gravitate - fig. To move or tend to move towards a certain point or object as a natural goal or destination.

parisite - a fluocarbonate of the metals of the cerium group, found in small brownish-yellow crystals in the emerald mines of Colombia.

peel - to strip wholly or partly of clothing; to take off (clothes)

flunkey - Applied contemptuously to a person who behaves obsequiously to persons above him in rank or position; a 'lackey'.

footle - to talk or act foolishly, to trifle or 'potter'; twaddle, 'rot'

furloughed - having a furlough or leave of absence; hence, unoccupied, inactive.


write off - to note the deduction of (money) in an account or financial statement; now spec. to record the cancelling of (a sum, as a bad debt, depreciated stock, etc.). Freq. fig., to dismiss from consideration as insignificant or irrelevant.

phoney - a phoney person or thing; that has no real existence; fake, counterfeit                                                              money

conte - a short story (as a form of literary composition)

Carme - a member of an order of mendicant friars (called also, from the white cloak which forms part of their dress, White Friars), who derive their origin from a colony founded on Mount Carmel by Berthold, a Calabrian, in the 12th century.

mint - to make (coin) by stamping metal.

l. s. d. - abbreviation for 'pounds, shillings, and pence'

darkener - one who or that which darkens

threshold - the piece of timber or stone which lies below the bottom of a door, and has to be crossed in entering a house;
to darken (a person's) door* - to come into a person’s house as a visitor esp. when this is not desired.



capsize - to upset, overturn (esp. on the water)


rede - counsel or advice given by one person to another; a principle or course of action, mode of procedure; tale, narrative, story.

loave = lave (obs.) - what is left, is over, or remains; the remainder, the rest.


fleet - characterized by power of swift onward movement; swift, nimble; evanescent, shifting, passing away; not durable or lasting (poet.)

spendthrift* - one who spends money profusely or wastefully.

infang* - to take in, haul in;                        Empfang (d) - reception, welcome.

weight* - persuasive or convincing power (of utterances, arguments, evidence).

larve = larva - a disembodied spirit; a ghost, hobgoblin, spectre; an insect in the grub state, i.e. from the time of its leaving the egg till its transformation into a pupa                                                                                                                                    laughed

merd - dung, excrement; a piece of excrement                                                                                                                     made


misplace* - to put in a wrong place or in wrong hands; to set (one's affections) on a wrong object; to place (one's confidence) amiss.

fauces - Anat. The cavity at the back of the mouth, from which the larynx and pharynx open out.

for the sake of* - out of consideration for; on account of one's interest in, or regard for (a person); on (a person's) account;
for sake's sake - for its own sake; euphemistically = 'for God's sake'; for the sake of some person understood.

housekeeping* - the maintenance of a household; the management of household affairs.

polka - a lively dance of Bohemian origin, the music for which is in duple time.

fine - to grow or become fine or clear; to clarify. lit. and fig.; to bring into good condition.

to pay the piper* - i.e. for piping to lead the dance; hence, to defray the cost, or bear the  expense or loss, incident to some undertaking or proceeding.

count = account;                    to pay an account - to pay the amount therein shown to be due. 


groggy*- intoxicated, drunk, weak

cast - thrown off, disused, worn out, abandoned, forsaken; chaste

pollock - a sea-fish of genus Pollachius, allied to the cod, but having the lower jaw protruding.

forsake - to decline or refuse (something offered); to abandon, leave entirely, withdraw from.

culex - a gnat; in Entom. the genus containing gnats and mosquitoes

itchy* - affected with itching or the itch

pulex (l) - flea

locus - place in which something is situated, locality


twain - two

tick - to annoy, anger; to dispirit (U.S. slang.)

aquila (l) - eagle


griffin* - a fabulous animal usually represented as having the head and wings of an eagle and  the body and hind quarters of a lion.

accident - accidental, contingent, incidental

beseek - to seek or search about

longsuffering* - patient endurance of provocation or trial; longanimity

heartsease* - ease of heart; tranquillity or peace of mind; freedom from care and trouble.

waste not, want not

precondemn* - to condemn beforehand

gid - giddines;                         flirt - a woman of a giddy, flighty character.

gad - to go from one place to another, to wander; esp. to wander about with no serious object, stopping here and there, to rove idly. 

grope - grasp; the action or an act of groping. lit. and fig.                                                                                                  grapes

extense - what is extended, an expanse

elapse - a flowing out or away; expiration, lapse, passing away (of time)

elope* - Law. Of a wife: To run away from her husband in the company of a paramour; gen. To run away, escape, abscond.

tactics* - the art or science of deploying military or naval forces in order of battle, and of performing warlike evolutions and manuvres.

take stock - In commercial use, to make an inventory of the merchandise, furniture, etc. in one's own (rarely in another's) possession, recording its quantity and present value. Hence fig., to make a careful estimate of one's position with regard to resources, prospects, or the like.

all is well

hale - health, well-being, welfare