PATERSON AND CO. - Match manufacturers of Belfast; its Dublin works were and are in Hammond Lane.  

promise land

blow up - to destroy, put an end to; to ruin; to go to pieces, give out, fail. 

lemma - the argument or subject of a literary composition, prefixed as a heading or title; the heading or theme of a scholium, annotation, or gloss; Bot. In grasses, the lower bract of a floret + Lammas day - August 1.

unclaimed - not called by an owner or consignee

edile = aedile - a magistrate in Rome, who had the superintendence of public buildings, shows, police, and other municipal functions; hence, by extension, a municipal officer.



SHELBOURNE ROAD - In South-East Dublin. When James Joyce left his father's house at 7 St Peter's Terrace, Phibsborough, in March 1904, he lived until September in a furnished room at 60 Shelbourne Road. 


justice - to try in a court of law; to bring to trial; to punish judicially

salve - to save (a ship, its cargo) from loss at sea; to save (property) from destruction by fire; to make salvage of.

already + reddy - reddish

berried - having or bearing berries + buried

overway - the upper or higher way

Strumpf (ger) - stocking

P.O. - postal order

kær (Danish) - dear (Pronunciation 'care') + kaer (Breton) - beautiful.

M.O. - mass-observation


soiled - defiled; stained, dirtied + sold

cohabit - to dwell or live together (with) (arch.); to live together as husband and wife: often said distinctively of persons not legally married.

unfortunate - a fallen woman; a prostitute

licence - a formal, usually a printed or written permission from a constituted authority to do something, e.g. to marry, to print or publish a book, to preach, to carry on some trade, etc.; a permit. 

bouf = beef (obs.) + bouffi (fr) - bloated + James Joyce: Ulysses.15.3851: 'Mamma, the beeftea is fizzing over!'

destiny - to destine, foreordain, predetermine + destinataire (fr) - addressee.   

A.B. - Bachelor of Arts

ab (l) - away from, away

sender - one who or something which sends (in the various senses of the verb) + Absender (ger) - sender, shipper + (notebook 1924): '(ab)sender'.

P.D. - potential difference

raze - to erase or obliterate (writing, etc.) by scraping or otherwise (obs.)

mined - that has been excavated + vacant mind

leaf - one of a number of folds (each containing two pages) which compose a book or manuscript, a folio; hence, the matter printed or written thereon.

pistol + bristol (OE) - bridge.

bang - a sudden, violent or explosive noise; e.g. the report of fire-arms

back + song Come Back to Erin.

-een (Irish) - (diminutive)

slanguage - slangy speech; a form of slang (jocular) + (notebook 1924): 'you have millions of times used worse language?...' + FDV: — Dear Shaun, I said, since you came to the use of language have you millions of times used worse language than that used by your [twin] brother Shem.

Sanscrit - the ancient and sacred language of India, the oldest known member of the Indo-European family, in which the extensive Hindu literature from the Vedas downward is composed.

hesitancy - the quality or condition of hesitating; indecision, vacillation.

cerebrate - to subject to brain-action; to cogitate  + celebrated

mentioning - the action of the verb mention

broguish - inclined or tending to a brogue + FDV: I wd not like to swear but I doubt it, Shaun replied. She was put up to it by him.

magic lantern - an optical instrument by means of which a magnified image of a picture on glass is thrown upon a white screen or wall in a darkened room. 

get on one's nerves - to (begin to) affect one with irritation, impatience, fear, or the like + Ares (gr) - god of war, identified with Mars.

*V* famous notorious I rather wd feel more inclined to describe him as (Joyce's note)

Mr Shem *V* (notebook 1924)

draper - Orig., One who made (woollen) cloth. Subsequently, A dealer in cloth, and now by extension, in other articles of textile manufacture.

accentually - in an accentual manner; with due attention to accent + accentual - of or belonging to accent; formed by accent, as distinct from quantity, as in accentual iambics, etc., verses in which the ancient alternation of long and short syllables, is replaced by an alternation of strong and weak syllables, as in the versification of English, and other modern languages. 

diagnosis - Med. Determination of the nature of a diseased condition

spew - to bring up (food or drink) from the stomach and eject through the mouth, to vomit.

impulsory - that tends to impel or force onward


unfruitful - fig. Not productive of good results + (notebook 1923): 'unfruitful servant' Flood: Ireland, Its Saints and Scholars 62: (of Riquier, a nobleman and later a saint, and missionaries whom he protected) 'He learned from them to love God above all things, and was filled with sorrow for his past life which he had spent as an unfruitful servant'.

Q: Did you? A: I wd not like to swear (notebook 1924)

positively (Joyce's note)

sah - colloq. and (U.S.) dial. var. sir

gee - horse; "G"; man; whim

...I doubt it (Joyce's note)

hourly - occurring or performed every hour; done, reckoned, etc. hour by hour + early

rooter - one who supports or encourages another; a warm advocate, a partisan.

haver - one who has or possesses; a possessor, owner; Sc. Law. One who has possession of a deed or writing which is called for by a court of justice.

maypole - a high pole, painted with spiral stripes of different colours and decked with flowers, set up on a green or other open space, for the merrymakers to dance round on May-day.

pathetic - producing an effect upon the emotions; exciting the passions or affections.

notice - a brief mention in writing; spec. in modern use, a paragraph or article on a newly published book, a review.

pixillated - mentally unbalanced, confused, bewitched, intoxicated, drunk

doodler - one who doodles (to draw or scrawl aimlessly)

phrase on his last legs

illegible - not legible, that cannot be read; esp. of written characters: Undecipherable.


boast - to speak vaingloriously, extol oneself; to vaunt, brag

ruddy - Of the face, complexion, etc.: Naturally suffused with a fresh or healthy redness.

complexion + complexus - an interwoven structure; an involved or complicated system.

mammy - a child's word for mother

fear (far) (gael) - man

put up - to stir up, instigate, incite, induce, persuade (to some action, etc., or to do something) + (notebook 1924): 'somebody prompts *A*'.

iniquity - morally objectionable behavior + Joyce's note: 'the iniquity' Chiniquy: The Priest, the Woman and the Confessional 28: 'Everywhere woman feels that there are things which ought never to be told, as there are things which ought never to be done, in the presence of the God of holiness. She understands that, to recite the history of certain sins, even of thought, is not less shameful and criminal than to do them; she hears the voice of God whispering into her ears, "Is it not enough that thou hast been guilty once, when alone in My presence, without adding to thine iniquity by allowing that man to know what should never have been revealed to him? Do you not feel that you make that man your accomplice, the very moment that you throw into his heart and soul the mire of your iniquities? He is as weak as you are, he is not less a sinner than yourself; what has tempted you will tempt him; what has made you weak will make him weak; what has polluted you will pollute him; what has thrown you down into the dust, will throw him into the dust.'

depraved - rendered morally bad; corrupt, wicked

libertine - a man who is not restrained by moral law, esp. in his relations with the female sex; one who leads a dissolute, licentious life; Rarely applied to a woman + liberties

sackclothed - clad in sackcloth; also fig. (as the material of mourning or penitential garb).