flurrish - obs. form of flourish

haine - hatred

hurrish - to drive with the cry 'hurrish!' or 'hurroosh!'

hummum - an Oriental bathing establishment; a Turkish bath                                                                                                  amen

Weltall (d) - universe

roomy* - of ample dimensions; capacious, large;                        bult - obs. pa. tense of build (v.)

near by* - close by, close at hand

altitudinous - Used affectedly for: high, lofty

schelling - a silver coin formerly current in the Low Countries, of the value of 6 stivers or from 5d. to 712d. sterling.

copper* - copper money

sair = sore; serve                                                                                                                                                                     so

solemn;                          sullen.

chairman - the occupier of a chair of authority; spec. the person who is chosen to preside over a meeting, to conduct its proceedings, and who occupies the chair or seat provided for this function.

psyche - the soul, or spirit, as distinguished from the body; the mind

Laus (d) - louse                                                                                                                                                                   alas

wore - obs. pa. tense of be                                                                                                                                                  were

ikey - a Jew or someone taken to be or resembling a Jew; also, a (Jewish) receiver, moneylender, etc.; a loafer.

ware - obs. f. were (pa. tense of be)

mouche = much

most;                        more.


silly billy - a foolish or feeble-minded person

jingle - to proceed or move with a jingling sound

jangle - to make a discordant or unmusical noise; to sound or 'jingle' harshly or discordantly.

jumble - a confused or disorderly mixture or assemblage, a medley


wet - to drink alcoholic liquor, to celebrate by drinking; to become wet

bumblebee* - a large bee of the genus Bombus

bilk - to elude, evade, escape from, 'give the slip' to

hora - a Romanian and Israeli round-dance

ladybird* - the common name for the coleopterous insects belonging to the genus Coccinella.

ichneumon* - a small parasitic hymenopterous insect, which deposits its eggs in or on the larva of another insect; upon which its larvę feed when hatched; an ichneumon-fly. 


sexton - a church officer having the care of the fabric of a church and its contents, and the duties of ringing the bells and digging graves.

tanto* - so much

poor as a church mouse* - very poor

wheer = where

midge - a popular name loosely applied to many small gnat-like insects.


grub - food or provender of any kind

corpus* - the body of a man or animal

hospice* - a house of rest and entertainment for pilgrims, travellers, or strangers, esp. one belonging to a religious order, as those of the monks of St. Bernard and St. Gotthard on the Alps; also, generally, a 'home' for the destitute or the sick.

wist - to know

gnit - ? a nit                                                                                                                                                                         not

nichts (d) - nothing

bag - to put into a bag                                                                                                                                                         buy

titbit* - a small and delicate or appetizing piece of food; a toothsome morsel, delicacy.

beebread - honey-comb with the honey in it (obs.)

crick - a painful spasmodic affection of the muscles of the neck, back, or other part, appearing as a sudden stiffness which makes it more or less impossible to move the part.

corbicula* - a part of the hinder leg of a bee adapted to carry pollen

plight - a bad state or condition

bog (sr) - god

contrited - fig. Crushed or broken in spirit by a sense of sin, and so brought to complete penitence.

melancholy* - sadness and depression of spirits; a condition of gloom or dejection, especially when habitual or constitutional.

slugger* - a sluggard

heartily - with genuine sincerity; earnestly, sincerely, really; exceedingly, very.

wallpaper* - paper, usually printed in ornamental designs, used for covering the interior walls of buildings.

lustre - a chandelier

flight - the series of stairs between any two landings; hence a series of steps, terraces, etc., ascending without change of direction.

staircases;                         styer - one who ascends or mounts.

mensa (l) - table

Sessel (d) - armchair

ronge - variant of rounge (to gnaw, to champ)

record - an account of some fact or event preserved in writing or other permanent form.

Mund (d) - mouth

ephemerid - an insect belonging to the group Ephemeridę;                ephemeris - a book in which the places of the heavenly bodies and other astronomical matters are tabulated in advance for each day of a certain period.

voracious* - Of animals (rarely of persons, or of the throat): Eating with greediness; devouring food in large quantities.

glutinous - of the nature of glue or gluten; viscid, sticky, gluey;                     gluttonous - given to excess in eating; characterized by, or of the nature of, gluttony.

timepiece* - an instrument for measuring and registering the passage of time; in a general sense, any kind of chronometer, including clocks and watches.

not so dusty* - 'not so bad'

cicada - a homopterous insect with large transparent wings, living on trees or shrubs.

nutriment* - food, nourishment; nourishing food

chitinous* - amorphous horny substance which covers some insects.

chip - anything without flavour, innutritious, or 'dry'

meaty* - having the flavour of meat; fig. (chiefly U.S.) Full of substance.


tres - - 'very';                         tris - - thrice.



hull - the body or frame of a ship, apart from the masts, sails, and rigging                                                                                 hell

poop - the aftermost part of a ship, the stern; a stupid or ineffectual person; an act of breaking wind or of defecation               pope

flock - to come or go in great numbers, to troop

flue - any light floating particle

Hegel - German philosopher (1770-1831);                        hailstorm - a violent fall or storm of hail.

milliped* - any one of the chilognathan myriapods, in which the numerous legs are usually placed on each of the segments in double pairs, except the three or four pairs immediately behind the head.

myriapod* - a class of arthropodous animals, comprising the centipedes and millipedes.


whizzle - to whizz or whistle

tournedos - a fillet steak of beef with a surrounding strip of fat;                tornado - a very violent storm (now without implication of thunder), affecting a limited area, in which the wind is constantly changing its direction or rotating.

boreas* - the north-wind

Bloch Ernst* - (1885 - 1977), German Marxist philosopher whose Philosophie der Hoffnung ("Philosophy of Hope") was intended to complete what he considered Marxism's partial  outlook on reality.  

sleet - snow which has been partially thawed by falling through an atmosphere of a temperature a little above freezing-point, usually accompanied by rain or snow.

coffeehouse* - a house of entertainment where coffee and other refreshments are supplied.

Ragnarok* - in Scandinavian mythology, the destruction of the gods or the twilight of the gods; spec. the last battle of this world, in which gods and men will be defeated by monsters and the sun will grow dark.

rigne - obs. form of reign (v.)

irritant - causing irritation, physical or (rarely) mental; irritating