flummery - nonsense, humbug, empty trifling

pronounced - fig. Clearly expressed, strongly marked; such as to be clearly, easily, or readily perceived or recognized.

orally - by or with the mouth as the organ of speech; by word of mouth; verbally.


trash - worthless notions, talk, or writing; nonsense; worthless stuff

breed - to give rise to, engender, develop, produce, create, cause, be the source of.

slip - to allow oneself to drop or fall with an easy, gliding motion

coachman* - the man who drives a coach

wore - obs. pa. tense of be

madge - the barn owl                                                                                                                                                         maids

to make water - to urinate

three fellows

shrubs;                        suburbs.

hawk - to carry about from place to place and offer for sale; to cry in the street.

handmade* - made by hand. Formerly distinguished from the work of nature (= artificial), now usually from that of machinery.

figger - a little boy put in a window to hand out goods to the diver                                                                                    figures


Fritz* - a German, esp. a German soldier


phiz - face, countenance; expression or aspect of face                                                                                                         this


lifetree* - 'tree of life'

epitaph* - an inscription upon a tomb


swarm - to come together in a swarm or dense crowd; to crowd, throng

dutch - a costermonger's wife; gen. a wife; often old Dutch

bien - comfortable, cozy, snug, good, fine

dying* - ceasing to live, expiring, decease, death


mound - the world (obs.)

rear - to get up on one's feet, to rise up; to arouse, animate, stimulate

wot - to know


floor - a surface on which something rests

utter - to disclose or reveal (something unknown, secret, or hidden); to issue by way of publication, to publish.

initial - to mark or sign with initials

gee - the name of the letter G

hardware - small ware or goods of metal; ironmongery


en ville - away from home

apposite - well put or applied; appropriate, suitable                                                                                                      opposite

loco - mad, insane, off one's head

B.L. - Bachelor of Law, also (Fr.) Bachelier-ès-lettres

esquire* - a man belonging to the higher order of English gentry, ranking immediately below a knight.

nave - the main part or body of a church, extending from the inner door to the choir or chancel, and usually separated from the aisle on each side by pillars.

unlodge - to dislodge, to drive out of a lodging or resting-place; to leave one's lodging.

noa - an expression substituted for a taboo word or phrase


no such

No. - number

vale - farewell, goodbye, adieu

expel* - to drive or thrust out; to eject by force

pulldown - the act of pulling down, or fact of being pulled down. Also fig.; to lower or depress in health, spirits, size, strength, value, etc.; also, to 'bring low', to humble, humiliate. 


roofless* - Of persons: Not sheltered by a roof

Dunlop - the name of a parish in Ayrshire, Scotland, used (chiefly attrib.) to designate an unskimmed-milk cheese originally made there.

q.v. = quod vide 'which see'

strait - Of fortune, means, circumstances: Limited so as to cause hardship or inconvenience                                                street

to put up the shutters* - to bring one's business to a close for the day or permanently.

at sea - out on the sea, on ship-board, in employment as a sailor; fig. In a state of mind resembling the condition of a ship which is out of sight of land and has lost her bearings; in a state of uncertainty or perplexity, at a loss.

ded* - obs. form of dead

scent - fig. To perceive as if by smell; to find out instinctively; to detect.

arrested* - stopped, put a stop to, checked, stayed; seized by legal warrant.

J.P. - Justice of Peace (an inferior magistrate appointed to preserve the peace in a county, town, or other district, and discharge other local magisterial functions).

hospitalism - the hospital system: used esp. with reference to the hygienic evils incident to old, crowded, and carelessly conducted hospitals.

March Past - an expression made use of when a regiment or any larger body of men pass in review order before the sovereign or reviewing officer.


bunk - humbug, nonsense                                                                                                                                                   bank

cabrank* - a row of cabs on a stand