siphonapterous* - rel. to fleas

Spuk (d) - ghost                                                                                                                                                            speak

Grausen (d) - horror

leetle - a jocular imitation of a hesitating or deliberately emphatic pronunciation of little.

smattering* - a slight or superficial knowledge in or of something

entomology* - that branch of natural history which deals with the physiology, distribution, and classification of insects.


lous - obs. or dial. form of loose (v.)


Giovanni Battista Vico - (1668-1744), Neapolitan philosopher

buzzer - an insect that buzzes

teasily* - in teasing or irritating manner

wheer = where

alight - to descend and settle, to land on one's feet anywhere (and so contrasted with falling); hence, to land on a spot by floating, flying, or falling lightly, as a bird from the wing, a snow-flake, etc.

boss - to miss or bungle (a shot); gen. to bungle, make a mess of.

appease - an appeasing, allaying; appeasement;                          apiece - for each piece, article, thing, or (colloq.) person.

summable - capable of being summed



Babylonian* - of or belonging to Babylon; huge, gigantic

babushka* - a head covering folded diagonally and tied under the chin; a head-scarf.


spatial - having extension in space; occupying or taking up space                                                                                      special

brunt - a bud, a 'spur' on a fruit tree                                                                                                                                 brand

hosanna* - an exclamation, meaning 'Save now!' or 'Save, pray!'; a shout of praise or adoration;                     Havana - a cigar of a kind made at Havana or in Cuba. 

unthinkable - too great, numerous, etc., to be conceived or apprehended by thought; unimaginable.

sate - to fill or satisfy to the full (with food); to indulge or gratify to the full by the satisfaction  of any appetite or desire          seated



confucion - obs. form of confusion;                   Confucius - (551 - 479 BC) one of the two greatest moral philosophers of ancient China (other is Lao-tzu)

conformed - similar to another thing it is associated with or compared to                                                                     confirmed



honeysucker* - an animal that feeds on honey; spec. applied to numerous small birds that feed on honey and the nectar of flowers.

basker - one who basks

libido - psychic drive or energy, particularly that associated with the sexual instinct, but also that inherent in other instinctive mental desires and drives.

lug - to pull, give a pull to, to pull by (the ear, hair, etc.)

luff = love (Sc.)                                                                                                                                                                     left

buss - to kiss

cosy - comfortable from being warm and sheltered; snug

tutty - a flower, a small bunch of flowers

smalls - small clothes; formerly, breeches; now, underclothes

pinchable* - that may be pinched; that invites pinching                                                                                                    possibly

emmet - ant

Jesus* - used as (or as part of) an oath or as a strong exclamation of surprise, disbelief, dismay, or the like; also in various phrases, as by Jesus, Jesus Christ, Jesus wept.


agape* - on the gape; with open mouth of expectation or wonder


at one’s wits ends* - utterly perplexed; at a loss what to think or what to do;                  wittol - a man who is aware of and complaisant about the infidelity of his wife.

lacewing* - a fly with delicate lace-like wings, esp. one of the genus Chrysopa.

blissful* - full of bliss, joyful; happy or joyous in the highest degree

houri - a nymph of the Muslim Paradise. Hence applied allusively to a voluptuously beautiful woman.


hugely - very greatly, extremely; immensely, vastly, enormously

tackle - to grip, lay hold of, deal with

juck - to make a sound or call imitated by this word, as a partridge.


devilry - humorously. Reckless indulgence in mischief, hilarity, or daring.

imago - Entom. The final and perfect stage or form of an insect after it has undergone all its metamorphoses;
imago (l) - picture, image.

thrice - three times (in succession); on three successive occasions.

ephemeral - Of insects, flowers, etc.: Existing for one day only, or for a very few days; In more extended application: That is in existence, power, favour, popularity, etc. for a short time only; short-lived; transitory.

sans - without

mantis - an orthopterous insect of the genus Mantis; esp. the Praying Mantis, M. religiosa, which holds its forelegs in a position suggesting hands folded in prayer;                        mantica (l) - travelling bag.

ne - nor

featherweight* - that which has the weight of a feather; hence, a very small thing.


presumably* - as one may presume or reasonably suppose; by presumption or supposition; probably;         presumption - a ground or reason for presuming or believing.

signifying* - that signifies or denotes

chronic* - lasting a long time, long-continued; continuous, constant.