thank fortune (Joyce's note) → Key: John McCormack, His Own Life Story 402: 'Schneider is what I should term a gentle-man... Thank fortune, he is not a hidebound adherent to tradition!'.

prepaid (notebook 1924) + prepared.

peg (Colloquial) - wooden leg; leg

tum - short for tummy (the stomach or intestine); an imitation of the sound made by plucking a tense string, as in a musical instrument, or by striking a drum, or the like + time

The Memory of the Dead (song) + His Grace.

[N.] salutem dicit (l) - [So-and-so] speaks a greeting (usual beginning of a Roman letter, e.g. Cicero tibi salutem dicit, "Cicero greets you") (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

defunct - having ceased to live; deceased, dead

sanders - the sandalwood tree

Lloyd's - name of a London association of underwriters and agency for arranging insurance (formerly marine insurance only, but now nearly all kinds)

shift - to move from one place to another; esp. to change one's lodging

schuft- (ger) - work hard + Schuft (ger) - scoundrel.

shester (Irish Pronunciation) - sister + Esther.

musical + medical doctors, M.D. [.25]

Houyhnhnm + high school - the more advanced excercises in horsemanship.

Aeschylus + as like.

Easter eggs - eggs painted in bright colours, which it was (and, by a partial revival, still is) customary to present to friends at Easter + Swift's Stella and Vanessa were both named Esther.

nicely - in an attractive, agreeable, pleasing, or pretty fashion + nicest, well-taught (i.e. obviously not that well-taught).

acquire - to receive, to come into possession of

totty - a tiny tot or little child + totidem verbis (l) - in so many words + Dean Swift.

entertainment + interment - the ritual placing of a corpse in a grave + dag (Danish) - day.


tuk - obs. pa. tense of take

medicine - any substance or preparation used in the treatment of disease; a medicament + By the Magazine Wall, zinzin, zinzin (motif).

poetic - pl. Poetic composition; the writing of poems + Aristotle: Poetics.

pilgarlic - 'poor creature'; Used by the speaker of himself as a quasi-proper name; commonly poor Pilgarlic = poor I, poor me + pilgerlich (ger) - like a pilgrim + {Kate's poetry [13-14]}.

fresh - a squall, a gust of wind

Saunderson - a name of the Man Servant + (notebook 1923): 'a fresh at sea the moon stood in a corner of the sky (Italy)'. 

P.L.M. - Paris-Lyons-Mediterranean (Railway) + poor late Mrs [.12] [412.23]

Mevrouw (Dutch) - Mrs

anders (Dutch) - different, otherwise + Mary Anderson - actress, close friend of John McCormack.

muttonbroth - a broth made from mutton

stakker = stacker - to totter, reel in one's gait, to stagger + steaks + stakkers (Norwegian) - poor, wretched + stakkers (Dutch) - poor wretches, beggars.

"Sir Thomas asked Crawford to join the early breakfast party" + big first.

litter - odds and ends, fragments and leavings lying about, rubbish + letters + Exodus 20:12: 'Honour thy father and thy mother'.


intestacy - the condition or fact of dying intestate or without having made a will

Stratford + street for it.

associations + sauciatio (l) - wounding.

tuffet - a clump or tuft of grass; a low seat, such as a stool + Little Miss Muffet (nursery rhyme): 'squat on a tuffet' + Swift: On the Death of Mrs Johnson: 'the truest, most virtuous and reliable friend that I, or perhaps any other person, ever was blessed with'.

sixteens + sophy - a wise or learned man, a sage; a ruler; a great person + Kussen (ger) = kussen (Dutch) - kisses + Sofakissen (ger) - sofa cushion + kussens (Dutch) - cushions.

real presence - physical presence of Christ's body in Eucharist

devout = devote (obs.)

Grundy, Mrs - muse of disapproval + grumpy - perversely irritable.

mind + Mund (ger) - mouth.

Ppt ('Poor pretty thing') - Swift's name for Stella in his Journal to Stella

quid - a sovereign; one pound sterling

maddle - to be or become crazy; to be confused in mind; to be dotingly fond of + Michaelmas - the feast of Saint Michael (29 September).


roger (Slang) - penis + 'Dearly beloved Roger': words used by Swift upon opening a weekday evening service at Laracor attended only by his clerk Roger.

M.D. - 'my dears', Swift's abbreviation for Stella and her companion Mrs Dingley in his Journal to Stella

drought - thirst (arch. and dial.) + droogte (Dutch) - drought.

absolutely killing + Vanessa to Swift: 'those killing, killing words of yours' + FDV: And what, dear Shaun, is would be the biography of your softbodied uniform?


Cadenus - anagram of Decanus (Dean), used by Swift in Cadenus and Vanessa  

white paper - blank paper, not written or printed upon

venustas (l) - charm, grace, beauty + venus - a beautiful or attractive woman + Vanessas.

Jonathan Swift, pseudonym ISAAC BICKERSTAFF (1667, Dublin, Ire. - 1745, Dublin), Anglo-Irish author who was the foremost prose satirist in the English language. Besides the celebrated novel Gulliver's Travels (1726), he wrote such shorter works as ''A Tale of a Tub'' (1704) and "A Modest Proposal" (1729) + (erection).

queer + gwir (Breton) - true.

go on + gone + gaou (Breton) - false + gaon (Hebrew) - honorary title of a rabbi.

trouz (Breton) - noise + legal oath: 'the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth'.

pursue - to continue (to do or say something); to go on (speaking)

softbodied - having a soft body + (notebook 1924): 'softbodied no impress'.

uniform (postman's) + fusiform - spindle-shaped + REFERENCE

hooray - a victory cheer + oremus (l) - let us pray + Uranus + FDV: All None whatsoever, Shaun replied, All of it was given handed over by me among my neighbours of every description, the poor evicted tenants. and that is Therefore I am simply clothed enveloped, as you perhaps see, in one of Guinness's registered barrels.

whomsoever - any (one) whom; no matter whom + Joyce's note: 'None whatsoever' Connacht Tribune 15 Mar 1924, 2/1: 'Guard and Ex-R.I.C. Man. Story of Street Scene in Loughrea': (cross-examination of a witness in a drunkenness and disorderly conduct trial) '- There was no discussion between you and him about politics? - None whatsoever'.

heavenly - having the excellence, beauty, or delight that belongs to heaven; excellent, particularly enjoyable

blank - Of paper, etc.: Left white or 'fair'; not written upon, free from written or printed characters + Heaven be thanked.

paste - a hard vitreous composition (of fused silica, potash, white oxide of lead, borax, etc.), used in making imitations of precious stones + (fake stone on ring).

rubini (it) - rubies

winkle - to emit light intermittently, to twinkle + winkel (Dutch) - shop.

rococo - old-fashioned, antiquated + Joyce's note: 'more or less romantic' → Key: John McCormack, His Own Life Story 106: 'That would have been more or less dramatic... only it wasn't what happened'.

I did not tho' it sounds very romantic' (notebook 1924) Freeman's Journal 13 Feb 1923, 6/5: 'De Valera's Envoy': 'The case in which Mr. Art O'Brien claims 6,000 from the British Government for wrongful arrest and internment... "Did you bite two of the policemen and kick a third?" "No I did not, although it sounds very romantic," replied Mr. O'Brien'.

"a middinest from the Casabianca and, of course, Mr Fry. Barass! Pardon the inquisition, causas es quostas?" [342.09-10]

ex voto - an offering made in pursuance of a vow + ex voto (l) - out of a vow, as a result of a vow.

pay - money paid for labour or service; wages, salary

perk - abbreviation of perquisite (any casual emolument, fee, or profit, attached to an office or position in addition to salary or wages)

Wood's halfpence → "and woodpiles of haypennies and moonled brooches" [011.21]