elytri* - vagina; anterior wings on some insects

casket - a small box or chest for jewels, letters, or other things of value, itself often of valuable material and richly ornamented.

dahlia* - a Genus of Composite plants, natives of Mexico, introduced into Europe in 1789, and commonly cultivated in gardens. In the wild plant the flowers are 'single' with a dull scarlet ray and yellow disk; in the cultivated forms the varieties of colour are very numerous, and the 'double' varieties are distinguished by the remarkable regularity of their flowers, in which florets of the ray completely cover the disk.

peony* - a plant (or flower) of the genus Pćonia (N.O. Ranunculaceć), comprising stout herbs, or rarely shrubs, with large handsome globular flowers of various shades of red and white, often becoming double under cultivation.

drooping* - hanging or bending down; descending, declining. In names of plants = L. nutans.

nymph - poet. A young and beautiful woman; an insect in that stage of development which intervenes between the larva and the imago.

wheedle* - to entice or persuade by soft flattering words

letty - that lets or hinders

cacumen (l) - top

cackle - to be full of noisy and inconsequent talk; to talk glibly, be loquacious, prate, chatter.

transitus (l) - transit, transition, crossing

diva - a distinguished female singer, a prima donna;                        diva (l) - goddess, female divinity.

boll - a rounded seed-vessel or pod, as that of flax or cotton; a measure of capacity for grain, etc., used in Scotland and the north of England, containing in Scotland generally 6 imperial bushels.

sapo - a sodium soap

lick - a trace of some characteristic or quality

lime - the alkaline earth which is the chief constituent of mortar; calcium oxide (CaO).

spurt - a small amount or quantity (dial. slang.); a stream or shower of water, etc., ejected or thrown up with some force and suddenness.


sulph (l) - sulphur


doze = dose - a definite quantity of a medicine or drug given or prescribed to be given at one time.

grain - a small, hard, usually roundish particle (e.g. of sand, gold, salt, pepper)


madcap* - mad, 'crack-brained'; reckless, wildly impulsive

pitchy - pitch-dark, intensely dark                                                                                                                                     pieces

whool - dial. var. weevil



tambourin* - the long narrow drum or tabor used in Provence

cantharides* - a genus of coleopterous insects of the family Trachelidć;               castanet - an instrument consisting of a small concave shell of ivory or hard wood, used by the Spaniards, Moors, and others, to produce a rattling sound as an accompaniment to dancing.

sojourn* - to make a temporary stay in a place; to remain or reside for a time

rock - a movement or swaying to and fro, or a spell of this

retro - - backward

longsome* - long, lengthy

attended - waited upon, accompanied, frequented

Mutter (d) - mother




myrmidon* - an unscrupulously faithful follower or hireling; one of a warlike race of men inhabiting ancient Thessaly, whom, according to the Homeric story, Achilles led to the siege of Troy.

sozzle* - to imbibe intoxicating drink

satyr - Myth. One of a class of woodland gods or demons, in form partly human and partly bestial, supposed to be the companions of Bacchus. In Greek art of the pre-Roman period the satyr was represented with the ears and tail of a horse.

holiday* - to take a holiday; to go on a pleasure-excursion

mute - to deaden or subdue the sound of


omnibus* = omnibus book - a book or volume having a large and occas. varied content, spec. one containing several reprinted works by a single author or works of the same kind and published at a price designed to place it within the reach of a wide public.

hoot - a loud inarticulate exclamation, a shout, outcry


buddy - brother; companion, friend; freq. as form a of address

high (old) time* - elated, merry or hilarious time

fudder - a tun (of wine);                        thunder and lightning - gin and bitters.


in a fog - at a loss to know what to do


crumbling* - that crumbles; breaking into small particles

tumble - to dance with posturing, balancing, contortions, and the like (obs.)

shunner - one who shuns

seemingly* - so far as it appears from the evidence; so far as one can judge by circumstances.

to kill time* - to consume or spend (time, or any portion of time), so as to bring it to an end.

gracious* - as a substitute for the name of God. In various exclamations, as gracious me!;             Grouse (both the grouse and the scarab are symbols of rebirth and immortality).


skull;                    soul

bagatelle - a trifle, a thing of no value or importance; a piece of verse or music in a light style.

libellous* - containing or constituting a libel, of the nature of a libel (Law. Any published statement damaging to the reputation of a person. In wider sense, any writing of a treasonable, seditious, or immoral kind).


pfui* - an exclamation of contempt or disgust

Zeit (d) - time, season, era

vent - to give vent to (an emotion, feeling, passion, etc.); to give free course or expression to.

Sommer (d) - summer;                        summer fool - a species of Leucojum.

thoughtfully* - in a thoughtful manner; with thought or consideration

chilly - the dried pod of species of Capsicum or Red Pepper. The pods, which are acrid, pungent, and of a deep red colour when ripe, are largely used as a condiment; fig. Void of, or adverse to, warmth of feeling.

space - lapse or extent of time between two definite points, events, etc.                                                                              pieces

affront - offence to one's dignity or modesty, felt indignity                                                                                                in front

icingglass* = isinglass - a firm whitish semitransparent substance (being a comparatively pure form of gelatin) obtained from the sounds or air-bladders of some fresh-water fishes, esp. the sturgeon; used in cookery for making jellies, etc.

topically - in a topical manner;           topical - pertaining to a topic or general maxim; hence, not demonstrative but merely probable.

nix - nothing; nobody; Also, = no

lop* - a flea

possibly - perhaps, perchance, maybe

pa* - a childish short form of 'papa'

berial = burial (obs.)

nether = neither (obs.)

thon - that

sluggard* - one who is naturally or habitually slow, lazy, or idle; one who is disinclined for work or exertion of any kind; a slothful or indolent person.


ovipositor* - a pointed tubular organ at the end of the abdomen of the female in many insects, by means of which the eggs are deposited, and (in many cases) a hole bored to receive them.

hail - an exclamation of 'hail!'; a (respectful) greeting or salutation

Sekhet-Hetep* - the Elysian Fields of the Egyptians

realm - a kingdom