gravitate - fig. To move or tend to move towards a certain point or object as a natural goal or destination + gravitates (pl.) (l) - weights; dignities, powers + force of gravity.

ARDILAUN - Island at North end of Lough Corrib, County Galway, near the Guinness family estates at Cong. Arthur Guinness was Lord Ardilaun; his brother was Lord Iveagh + Ulysses.5.304: 'Lord Iveagh once cashed a sevenfigure cheque... Still the other brother Lord Ardilaun has to change his shirt four times a day, they say. Skin breeds lice or vermin' + Parthalon (paralon) (gael) - leader of 2nd prehistoric colonists.

parisite - a fluocarbonate of the metals of the cerium group, found in small brownish-yellow crystals in the emerald mines of Colombia + parasites

peel - to come off in thin strips or pieces, as bark, skin, or paint

flunkey - Applied contemptuously to a person who behaves obsequiously to persons above him in rank or position; a 'lackey'

footle - to talk or act foolishly, to trifle or 'potter' + 'Yankee Doodle' is a well-known American song, often sung patriotically today (although originally satirical): "Yankee Doodle went to town, / Riding on a pony; / Stuck a feather in his hat, / And called it macaroni. / Yankee Doodle, keep it up, / Yankee Doodle dandy; / Mind the music and the step, / And with the girls be handy!" (The song's origins were in a pre-United States Revolutionary War song originally sung by British military officers to mock the dishevelled, unorganized colonial "Yankees" with whom they served in the French and Indian War. At the time, the most common meaning of the word doodle had the meaning of "simpleton" or "fool").

furloughed - having a furlough or leave of absence; hence, unoccupied, inactive


write off - to note the deduction of (money) in an account or financial statement; now spec. to record the cancelling of (a sum, as a bad debt, depreciated stock, etc.). Freq. fig., to dismiss from consideration as insignificant or irrelevant.

phoney - a phoney person or thing; that has no real existence; fake, counterfeit + money + pony.

conte - a short story (as a form of literary composition) + conte (it) - count.

Carme - a member of an order of mendicant friars (called also, from the white cloak which forms part of their dress, White Friars), who derive their origin from a colony founded on Mount Carmel by Berthold, a Calabrian, in the 12th century + carme (French Slang) - money + John McCormack, the tenor, was a papal count.

mint - to make (coin) by stamping metal

l.s.d. - abbreviation for 'pounds, shillings, and pence' + L[aus] S[emper] D[eo] (l) - Praise to God forever.

divi (Colloquial) - dividend + dives (l) - riches + Divi (l) - God's + Ad majorem Dei gloriam (l) - To the greater glory of God (Jesuit motto).

darkener - one who or that which darkens

threshold - the piece of timber or stone which lies below the bottom of a door, and has to be crossed in entering a house + to darken (a person's) door - to come into a person's house as a visitor esp. when this is not desired.

Haru - Horus, Egyptian god + how. 

Osiris - The origin of Osiris is obscure; he was a local god of Busiris, in Lower Egypt, and may have been a personification of chthonic (underworld) fertility, or possibly a deified hero. By about 2400 BC, however, Osiris clearly played a double role: he was both a god of fertility and the embodiment of the dead and resurrected king. This dual role was in turn combined with the Egyptian concept of divine kingship: the king at death became Osiris, god of the underworld; and the dead king's son, the living king, was identified with Horus, a god of the sky. Osiris and Horus were thus father and son. The goddess Isis was the mother of the king and was thus the mother of Horus and consort of Osiris. The god Seth was considered the murderer of Osiris and adversary of Horus + oremus (l) - let us pray.

capsize - to upset, overturn (esp. on the water)

Egypt + Ant - Egyptian mythological fish which pilots the Sun-god's Ant-boat.

seeketh + "In The Way of the Five Bodies the Neters interacted with directly at KHU -- and SAHU -- level are the Goddess Sekhmet and The Eight (Gods and Goddesses) associated with Sekhmet, as well as the demigods, demons and other entities. The antagonist is Set, UrGod of Chaos, and Set's associated Powers and Principalities. Some of these Forces contend in each of the human dimensions and they are always present in body and mind, personality and essence, of every individual. Only at the higher levels of awareness and Work can they be known to some extent for what they are, can be differentiated from one's own psychophysical and psychospiritual self, and be allied with or opposed." (Robert Masters - The Goddess Sekhmet)

rede - advice or counsel; a narration (Archaic) + Sekhet Aaru ('Field of Reeds') - part of Sekhet Hetep "The Seven Arits: The First Arit: The name of the Doorkeeper is Sekhet-her-asht-aru. The name of the Watcher is Smetti. The name of the Herald is Hakheru." (The Papyrus of Ani from The Egyptian Book of the Dead, translated by E. A. Wallis Budge)

Book of the Dead CXXII: ‘"Evil is it" is the name of the rudder [i.e. rudder of boat used by deceased for going to and from the Underworld]... Let me... go in peace into the beautiful Amentet... and let me adore Osiris, the Lord of life'. 

loave = lave (obs.) - what is left, is over, or remains; the remainder, the rest

Amenta (or Amenti, Amentat, Amentet) - Egyptian Place of the Dead, Egyptian Underworld + among the dead.

fleet - characterized by power of swift onward movement; swift, nimble

spendthrift - one who spends money profusely or wastefully + spindrift - spray blown up from the surface of the sea; powdery snow blown off a mountain.

infang - to take in, haul in + Empfang (ger) - reception, welcome + empfang (ger) - received, welcomed.

weidschheid (Dutch) - grandeur, splendour + meine Weisheit (ger) - my wisdom + width, weight, height.

Hru - last word in 'Book of the Dead', meaning ''day, into day, by day''

larve = larva - a disembodied spirit; a ghost, spectre; an insect in the grub state, i.e. from the time of its leaving the egg till its transformation into a pupa + laughed

merd - dung, excrement; a piece of excrement + merde (French) - fćces + he laughed and he laughed and he made such a noise + FDV: He larved & he larved & he merd such a nause

misplace - to put (something) in the wrong place, esp to lose (something) temporarily by forgetting where it was placed

fauces - Anat. The cavity at the back of the mouth, from which the larynx and pharynx open out + fauces (l) - jaws + fćces + FDV: that the Gracehoper feared he would swallow his jaws.

suke (Japanese) - assistance + suk (Danish) - sigh + for the sake of - out of consideration for; on account of one's interest in, or regard for (a person) + for sake's sake - for its own sake; 'for God's sake' (euphemistically); for the sake of some person understood.

housekeeping - the maintenance of a household; the management of household affairs + on his keeping (Anglo-Irish) - on the run, fugitive + FDV: For the sake of their sakes who you were once are safe in my whose keeping. I forgive you, dear Ondt, said the Gracehoper then weeping.

polka - a lively dance of Bohemian origin, the music for which is in duple time

fine - to grow or become fine or clear; to clarify. lit. and fig.; to bring into good condition + FDV: Be kind to poor Floh, Teach Floh and Luse dancing (polkas), give stand Bienie a treat with (show) Bienie what's sweet & Mind Vespatilla gets finds plenty fat ones to eat heat.

pay the piper - i.e. for piping to lead the dance; hence, to defray the cost, or bear the  expense or loss, incident to some undertaking or proceeding

count = account + to pay an account - to pay the amount therein shown to be due + FDV: As I once played the pipe I must now pay the count.

saida (Arabic) - goodbye; happy, good 

Mohammed & Hamlet + Magh-Thaimhleachta (ma houlokhte) (gael) - Plain of a Plague-grave + If the mountain will not come to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountain (proverb).

marhaba (Arabic) - welcome! good morning!

Mount Hira, where Mohammed received his first revelations in a dream + (horse) + FDV: So it's saida to Moyhammlet and marhaba to your Mount!

like it or lump it (Colloquial phrase) - like it or not


groggy - intoxicated, drunk, weak + morgrugyn (Welsh) - ant.

primpeallán (Irish) - beetle

cast - thrown off, worn out, abandoned; chaste + Castor (l) - one of the Twins.

Polydeukes (gr) = Polydefkis (Modern Greek) = Pollux (l) - second of the Twins + pull a deft kiss.

pollock - a sea-fish of genus Pollachius, allied to the cod, but having the lower jaw protruding + bollocks

forsake - to decline or refuse (something offered); to abandon, leave entirely

culex (l) - a gnat + cul (French) - arse + Culex (early Virgil poetry): just as a shepherd, wearied by the heat, had fallen asleep under a tree and a serpent from the marsh was rushing up to him, a gnat flew out and stung the shepherd between the temples. At once the shepherd crushed the gnat and slew the serpent, erecting also a tomb for the gnat and making this distich: "Little gnat, the guardian of the herds repays you with / The favor of a funeral, as befits one who gave his life". 

itchy - affected with itching or the itch

pulex (l) - flea

locus - place in which something is situated, locality + locust

termite + a locus (space) to love, a time to embrace.

twain - two

tick - a recurrent metallic tapping or clicking sound, such as that made by a clock or watch; any of certain insects of the dipterous family Hippoboscidae that are ectoparasitic on horses, cattle, sheep, etc.

homo vulgaris (l) - ordinary man

aquila (l) - eagle + aquilone (it.) - north wind + leone (it) - lion + Aquilant (black) and his brother Gryphon (white) in Orlando Furioso.

not + north wind to go South.

griffin - a fabulous animal usually represented as having the head and wings of an eagle and  the body and hind quarters of a lion + gwyfyn (Welsh) - moth.

drewbryf (Welsh) - bug. 

accident - accidental, contingent, incidental + occident - situated in the west, western, occidental.

beseek - to seek or search about

longsuffering - patient endurance of provocation or trial; longanimity + zephyr - the west wind, esp. as personified, or the god of the west wind.

heartsease - ease of heart; tranquillity or peace of mind; freedom from care and trouble

audience + Orient.

waste not, want not (proverb)

precondemn - to condemn beforehand + FDV: We are Wastenot & Want, precondamned

volans (l) - flying + nolens volens (l) - unwilling or willing, willy-nilly + Browne/Nolan (motif) + FDV: Till Nolans are go volants and Bruneyes go come blue,

brown eyes become blue → "bleyes bcome broon to suite his cultic twalette" [344.12]

gid - giddines + flirt - a woman of a giddy, flighty character + gadflies.

gad - to go from one place to another, to wander; esp. to wander about with no serious object

grope - grasp; the action or an act of groping. lit. and fig. + grapes + Mookse/Gripes (motif).

extense - what is extended, an expanse + space/time (motif).

elapse - a flowing out or away; expiration, lapse, passing away (of time)

elope - Law. Of a wife: To run away from her husband in the company of a paramour; gen. To run away, abscond.

tactics - the art or science of deploying military or naval forces in order of battle, and of performing warlike evolutions and manuvres

take stock - In commercial use, to make an inventory of the merchandise, furniture, etc. in one's own (rarely in another's) possession, recording its quantity and present value. Hence fig., to make a careful estimate of one's position with regard to resources, prospects, or the like + Taktstock (German) - baton + (have faith in my tactics).

all is well

forelock - a lock of hair growing or falling over the forehead

hale - to pull, draw, drag, or hoist (Archaic)