suspended - temporarily deprived of office, position, or privilege; supported by attachment above, hung.

in irons - said of a person having the feet or hands fettered

drapery* - a place where cloth is made; the sale of cloth and other textile fabrics.

antipope* - a pope elected in opposition to one held to be canonically chosen.


Fleisch (d) - meat, flesh

censor - an official in some countries whose duty it is to inspect all books, journals, dramatic pieces, etc., before publication, to secure that they shall contain nothing immoral, heretical, or offensive to the government.

fullblown - in full bloom

celibate - to restrain from marriage, compel to celibacy

paunch - the belly, abdomen; the stomach, as the receptacle of food                                                                                  judges

solitary - one who lives by himself in seclusion or retirement; a solitude, lonely place (obs.)


consumption - wasting of the body by disease; a wasting disease; now applied spec. to pulmonary consumption or phthisis; wasteful expenditure, waste.

brach - a kind of hound which hunts by scent; in later Eng. use, always feminine, and extended  to any kind of hound; fig. A term of abuse (Cf. bitch)                                                                                                                                                                back

dejeuner - the morning meal, breakfast                                                                                                                        degenerate

skeleton;                         skilly - skilled, skilful.

to bethink oneself - to call to mind, recollect

rot - Used in imprecations against a person or thing, sometimes merely an outburst of irritation or impatience.

bedfellow - one who shares a bed with another; spec. A husband or wife.

crini - - hair

a leopard never changes its spots* - the basic character of a person cannot change.

housekeeping* - the maintenance of a household; the management of household affairs.


obnoxious* - that is an object of aversion or dislike; offensive, objectionable, odious, highly disagreeable.

posthumus* - a posthumous child (obs.)

hornbook - a leaf of paper containing the alphabet (often with the addition of the ten digits,  some elements of spelling, and the Lord's Prayer) protected by a thin plate of translucent horn, and mounted on a tablet of wood with a projecting piece for a handle; transf. A treatise on the rudiments of a subject.

blunder - to confound (in one's mind) stupidly; to move, act, or perform, blindly or stupidly.

ho - obs. f. he

nos - pl. of no                                                                                                                                                                     not

halfcousin - the child of one's father's or mother's cousin, a second cousin.

famish - to die of starvation, perish from want of food

petition - to solicit, ask, beg for (a thing); to make a humble request or supplication to.

illustrious - possessing lustre by reason of high birth or rank, noble or lofty action or qualities; distinguished, eminent; renowned, famous.


unravel - to free from intricacy or obscurity; to make plain or obvious; to reveal or disclose.

obsequent* - compliant, yielding, obedient


foible - a weak point; a failing or weakness of character                                                                                                         fable

to get the better of* - to win or gain a victory over (someone or something).

hearty - Of a meal or portion of food or drink: Satisfying to the appetite, abundant, ample, full.

honeycomb - a structure of wax containing two series of hexagonal cells separated by thin partitions, formed by bees for the reception of honey and their eggs.

tryon - an attempt, esp. an attempt at imposition or deceit; the act of trying on a garment.

triune - three in one, constituting a trinity in unity; a being that is three in one; a group of three things united; a trinity in unity.


telemetry* - the process or practice of obtaining measurements in one place and relaying them for recording or display to a point at a distance; the transmission of measurements by the apparatus making them.

St. Dominic* - the founder of an order of preaching friars

commonplace* - having nothing out of the common; devoid of originality or novelty; trivial.

allus - repr. dial. and colloq. pronunc. of always

pueblo* - a town or village in Spain or Spanish America; esp. a communal village or settlement of Indians; short for Pueblo Indian.

bunkum - empty clap-trap oratory, 'tall talk', humbug

Trafalgar* - name of a cape on the S. coast of Spain, famed for a great victory of the British fleet over the combined fleets of France and Spain on 21 Oct. 1805, in which Admiral Nelson was killed. Hence a common element in English names of streets and the like, as Trafalgar Square, London.

barman* - a man who serves at the bar of a public-house, etc.  

bluff - the action of bluffing at cards, in the game of poker; Hence, challenging or boastful language or demeanour, not intended to be carried out, but merely 'tried on' with the design of frightening or influencing an opponent who allows himself to be imposed upon by it.

borrowing - taking on loan, taking at second-hand, etc.; also concr., that which is borrowed.

mem - vulgar variant of ma'am

Wucherer (d) - usurer

lay out - to take out and expose to view

squeal - to utter (or give out) a more or less prolonged loud sharp cry, esp. by reason of pain or sudden alarm; to scream shrilly                                                                                                                                                                            kneeling

noisy - characterized by noise                                                                                                                                              night

prior - a superior officer of a religious house or order                                                                                                      prayers

bawl - to shout at the top of one's voice, with a loud, full, protracted sound; Often emphasized by out.