rhino - money, cash

rhine - a large open ditch or drain + Die Wacht am Rhein (song): 'Zum Rhein, zum Rhein, zum deutschen Rhein'.

rhyme - a piece of poetry or metrical composition in which the consonance of terminal sounds + Henry F. Chorley: Pomfret, vol. III, ch. 1: 'Stream of all streams - O joyous Rhine!'

hand over - i.e. to another's possession, keeping, etc.

spontaneously - by natural impulse; of a free and unconstrained will; of one's own accord + spondeo (l) - to promise solemnly, to bind + spondee - a metrical foot (long-long).

bundle - fig. A collection, 'lot' (of things material or immaterial) + bad end - misfortune esp. an unpleasant death.

illwisher - one who wishes evil to another; an ill-willer

anders (German, Dutch) - different, otherwise + Miss or Mrs Senders.

wraith - an apparition or spectre of a dead person; a phantom or ghost + She Wore a Wreath of Roses the Night That First We Met (song).

lignum (l) - wood + legname (it) - timber + name

Howth + Van Houtens' Dutch cocoa + (three castles on Dublin coat of arms).

Cluain Dealgan (klun d'algen) (gael) - Thorn Meadow; village west of Dublin; anglic. Clondalkin.

timberman - one who makes things of timber; a carpenter + timbre (fr) - postage stamp.

prodigious - far beyond what is usual in magnitude or degree

nabob - a person of (high rank or) great wealth; spec. one who returned from India with a large fortune acquired there + prodigal neighbours.

nephews (Joyce's note) → Crawford: Thinking Black 44: 'The thunders of the law roared on poor Kofwali's head because in his own person he dared to confess to being the nephew of a man who when alive was the neighbour of a man who had committed the crime. Judgment: that the said Kofwali, nephew of the neighbour of the accused, be fined two slaves, one ox, and trade goods thrown in' + navvies (Colloquial) - unskilled labourers + envious.

subscription - a signature, signed name + description

bois = boss (obs.) + boys + bois (fr) - wood, forest,

bassecour (fr) - poultry yard + bosco (it) - wood, forest + baskoor (Dutch) - bass choir.

evicted - to put out (a tenant, for example) by legal process; to expel


ghuest - obs. form of guest

innate - to imbue or endow by nature (with something); usually in pass: To be naturally endowed with + Frank O'Connor: The Guest of a Nation + ghost of a notion.

pottage - a dish composed of vegetables alone, or along with meat, boiled to softness in water, and appropriately seasoned; soup, esp. a thick soup + gebak (Dutch) - pastry + like hot cakes + Esau's mess of pottage. 

quoniam (l) - seeing that, whereas, because

portable - that which is portable

envelope (Joyce's note)

parably - in parables, parable-wise + parable - any saying or narration in which something is expressed in terms of something else + probably perceive.

care of (Joyce's note)


Guinness - the proprietary name of a brand of stout manufactured by the firm of Guinness; a bottle or glass of this

um - var. of 'em + um (Portuguese) - one.

whiff - to imbibe, drink (liquor) + Qui tecum vivat et regnit (l) - Who with thee may live and reign (The Mass, Offertory).

Soviet + so be it + vi et (l) - with force and + vi (it) - you + vi (Portuguese) - I saw + FDV: Soviet! we responded. Song! Shaun, song!

moed (Dutch) - courage + habe Mut (ger) - take courage.

hold forth - to continue one's course, to go on, proceed (obs.) [Levey & O'Rorke: Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin 197: 'the only occasion on which Viardot held forth as Nancy'].

apologize + apologue - allegorical story, fable + Lewis: Time and Western Man 102: (describes Ulysses as) 'rather an apologuical than a real landscape'.

Spinoza, Benedict de - Dutch-Jewish philosopher, the foremost exponent of 17th-century Rationalism + spin (Dutch) - spider + FDV: I apologuise, Shaun began, but I would rather spin spin ooze you one from the grimmgests of Jacko and Esaup, fable one, feebled too. Let us here consider [the casus], my dear little cousins, of The Ondt and a Gracehoper.

Grimm brothers - German brothers famous for their classic collections of folk songs and folktales, especially for Kinder- und Hausmärchen (1812-22; generally known as Grimm's Fairy Tales), which led to the birth of the science of folklore.

gest - a story or romance in verse: also simply (in later use), a story, tale

Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm's Fairy Tales + Jacob and Esau.

Aesop - the supposed author of a collection of Greek fables, almost certainly a legendary figure

feeble - weakness, feebleness (obs.) + 'The Grasshopper and the Ant' ('La cigale et la fourmi') is 'fable one' in Jean La Fontaine's Fables.

casus (l) - fall, falling; calamity + case

kasis (gr) - brother + cousin (fr) - gnat + 'my dear little brothers in Christ' (James Joyce: A Portrait III).

Husten (ger) - cough

tussem (l) - a cough

tosse (Italian) = tosse (Portuguese) - cough

na casachta (nu kosokhte) (gael) - of the cough + casacht, casachtach (kosokth/okh) (gael) - cough

bęx (Modern Greek) - cough (Pronunciation 'bix')

toux (fr) - cough

peswch (Welsh) - cough

bęchos (Modern Greek) - of a cough

kashalj (Serbian) - cough

ant + ondt (Norwegian) - hard, ill, evil (Joyce may have thought it also meant 'angry').

grasshopper + graeshoppe (Norwegian) - grasshopper + Aesop: The Ant and the Grasshopper.

jig - to dance (a jig or other lively dance); to move up and down or to and fro with a rapid jerky motion + FDV: Let us consider their casess. A gracehoper was always jigging around in his joyicity on his pair of findlesticks findlestilts or, if not, he was always making disgraceful ungraceful overtures to Floh and Luse and Flutterby and Lovesalight to play pupa [& pulcy pulcy] with and to commit commence insects with him &, even in chaste, behind behold a watering pot till they went puce with sham, promising cursing by the Fore Antennas he would harry me, marry me, bury me, bind me, he would furnish her in housery as quickly as his cottage, which was called Tingandingenting, grew up.

ajog - on the jog, jogging + along

hoppy - characterized by, or predisposed to, hopping; lively, full of movement + happy on account.

joyeusity - the quality or state of being joyous + Joyce.

fiddlestick - the bow strung with horsehair with which the fiddle is played

supplant - to dispossess and take the place of (another), esp. by treacherous or dishonourable means + support

overture - an opening of negotiations with another person or party with a view to some proceeding or settlement; a formal proposal, proposition, or offer

Floh (ger) - flea

luse = louse + lus (Danish) = luse (Old English) - louse. 

Biene (ger) - bee

Vespa (ger) = vespa (it) - wasp + vespatilla (l) - little vasp.

pupa - an insect in the third and usually quiescent state (of complete metamorphosis), preceding that of the imago or perfect insect + pupa (l) - girl + Upa-upa (song).

pulex (pulicis) (l) - flea (of a flea) + pula (Italian Dialect) - flea.

lang (ger) - long + lawn tennis + antennae.

pygidium (l) - a little rump, little buttocks, terminal segment of insect + FDV: he was always making disgraceful ungraceful overtures to Floh and Luse and Flutterby and Lovesalight to play pupa [& pulcy pulcy] with and to commit commence insects with him

commence - to begin to do anything + commit incest + (ants and bees are incestuous, as all originate from one queen).

mouthparts - Ent., the organs surrounding the mouth of an insect or other arthropod, specially adapted to the particular method of feeding of the animal concerned.

orifice - an opening or aperture, which serves as, or has the form of a mouth, as of a tube, of the stomach, bladder or other bodily organ, of a wound, etc.

gambol - a leap or spring in dancing or sporting, a caper, frisk; pl. Frolicsome movements or proceedings + gambilles (fr. slang) - legs.

airy - flimsy, superficial, flippant + hairy (Esau).

process - a natural protuberance or process, arising from, and forming a continuous part of, a bone; a natural protuberance or process, arising from, and forming a continuous part of, a bone.

haste + jest + unchaste (Latin incestus: unchaste)

everlasting = everlasting flower - a name given to some species of cudweed (Gnaphalium), but more commonly to various species of Helichrysum.

watering pot - a portable vessel for watering plants; now usually of tinned iron, and furnished with a long tubular spout, often ending with a rose for scattering the water + FDV: &, even in chaste, behind behold a watering pot

maliciously - in a spirit of malice or ill-will + melissa (gr) - bee.

feeler - Biol. One of the organs with which certain animals are furnished, for trying by the touch objects with which they come in contact, or for searching for food.

flexor - a muscle whose function it is to produce flexion in any part of the body

contractor - one who or that which contracts, narrows, or shortens; used esp. of muscles which contract or draw in some part of the body

depressor - a muscle which depresses or pulls down the part to which it is attached

extensor - a muscle which serves to extend or straighten out any part of the body; Opposed to flexor.

lamely - in a lame manner; with halting steps or limbs; haltingly; imperfectly + namely

harry - to harass (persons) by hostile attacks, forced exactions, or rapacity; to ravish, violate + 4-stage Viconian cycle: thunder, marriage, burial, ricorso → "hunter become fox; harrier, marrier, terrier, tav" [132.17]

marry - to join in wedlock or matrimony

bind - to tie fast, to put a bandage on (any part of the body); to make (a person or estate) liable for the payment of a debt, or fulfilment of an obligation + FDV: promising cursing by the Fore Antennas he would harry me, marry me, bury me, bind me,

puce - purple brown, or brownish purple + puce (fr) - flea + FDV: till they went puce with sham,

furnish - to provide or supply with (something necessary, useful, or desirable, either material or immaterial) + formica (l) = fourmi (fr) - ant + fourmiličre (fr) - ant hill.

spinner - one who spins cotton, wool, yarn, etc.; esp. one whose occupation it is to do this + Skinner - stocking manufacturers + Spinne (ger) - spider + Spanish.

hosiery - hose collectively; extended to other frame-knitted articles of apparel, and hence to the whole class of goods in which a hosier deals

Schopenhauer - the name of the German philosopher (1788-1860), used allusively, esp. for the pessimism and concept of will for which his philosophy is noted + shopping hour

summery - resembling or pertaining to summer + soon

cottage - a small or humble dwelling-place; the cell of a bee, etc. 

formerly + fourmiliere (fr) - ant hill + called familiarly.

en ting som ingen ting (Danish) - a thing like no thing, a mere nothing

grope - to attempt to find something by feeling about as in the dark or as a blind person + crop up - to come up or turn up unexpectedly or incidentally, in the field of action, conversation, or thought + FDV: he would furnish her in housery as quickly as his cottage, which was called Tingandingenting, grew up.

"Or, if he was not done doing that, improbably he was always striking up funny funereels"... (Evidently, the typesetter skipped the clause following the first "he" and jumped to the second. Scholars of Medićval manuscripts call this kind of copyist's error haplography.) (Sam Slote) 

strike up - to begin to play or sing (a piece of music, a song) + FDV: If he was not done doing that he was always getting up funny fumeralls with Besterfather Zeuts in inscythe the wormcasket attended by a mutter & deffer baxing motch — anything above ground so as only to kill time.

bedstefar (Danish) - grandfather + Pater Optimus - "Best Father": title of Jupiter.

Zeus - Myth. Name of the supreme deity of the ancient Greeks.

aged - having lived or existed long; of advanced age; old + Budge: The Book of the Dead cxli: 'The Aged One, i.e. Ra'.

earwig + wicked.

corolla - Bot. The whorl of leaves (petals) forming the inner envelope of the flower, and generally its most conspicuous part.

albedo - whiteness + nous (gr) - mind, intellect.