farce - something as ridiculous as a theatrical farce; a proceeding that is ludicrously futile or insincere.

mouther - one who mouths; one given to vain, boastful, or declamatory speech.

Inca - the title of the emperor or king of Peru before its conquest by the Spaniards; also, one of the royal race of Peru, descended from Manco Capac and Mama Ocollo.


ananym* = anonym - a person whose name is not given, who remains nameless = anonymous.

tights - a woman's or girl's one-piece stretchable garment covering the legs and body up to the waist, worn in place of stockings; formerly, an undergarment taking the place of knickers and stockings.

Balt - a native or inhabitant of one of the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia; spec. a German inhabitant of any of these states.

parawig* - an artificial imitation of a head of hair (or part of one); worn formerly, first by women and then by men, as a fashionable head-dress; retained by judges, barristers, etc., as part of their professional costume; used by actors as a part of their make-up, and generally as a means of personal disguise, a concealment of premature grey hairs, or a covering for baldness.

'A Royal Divorce'* - a drama which was played in the Gaiety Theatre in 1897.

ferociously* - fiercely, savagely


a tale of a tub* - an apocryphal tale; a 'cock and bull' story. 

bourgeois* - resembling the middle classes in appearance, way of thinking, etc.; Also used disparagingly: selfishly materialistic or conventionally respectable and unimaginative; capitalistic, non-communist; esp. used disparagingly. 

clack - din of speech, noise or clatter of human tongues; contemptuously, loquacious talk,  chatter senseless or continuous.

crybaby* - a derisive appellation for one who cries childishly;              bibber* - one who drinks frequently, a tippler. 

ambi - - both;                trickster* - one who practises trickery; a rogue, cheat, knave.

aspire - to breathe forth, exhale (obs. rare.); to have a fixed desire, longing, or ambition for something at present above one.

decan - a chief or ruler of ten (obs.); Astrol. The chief or ruler of ten parts, or ten degrees, of a zodiacal sign.

fast asleep* - fixed in sleep, sound asleep, in a deep sleep. 

intrance - obs. form of entrance

cat's eye - a precious stone, a variety of chalcedonic quartz, very hard and transparent, which, when cut en cabochon, displays, on being held to the light, a peculiar floating lustre, resembling the contracted pupil of a cat's eye, supposed to be caused by small parallel fibres of asbestos.

index - the fore-finger: so called because used in pointing. 

pilgrimage* - a journey (usually of considerable duration) made to some sacred place, as an act of religious devotion.

childe - a youth of gentle birth: used in ballads, and the like, as a kind of title.

engross - to write in large letters; chiefly, and now almost exclusively, to write in a peculiar character appropriate to legal documents; hence, to write out or express in legal form. 

gander - a dull or stupid person; a fool, simpleton.

idio - - own, personal, private, peculiar, separate, distinct.

hick - a hiccup; a hesitation in speech                                                                                                                         his

hyssop - a plant, the twigs of which were used for sprinkling in Jewish rites; hence, a bunch of this plant used in ceremonial purification, and allusively.

hick* - to hiccup

I (hick)

talk* - ordinary manner of speech; way of speaking; native language or dialect; lingo.


me (hick)

bench - the seat where the judges sit in court; the judge's seat, or seat of justice; hence, the  office or dignity of a judge; any court of justice, a tribunal.

by (hick)

chancery - the court of the Lord Chancellor of England, the highest court of judicature next to the House of Lords; but, since the Judicature Act of 1873, a division of the High Court of Justice.

unbloody - having no blood, bloodless (obs.); not bloodthirsty, averse to bloodshed.

housewarming - the action of celebrating the entrance into the occupation of a new house or home with a feast or entertainment.

prose* - the ordinary form of written or spoken language, without metrical structure.

phrase - manner or style of expression, esp. that peculiar to a language, author, etc.;         cut off one's nose to spite one's face.

begorra* - a mild oath (Anglo-Irish alteration of the expletive by God

biography* - a written record of the life of an individual.

in medias res* - into the midst of affairs, into the middle of a narrative;    ribald - one who uses offensive, scurrilous, or impious language; one who jests or jeers in an irreverent or blasphemous manner. 

stop thief!

exchequer* - the office or department of the public service, which is charged with the receipt and custody of the moneys collected by the several departments of revenue.


M.D. - abbreviation of Latin Medicinæ Doctor (doctor of medicine); Managing Director.

ante mortem (l) - before death

cygnet* - a young swan

boo - to utter 'boo!'; to assail with cries of 'boo!' as an expression of dissatisfaction or disapproval;              to make one's bow - to retire, leave the stage. 

barnacled - covered with barnacles; Also fig.

alum - a whitish transparent mineral salt, very astringent, used in dyeing, tawing skins, and medicine, also for sizing paper, and making materials fire-proof                                                                                                                                                  elm

winter - to pass or spend the winter; to stay or reside (at a specified place) during the winter.


padlock* - a detachable or portable lock, designed to hang on the object fastened, having a pivoted or sliding bow or shackle, which can be opened to pass through a staple or ring, and then locked so as to engage a hasp, the links of a chain, etc.

whooping cough* - a contagious disease chiefly affecting children, and characterized by short, violent, and convulsive coughs, followed by a long sonorous inspiration called the hoop.

whopping - that whops; almost always fig., that is a 'whopper', abnormally large or great, 'whacking', 'thumping'                     very

midday devil* - transl. of Vulg. dæmonium meridianum Ps. xc[i], for which the Eng. Bible has 'the destruction that wasteth at noonday'.

...A vegetable Soul is a facultie or power that giueth life vnto bodies (1601 Dolman La Primaud. Fr. Acad).

false* - Of hair, teeth, etc.: Artificially made or adapted; Also false eyelashes, nose, and in more general sense. 

tanbark - the crushed bark of the oak or of other trees, an infusion of which is used in converting hides into leather.

to warn off* - to keep away (from danger) by timely notice.

right course

to marry money* - to marry a rich spouse

enactment - an ordinance of a legislative authority, a statute.

whereby - by means of or by the agency of which; in consequence of, as a result of, or owing to which.


itching - a feeling of uneasiness or irritation in the skin, which leads to scratching; fig. An uneasy desire or hankering            nothing

Czech* - the native name of the Bohemian people; Bohemian; Also = Czechoslovakian.