rhino - money, cash

rhine - a large open ditch or drain

rhyme* - a piece of poetry or metrical composition in which the consonance of terminal   sounds.

to hand over* - i.e. to another's possession, keeping, etc.

spontaneously* - by natural impulse; of a free and unconstrained will; of one's own accord.

bad end* - misfortune esp. an unpleasant death;               bundle - fig. A collection, 'lot' (of things material or immaterial).

illwisher - one who wishes evil to another; an ill-willer

wraith - an apparition or spectre of a dead person; a phantom or ghost.

timberman* - one who makes things of timber; a carpenter

nabob - a person of (high rank or) great wealth; spec. one who returned from India with a large fortune acquired there.

subscription - a signature, signed name                                                                                                                      description

bois = boss (obs.)                                                                                                                                                             boys

evicted - Of a holding: From which the tenant has been evicted


ghuest - obs. form of guest

innate* - to imbue or endow by nature (with something); usually in pass: To be naturally endowed with.

pottage - a dish composed of vegetables alone, or along with meat, boiled to softness in water, and appropriately seasoned; soup, esp. a thick soup. 

quoniam (l) - whereas

portable - that which is portable

parably - in parables, parable-wise;          parable - any saying or narration in which something is expressed in terms of something else.


Guinness* - the proprietary name of a brand of stout manufactured by the firm of Guinness; a bottle or glass of this.

um - var. of 'em

whiff - to imbibe, drink (liquor)

so be it

hold forth - to continue one's course, to go on, proceed (obs.)

Spinoza, Benedict de* - Dutch-Jewish philosopher, the foremost exponent of 17th-century Rationalism.

Grimm brothers - German brothers famous for their classic collections of folk songs and folktales, especially for Kinder- und Hausmärchen (1812-22; generally known as Grimm's Fairy Tales), which led to the birth of the science of folklore.

gest - a story or romance in verse: also simply (in later use), a story, tale. 

Aesop* - the supposed author of a collection of Greek fables, almost certainly a legendary figure.

feeble - weakness, feebleness (obs.)

casus (l) - fall, falling



jig - to dance (a jig or other lively dance); to move up and down or to and fro with a rapid jerky motion.

ajog - on the jog, jogging                                                                                                                                                     along

hoppy - characterized by, or predisposed to, hopping; lively, full of movement.


joyeusity* - the quality or state of being joyous

spindle* - a slender cylindrical rod (esp. of metal) or other object of this shape.

supplant - to dispossess and take the place of (another), esp. by treacherous or dishonourable means                                support

overture - an opening of negotiations with another person or party with a view to some proceeding or settlement; a formal proposal, proposition, or offer.

Floh (d) - flea

luse = louse

Biene (d) - bee

Vespa (d) - wasp

pupa - an insect in the third and usually quiescent state (of complete metamorphosis), preceding that of the imago or perfect insect.

commence - to begin to do anything

mouthparts - Ent., the organs surrounding the mouth of an insect or other arthropod, specially adapted to the particular method of feeding of the animal concerned.

orifice* - an opening or aperture, which serves as, or has the form of a mouth, as of a tube, of the stomach, bladder or other bodily organ, of a wound, etc.

gambol* - a leap or spring in dancing or sporting, a caper, frisk; pl. Frolicsome movements or proceedings.

airy - flimsy, superficial, flippant

process - a natural protuberance or process, arising from, and forming a continuous part of, a bone; a natural protuberance or process, arising from, and forming a continuous part of, a bone.


everlasting* = everlasting flower - a name given to some species of cudweed (Gnaphalium), but more commonly to various species of Helichrysum.

watering pot* - a portable vessel for watering plants; now usually of tinned iron, and furnished with a long tubular spout, often ending with a rose for scattering the water.

maliciously* - in a spirit of malice or ill-will

feeler* - Biol. One of the organs with which certain animals are furnished, for trying by the touch objects with which they come in contact, or for searching for food.

flexor - a muscle whose function it is to produce flexion in any part of the body.

contractor - one who or that which contracts, narrows, or shortens; used esp. of muscles which contract or draw in some part of the body.

depressor - a muscle which depresses or pulls down the part to which it is attached.

extensor - a muscle which serves to extend or straighten out any part of the body; Opposed to flexor.

lamely - in a lame manner; with halting steps or limbs; haltingly; imperfectly, defectively, inefficiently.

harry - to harass (persons) by hostile attacks, forced exactions, or rapacity; to ravish, violate.

marry - to join in wedlock or matrimony

bind - to tie fast, to put a bandage on (any part of the body); to make (a person or estate) liable for the payment of a debt, or fulfilment of an obligation.

puce - purple brown, or brownish purple;                        puce (f) - flea.

furnish* - to provide or supply with (something necessary, useful, or desirable, either material or immaterial).

spinner - one who spins cotton, wool, yarn, etc.; esp. one whose occupation it is to do this.

hosiery* - hose collectively; extended to other frame-knitted articles of apparel, and hence to the whole class of goods in which a hosier deals.

Schopenhauer* - the name of the German philosopher (1788-1860), used allusively, esp. for the pessimism and concept of will for which his philosophy is noted                                                                                                                               shopping hour

summery - resembling or pertaining to summer                                                                                                                     soon

cottage - a small or humble dwelling-place; the cell of a bee, etc. 


grope - to attempt to find something by feeling about as in the dark or as a blind person;               to crop up* - to come up or turn up unexpectedly or incidentally, in the field of action, conversation, or thought.

strike up - to begin to play or sing (a piece of music, a song)

Zeus* - Myth. Name of the supreme deity of the ancient Greeks

aged - having lived or existed long; of advanced age; old

corolla - Bot. The whorl of leaves (petals) either separate or grown together, forming the inner envelope of the flower, and generally its most conspicuous part.

albedo* - whiteness