siphonapterous - rel. to fleas + shiphonopteros (gr) - tube-winged, pipe-winged.

Spuk (ger) - ghost + speak

Graus (ger) - horror + grasshopper (chirping).

Oper (ger) - opera

butterfly + blind as a bat (phrase).

leetle - a jocular imitation of a hesitating or deliberately emphatic pronunciation of little + a little bit.

smattering - a slight or superficial knowledge in or of something + Schmetterling (ger) - butterfly.

entomology - that branch of natural history which deals with the physiology, distribution, and classification of insects + etymology - the study of the sources and development of words.

asked + wasp.

nissuno (it) - nobody + nessunissimo (it) - not a single one.

lous - obs. or dial. form of loose (v.) + leave + louse.

licence + lice + -een (Irish) - (diminutive).

Giovanni Battista Vico - (1668-1744), Neapolitan philosopher + FDV: The gracehoper who knew the correct thing promptly tossed himself ontop his head buzzer in the snow vico

than and there + phthino (gr) - to decay, wane, perish + phtheir (gr) - a louse.

buzzer - an insect that buzzes

dizzily - in a dizzy or giddy manner

wheer = where

alight - to descend and settle, to land on one's feet anywhere (and so contrasted with falling); hence, to land on a spot by floating, flying, or falling lightly, as a bird from the wing, a snow-flake, etc.

boss - to bungle, make a mess of; to fashion in relief, to beat or press out into a raised ornament, to emboss + Why do I am alook alike a poss of porterpease? (motif).

appease - an appeasing, allaying; appeasement + apiece - for each piece, article, thing, or (colloq.) person.

acquaintance + Saint Thomas Aquinas.

musical + mouche (fr) - fly.

summable - capable of being summed + musical ensemble + unsummen (ger) - to buzz around.

motylek (Czech) - butterfly + mighty lucky.

difference + FDV: & the next time he sees makes the acquinetance of the Ondt he will beheld him a world of differents  

gross (ger) - great + Grace.

prostrandus (l) - [one] to be overthrown + prostrandivorus (l) - feeding on those to be overthrown + prostranstvo (Russian, Serbian) - space, expanse + dvor (Serbian) - palace, castle.

throne + drone - stingless male bee in a colony of social bees (especially honeybees) whose sole function is to mate with the queen.

Babylonian - of or belonging to Babylon; huge, gigantic + papilio (l) = papillon (fr) - butterfly.

babushka - a head covering folded diagonally and tied under the chin; a head-scarf + Babooshka (Russian) - 'grandmother' or 'old lady' + babochka (Russian) - butterfly + pampooties (Irish) - type of slippers (from Aran Islands) + babouche = papuče (Serbian) - Turkish or Oriental slipper.

smoking + smolkat (Russian) - to fall silent.

spatial - having extension in space; occupying or taking up space + special

brunt - a bud, a 'spur' on a fruit tree + brand

hosanna - an exclamation, meaning 'Save now!' or 'Save, pray!'; a shout of praise or adoration + Havana - a cigar of a kind made at Havana or in Cuba.

cigars + cigale (fr) - cicada.

farfalla (it) - butterfly + Wilde on fox hunters: 'the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable' + FDV: [the with unshrinkables draping his toovisibles enjoying revelling in his sunnyroom]

unthinkable - too great, numerous, etc., to be conceived or apprehended by thought; unimaginable + (pyjamas).

sate - to fill or satisfy to the full (with food); to indulge or gratify to the full by the satisfaction of any appetite or desire + sated (Irish Pronunciation) - seated.


Plato + FDV: as appi as a oneysusucker [or a baskerboy on the libido] sated at his comefortumble fillupsupper of a plate o' monkynouss and a confucion of minthe (for he was a conformed aristotaller)  

monkey nut - a name for the pea-nut + Nous - rational intelligence of monasticism.

confucion - obs. form of confusion + Confucius - (551 - 479 BC) one of the two greatest moral philosophers of ancient China (other is Lao-tzu).

Minthe - Greek maiden who ended up as a plant + infusion de menthe (fr) - mint tea. 

conformed - similar to another thing it is associated with or compared to + confirmed

atheist + asceticism - extreme self-denial and austerity.

happy + apis (l) = ape (Italian) - bee.

honeysucker - an animal that feeds on honey; spec. applied to numerous small birds that feed on honey and the nectar of flowers

basker - one who basks

libido - psychic drive or energy, particularly that associated with the sexual instinct, but also that inherent in other instinctive mental desires and drives

bite (Lithuanian) - bee

lug - to pull, give a pull to, to pull by (the ear, hair, etc.)

luff = love (Sc.) + FDV: and with Flo biting his big thigh and Luse lugging his left leg, Bieni Bienie bussing him under his bonnet and Vespatilla wintering into his ear blowing cosy fond tutties up his smalls.  

buss - to kiss + bee in one's bonnet - a strange idea or notion; also, an idea that is harped on, an obsession. For example, ''Bill's got a bee in his bonnet about burglars; he's always imagining strange noises''.

cosy - comfortable from being warm and sheltered; snug

tutty - a flower, a small bunch of flowers + Cosi fan tutte - opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The title, Così fan tutte, literally means "Thus do all [women]" but it is often rendered as "Women are like that".

smalls - small clothes; formerly, breeches; now, underclothes

intimate + entoma (pl.) (gr) - insects.

pinchable - that may be pinched; that invites pinching + possibly

emmet - ant + damn it and damn it! + FDV: Emmet and demmet and there's and O jadeses whept whipt be jiltses crazed!

Jesus - used as (or as part of) an oath or as a strong exclamation of surprise, disbelief, dismay, or the like; also in various phrases, as by Jesus, Jesus Christ, Jesus wept.

jade (Slang) - whore + Judas.

sneezed + Schnee (ger) - snow + FDV: creed schneezed the Gracehoper: at his wittol's end out of Let his out of eyeforsight.

agape - on the gape; with open mouth of expectation or wonder + aguepe (fr) - wasp.

jealousy + pchela (Russian, Serbian) - bee.

wittol - a man who is aware of and complaisant about the infidelity of his wife + at one's wits ends - utterly perplexed; at a loss what to think or what to do.

Eifersucht (ger) - jealousy + wat heb ik voorzegd? (Dutch) - what did I tell you?, didn't I tell you? + (what do I see).

spider + Spinne (ger) - spider.

Spass (ger) - fun, joke

lacewing - a fly with delicate lace-like wings, esp. one of the genus Chrysopa

spitzig (ger) - acute, sarcastic + spritzen (ger) - squirt + spizz (Italian Dialect) - itch.

formico (l) - to crawl like an ant + formicula (l) - little ant + formication (l) - sensation as of ants crawling on the skin + formicolazione (it) - tingling + fornication - extramarital sex that willfully and maliciously interferes with marriage relations.

blissful - full of bliss, joyful; happy or joyous in the highest degree

houri - a nymph of the Muslim Paradise. Hence applied allusively to a voluptuously beautiful woman + FDV: The Ondt was making the greatest spass a body could for he was spizzing all over, boundlessly blissfilled in an allallahbath of houris,

amusing + Ameisen (ger) - ants + meisje (Dutch) - girl.

hugely - very greatly, extremely; immensely, enormously

crabron (sp) - hornet 

mariposa (sp) - butterfly + mariposa (Portuguese) - moth.

tackle - to grip, lay hold of, deal with

juck - to make a sound or call imitated by this word, as a partridge + jucken (ger) - itch.

chemise + chimiche (it) - chemical + chinche (Spanish) = cimice (Italian) - bedbug + FDV: chasing Floh and tackling tickling Luse and catching tackling Bienie and catching Vespatilla.

Dorsan from Dunshanagan - O Hehir says, Irish "grasshopper from ant's fort" + dorsan (dursan) (gael) - grasshopper + Dun Seangain (dunshanegan) (gael) - Ant's Fort + seangan (shanegan) (gael) - ant.

devilry - humorously. Reckless indulgence in mischief, hilarity, or daring + FDV: No Dorcan from Dunshanagan ever danced it so?

peripatetikos (gr) - given to walking about, esp. while teaching or disputing: Aristotle's school of philosophy + veripatetikos (gr) - true-walking + very pathetic.

imago - Entom. The final and perfect stage or form of an insect after it has undergone all its metamorphoses + imago (l) - picture, image; imitation; spirit.

edderkop (Danish) - spider + odde (Norwegian) - head + kop (Dutch) = Kopf (German) - head.

mire + myre (Danish) - ant.

thrice - three times (in succession); on three successive occasions

ephemeral - Of insects, flowers, etc.: Existing for one day only, or for a very few days; In more extended application: That is in existence, power, favour, popularity, etc. for a short time only; short-lived; transitory.

journeys + journée (fr) - day.

sans - without + sans hantisse ne chouchou (fr) - without security or sweetheart.

mantis - an orthopterous insect of the genus Mantis; esp. the Praying Mantis, M. religiosa, which holds its forelegs in a position suggesting hands folded in prayer + mantica (l) - travelling bag + manteau (fr) - cloak, coat + Budge: The Book of the Dead cxxxix: 'It is a common belief in many parts of Central and South Africa that the mantis acts as guide to the traveller who has lost his way'.

ne - nor

featherweight - that which has the weight of a feather; hence, a very small thing + Budge: The Book of the Dead lxxxvi: 'In the Papyrus of Ani... the heart of the deceased is being weighed against the feather of Maat by Anubis... close to... the scales is the monster Am-mit, who is ready to devour the heart in the event of its being found light'.

animal + animula (l) - a little soul.

presumably - as one may presume or reasonably suppose; probably + presumption - a ground or reason for presuming or believing.

signifying - that signifies or denotes + actual grace (temporary) and sanctifying grace (permanent).

chronic - lasting a long time, long-continued; continuous, constant + chronos (gr) - time.

too + cocoon.

choros (gr) - dance; body of dancers + Horus + FDV: The veripatetic very figure of the Gracehoper, actually & presumptually sintifying sinctifying chronic's despair, was too great for his chorous of gravitate gravitates.