farce - a proceeding that is ludicrously futile or insincere + Macpherson, James (1736-96) - Scottish "translator" of Ossian's poems, whose hero is Ossian's father, Fingal on Finn MacCool + Mac an Phearsain (mokun farsen) (gael) - son of the parson.

shemesh (Hebrew) - sun

mouther - one who mouths; one given to vain, boastful, or declamatory speech

Inca - the title of the emperor or king of Peru before its conquest by the Spaniards; also, one of the royal race of Peru, descended from Manco Capac and Mama Ocollo + Mother of the Incas - epithet of Mama Kilya, the Inca goddess of the moon (and the wife of the sun god).

garce (fr. slang) - whore + Garcilasso de la Vega: The Origin of the Incas.


ananym = anonym = anonymous - a person whose name is not given, who remains nameless + anonyma (Slang) - demi-mondaine, woman of doubtful reputation.

tights - a woman's or girl's one-piece stretchable garment covering the legs and body up to the waist, worn in place of stockings; formerly, an undergarment taking the place of knickers and stockings.

Balt - a native or inhabitant of one of the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia; spec. a German inhabitant of any of these states

March Hare + Mac'harid (Breton) - Marguerite.

parawig - an artificial imitation of a head of hair (or part of one); worn formerly, first by women and then by men, as a fashionable head-dress; retained by judges, barristers, etc., as part of their professional costume; used by actors as a part of their make-up.

Divorce Court, Dublin + A Royal Divorce, drama played in the Gaiety Theatre in 1897.

ferociously - fiercely, savagely + ferax (l) - fruitful.

ova (l) - eggs

Aleman (sp) - German

(onomat.) + tsetse flies.

tud (Breton) - people + tale of a tub - an apocryphal tale; a 'cock and bull' story + Swift: A Tale of a Tub

bourgeois - resembling the middle classes in appearance, way of thinking, etc.; Also used disparagingly: selfishly materialistic or conventionally respectable and unimaginative; capitalistic, non-communist; esp. used disparagingly + bourcheoisien (Breton) - bourgeois. 

clack - din of speech, noise or clatter of human tongues; contemptuously, loquacious talk, senseless or continuous chatter.

crybaby - a derisive appellation for one who cries childishly + crib (Slang) - pub + bibber - one who drinks frequently, a tippler + crib-biter (Slang) - persistant gambler. 

ambi- - both + trickster - one who practises trickery; a rogue, cheat, knave.

aspire - to breathe forth, exhale (obs. rare.); to have a fixed desire, longing, or ambition for something at present above one + perspiring.

decan - a chief or ruler of ten (obs.); Astrol. The chief or ruler of ten parts, or ten degrees, of a zodiacal sign + decanus (Low Latin) - dean (Swift) + like the dickens - a lot (as in ''hurts like the dickens'').

fast asleep - fixed in sleep, sound asleep, in a deep sleep

intrance - obs. form of entrance

poltrone (it) - armchairs + poltroon - a base coward.


cat's eye - a precious stone, a variety of chalcedonic quartz, very hard and transparent, which, when cut en cabochon, displays, on being held to the light, a peculiar floating lustre, resembling the contracted pupil of a cat's eye, supposed to be caused by small parallel fibres of asbestos.

index - the fore-finger: so called because used in pointing

pilgrimage - a journey (usually of considerable duration) made to some sacred place, as an act of religious devotion

childe - a youth of gentle birth: used in ballads, and the like, as a kind of title + Lord Byron: Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage.

engross - to write in large letters; chiefly, and now almost exclusively, to write in a peculiar character appropriate to legal documents; hence, to write out or express in legal form. 

gander - a dull or stupid person; a fool, simpleton + (quill pen).

idio- - own, personal, private, peculiar, separate, distinct + idioglossa (gr) - distinct or private language + idioglossarium (l) - a vocabulary of private or peculiar words that need explanation.

hick - a hiccup; a hesitation in speech + his

hyssop - a plant, the twigs of which were used for sprinkling in Jewish rites; hence, a bunch of this plant used in ceremonial purification + hiccup

hick - to hiccup + (hiccuping, hence the '-ck' sounds).

I (hick) + (notebook 1924): 'I gave him that *V*'.

talk - ordinary manner of speech; way of speaking; native language or dialect; lingo + too.

that + the letter.

William Shakespeare: Twelfth Night II.3.106: 'Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale?'

me (hick)

bench - the seat where the judges sit in court; the judge's seat, or seat of justice + King's Bench Court, Dublin.

by (hick) + fifth Station of the Cross: Simon of Cyrene made to bear the cross.

chancery - the court of the Lord Chancellor of England, the highest court of judicature next to the House of Lords + Chancery Court, Dublin.

unbloody - having no blood, bloodless (obs.); not bloodthirsty, averse to bloodshed + (notebook 1924): 'unbloody *V*'.

housewarming - the action of celebrating the entrance into the occupation of a new house or home with a feast or entertainment

skrivenitch (quasi-Serbian) - hiding(itch) + Alois Skrivanitch learned English from Joyce in Trieste + scrivener - a professional scribe.

prose - the ordinary form of written or spoken language, without metrical structure

phrase - a sequence of words intended to have meaning + cut off your nose to spite your face - disadvantage yourself in order to do harm to an adversary.

begorra - a mild oath (Anglo-Irish alteration of the expletive by God) + bog (Serbian) - god.

punting - (in rugby) kicking + painting.

biography - a written record of the life of an individual + Beograd.

Midas - king of Phrygia. Dionysus gave him power to turn all he touched into gold; he nearly starved. In a musical contest, he voted against Apollo, who gave him ass's ears. These ears were known to his barber, who whispered the secret to riven reeds, and they told the world.

ribald - one who uses offensive, scurrilous, or impious language; one who jests or jeers in an irreverent or blasphemous manner + in medias res - into the midst of affairs, into the middle of a narrative + [est] modus in rebus (l) - [there is] a moderation in things (Horace, Satires I.1.106).

digter (Danish) - poet + dictator.

grøntsager (Danish) - vegetables + grand tsar.

stop thief!

*C* grey at 15 peculiar *V* (Joyce's note)

exchequer - British governmental department charged with the collection and management of the national revenue; a treasury, as of a nation or an organization + schick (ger) - elegant + schicken (ger) - to send + schicker (Yiddish) - drunk + Court of Exchequer, Dublin.


jupes (French) - skirts + dupe (Serbian) - arse.

M.D. - abbreviation of Latin Medicinæ Doctor (doctor of medicine); Managing Director + M.D. ('my darling' or 'my dears') - Swift's abbreviation in letters to Stella.

ante mortem (l) - before death + post mortem - of or relating to a medical examination of a dead body.

cygnet - a young swan + cygnus (l) - swan + syg (Danish) - sick.

boo - to utter 'boo!'; to assail with cries of 'boo!' as an expression of dissatisfaction or disapproval + make one's bow - to retire, leave the stage + say boo to a goose (country proverb) - anybody who shouts loudly and firmly at geese can intimidate them; indeed minding geese was traditionally a job for small girls. Anybody who doesn't dare say "Boo!" to a goose really is a wimp. 

barnacled - covered with barnacles; Also fig.; wearing spectacles (Slang) + Nora Barnacle + barnacle goose.

alum - a whitish transparent mineral salt, very astringent, used in dyeing, tawing skins, and medicine, also for sizing paper, and making materials fire-proof + elm

winter - to pass or spend the winter; to stay or reside (at a specified place) during the winter



Cum (kum) (gael) - Hollow; S. Dublin slum + The Coombe - street and area west of Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin (also the popular name of a well-known maternity hospital in the same area).

pad (Serbian) - fall + padlock - a detachable lock with a U-shaped bar hinged at one end, designed to be passed through the staple of a hasp or a link in a chain and then snapped shut.

Lock Hospital, Dublin + Alexander Pope: The Rape of the Lock.

whooping cough - a contagious disease chiefly affecting children, and characterized by short, violent, and convulsive coughs, followed by a long sonorous inspiration called the hoop.

age of reason - in Catholic theology, the age at which a child is capable of moral responsibility and committing sin (traditionally, the age of seven) + Age of Reason - a name applied to 17th century philosophy (e.g. Descartes, Spinoza, Locke).

whopping - that whops; almost always fig., that is a 'whopper', abnormally large or great, 'whacking', 'thumping' + very

midday devil - transl. of Vulg. dæmonium meridianum Ps. xc[i], for which the Eng. Bible has 'the destruction that wasteth at noonday' + medieval.

veritable + "A vegetable Soul is a facultie or power that giueth life vnto bodies" (1601 Dolman La Primaud. Fr. Acad) + vegetabilis anima (l) - vivifying principle.

false - Of hair, teeth, etc.: Artificially made or adapted; Also false eyelashes, nose, and in more general sense + false teeth.

tanbark - the crushed bark of the oak or of other trees, an infusion of which is used in converting hides into leather

tomato + to mate.

warn off - to keep away (from danger) by timely notice

right course + racecourse + (notebook 1923): 'warned off the course'.

marry money - to marry a rich spouse

enactment - an ordinance of a legislative authority, a statute; acting the part of a character on stage

whereby - by means of or by the agency of which; in consequence of, as a result of, or owing to which + by the same token.

How Buckley shot the Russian General (motif) + (Dr Johnson kicking stone to refute Berkeley's immaterialism).

negas, negus (l) - you deny + negasti (l) - you have denied + Negus Negesti - King of Kings, title of Abyssinian Emperor.

negertop (Danish) - Negro head + negator (l) - a denier + Neger (ger) - Negro.

toby (Slang) - buttocks + to be.

negarentur (l) - they might be denied

putsch - political coup, revolutionary attempt + pushed.

Thingmote - Viking Parliament in Dublin + Trinity.

itching - a feeling of uneasiness or irritation in the skin, which leads to scratching; fig. An uneasy desire or hankering + miching (Anglo-Irish) = mitching (Irish Dialect) - playing truant.

erysipelas - Saint Anthony's fire

Jews + Society of Jesus (S.J.)

Bro-C'hall (Breton) - France

frater (l) - brother

Czech - the native name of the Bohemian people; Bohemian; Also = Czechoslovakian + Francuz (Serbian) - Frenchman.