sax-horn family; the straight bronze war-trumpet of the ancient Romans

insignia (l) - mark, sign

Fion, Paustheen ('fair-haired child') - an Irish air + a phaistin fionn (a fasht'in fin) (gael) - O fair-haired child.

Portobello - district of South Dublin + pont (fr) - bridge + Beal Leice (bel leki) (gael) - Mouth of the Flagstone, Co. Fermanagh; anglic. Belleek + beleg (Breton) - priest.

merched (Breton) - daughters + Cattle Market, North Dublin.

ledan (Breton) - broad

striz (Breton) - narrow

substantively - in substance or effect, substantially, inherently

verdure - the fresh green colour characteristic of flourishing vegetation; plants or trees, or parts of these, in a green and flourishing state

varnish - to overlay with a thin coating composed of varnish; to invest with a bright or glossy appearance

confound - to mix up in idea, fail to distinguish + (notebook 1924): 'it is a confounded lie to say I counted it (a £ notes)' ['it (a £ notes)' not clear] + FDV: — In, Shaun replied, the other postal office albeit blessed with 22,000 sorters out of a possible 22,000, too much administrative stationery was eaten by goats. It is also one of my [avowed] intentions at sometime some time to make a book concerning that matter.  

injective - of the nature of or pertaining to an injection. Math. A one-to-one transformation, esp. (formerly) an inclusion; fig. The 'throwing in' or active introduction of something from without, as of an idea into the mind, or of a statement into an argument, etc.; that which is so introduced, a suggestion, a hint + invective - abusive or venomous language used to express blame or censure or bitter deep-seated ill will. 

fiery - ardent, spirited; fiercely irritable; easily moved to violent anger + fairy.

incensed - inflamed with wrath, enraged + (notebook 1923): 'incensed (Kev)'.

red pepper - the prepared fruit of Capsicum fastigiatum, an active stimulant, used chiefly as a condiment + (notebook 1924): 'salt & pepper in ear'.

auricle - pinna, ear-flap, the externally-visible portion of the ear

confine - fig. To keep within bounds, limit, restrict.

glaring - that displays itself openly; obtrusively evident or conspicuous

insinuation - the suggestion or hinting of anything indirectly, covertly, or by allusion or implication

mordant -  harshly ironic or sinister, causing pain + mortal.

physiog - humorous colloquial abbreviation of physiognomy (the face or countenance, especially viewed as an index to the mind and character)

furnace - to exhale like a furnace (an apparatus consisting essentially of a chamber to contain combustibles for the purpose of subjecting minerals, metals, etc. to the continuous action of intense heat; the fire of a volcano; the volcano itself) + furnished.

verjuice - the acid juice of green or unripe grapes, crab-apples, or other sour fruit, expressed and formed into a liquor + Joyce's note: 'What wd I be doing?' > MS 47482b-10v, LPA: ^What would I be going with your varnesh? Understand me when I tell you. +^  | JJA 57:022 |May 1924 |.

fix - to settle definitely; to arrange, get ready, put in order

for the time being - during the period under consideration + tiom (t'im) (gael) - lukewarm + teo (Breton) - big + teom (Hebrew) - twin + tehom (Hebrew) - abyss + O'Beachain (o'byakhan) (gael) - descendant of Beachan (diminutive of beach, "bee"); anglic. Behan + bihan (Breton) = bihan (Cornish) - small, little + Behan (*S*).

Angra Mainyu - Ahriman, Zoroastrian god of evil

French pastry - a rich pastry made esp from puff pastry and filled with cream, fruit, etc.

quoth - Used with ns., or pronouns of the first and third persons, to indicate that the words of a speaker are being repeated

Stage superstition no title with 'golden' not say tag Macbeth bad not whistle not quote Hamlet no peacock's feathers (notebook 1922-23) Daily Mail 18 Nov 1922: 'Actors Less Superstitious by Gordon Street': (refers to "bad luck" stage superstitions such as) 'the word "golden" in its title... whistle in their dressing rooms... speak the "tag" of the play - the last few words - before the end of the first performance... actress came into the theatre with peacock's feathers... quoted from "Hamlet" in a dressing room'.

parcel post - that branch of the postal service which undertakes the carriage and distribution of parcels + Purcell, Patch - in the 19th century, the principal mail-coach owner in Ireland + (notebook 1924): 'understand me when I tell you there is still a P.O ...

erstwhile - former + Joyce's note: 'erstwhile' + (notebook 1924): 'so much deplored by my H's friend' ('my' not clear).

Irish Goat Society sec Miss Sanders (notebook 1924) Irish Independent 3 Jan 1924, 4/5: 'Return of Some Old Remedies. Garlic and Goats': 'A Trillick lady, Miss Sanders, for some years Secretary of the Irish Goat Society, has been doing good work in spreading a knowledge of the animal's many good qualities' + 4-stage Viconian cycle: birth (Miss), marriage (Mrs), death (P.L.M.), ricorso (Miss) [413.05] [413.14-.15] [414.02]

postmistress - a woman who has charge of a post office + poach - to cook in a simmering liquid; to hunt illegally.

gay - brilliant, attractive, charming + gay deceiver - a charming, deceitful rake.

receiver - an official, officer, or servant appointed to receive money due; a treasurer, collector + William Shakespeare: Much Ado about Nothing II.3.54: 'men were deceivers ever'.

for, in, as to, etc. (one's) particular - in (one's) own case, for (one's) own part, as far as (oneself) is concerned (obs.)

Scotic - pertaining to the ancient Scots + Scotia (l) - Ireland.

Glas Gainach (from Irish legend) - 'a cow that is better than a thousand cows' + Ulysses.15.3106: 'His sire's milk record was a thousand gallons of whole milk in forty weeks'.

asthore (Anglo-Irish) = a stór (Irish) - my precious, my treasure, darling


sorter - one who sorts, arranges, selects, or classifies; spec. A letter-sorter + (notebook 1924): 'blessed with 22,000 officials' Leader 15 Mar 1924, 125/1: 'Current Topics': 'The increase in officialdom is a modern tendency in many countries... On October 1st last year, the Saorstat was blessed with 22,260 government officials'.

poss - post ? + (notebook 1923): 'Biggest possible' + (notebook 1924): 'out of a possible 90'.

minus one

privet - obs. form of private

stationery - paper cut to an appropriate size for writing letters (usually with matching envelopes) + (notebook 1924): 'goats eat administrative stationery in PO' ('y' not clear).

softy - characterized by softness + Saft (ger) - juice + sauve-qui-peut (fr) - save himself who can + safety equipment.

quipu - a device of the ancient Peruvians and others for recording events, keeping accounts, sending messages, etc., consisting of cords or threads of various colours, knotted in various ways [Joyce's note: 'quipu' Clodd: The Story of the Alphabet 36: 'The Mnemonic Stage. - This is well represented by "quipus" or knotted cords, and by wampums or shell-ornamented belts'].


largely - in a large measure; to a great extent; freely, without restraint

nettlesome - easily nettled, irritable + meddlesome - intrusive in a meddling or offensive manner.

goat - a fool, a dupe

greed - inordinate or insatiate longing, esp. for wealth; avaricious or covetous desire

colpa di becco (it) - cuckold's fault + corpo di bacco (it) - by Jove! + colpa (Irish) - unit of grazing animals + becco (Spanish) - he-goat.

bon appetit - (Fr. = 'good appetite') a salutation before eating + buon (it) - good + partita (it) - game; leaving + Buonaparte.

avowal - an act of avowing; acknowledgement, declaration + Joyce's note: 'his intentions'

POD (Slang) - Post Office Directory + please God,

murther - murderer + mother + murthers (Irish Pronunciation) - murders + please mother of God.

apt - suited to its purpose; suitable, appropriate

apt + up to scratch - to the standard expected or demanded.

compound - to put together, combine, compose

making - poetical composition; poetizing, versifying. Also pl. = poetical compositions, poems (obs) + markings + (notebook 1924): 'making a book *V*'.

verdigris - a green or greenish blue substance obtained artificially by the action of dilute acetic acid on thin plates of copper and much used as a pigment, in dyeing, the arts, and medicine.

savings book - a book in which an official record is kept of sums deposited and withdrawn by the holder and of interest accrued + (notebook 1923): 'Is had 15/- in P.O. Savings Bk'.

Capri - name of an island in the Bay of Naples + capri (l) - goat's, of a goat + capricious.

boxing gloves - gloves for fighting with fists

musketeer - a soldier armed with a musket + Welsh Fusiliers (have goat for mascot).

Mr Knuth points out that "sindybuck" = Dutch zondebok, "scapegoat" + Sundenbock (ger) - scapegoat.


Bruno Giordano, byname IL NOLANO (b. 1548, Nola, near Naples - d. Feb. 17, 1600, Rome) + BROWNE AND NOLAN - Printers, publishers, and booksellers; at 24-25 Nassau Street at the turn of the century, now in Dawson Street, with works at Clonskeagh; owners of the Richview Press. This well-known firm provides a Dublin habitation for James Joyce's preoccupation with Giordano Bruno of Nola ("the Nolan"), and "Browne" and "Nolan" become pseudonyms for Shem and Shaun.  

Nihil Obstat (l) - Nothing stands in the way (certificate by censor librorum that no religious or moral consideration prohibits publication of a book; permission to print).

Christcross - the figure or mark of a cross in general; esp. that made in 'signing' his name by a person who cannot write + Imprimatu. (+) N.N., episcopus (l) - Let it be printed. (+) [signature], Bishop (bishop's warrant to print a book, contingent on the Nihil Obstat).