Budapest - city, capital of Hungary + Bruder (ger) - brother.

brat (Serbian, Russian) - brother + Bratislava.

Slavo - a member of the Salvation Army + Slavs

temp - abbrev. of L. tempore (also used) = in the time of + tempus (l) = temps (fr) - time.

foil - to baffle, frustrate the efforts of (a person) + failed.

freak - a monstrosity, an abnormally developed individual of any species

bilingual - having, or characterized by two languages + (notebook 1924): '*Y* bilingual' → Langdon: The Babylonian Epic of Creation 130n: 'The palû of Marduk is also referred to in a bilingual hymn to him sung in the Nisan festival at Erech'.

Irish Times (newspaper)

clerisy - learned men as a body, scholars + clergy.

Dominican - of or pertaining to St. Dominic or to the order of friars (and nuns) founded by him

hooley - a noisy party, a spree + Ulysses.12.510: 'by the holy farmer' + Holy Father.

avow - to devote, consecrate, dedicate by a vow (a person or thing to God, or to some solemn purpose) + avoided.

vitandus, evitandus (l) - to be avoided

squeak - to emit a short or slight sound of a thin high-pitched character; to cause (something) to squeak

twyst (Dublin Pronunciation) - twice

squelch - to crush by or as if by trampling, to squash

Caecilia (l) - patron saint of music + (notebook 1923): 'He got into the apothecaries' Hall' School of Medicine of Apothecaries' Hall, 4-6 Caecilia Street, Dublin.

treat - an entertainment of food and drink, esp. one given without expense to the recipient

solo - alone, without a companion or partner

Galen - a celebrated physician of the 2nd century a.d., born at Pergamus in Asia Minor. Hence, jocularly: A physician.

asbestos (gr) - unquenchable, inextinguishable + Battle of Sevastopol, 1854.

inkpot - a small pot for holding writing-ink + Battle of Inkerman, 1854.

incest + encaustum (l) - ink + Phrase 'ink in the blood', said of writers and newspaper people.

shim - a faint or transient appearance, a glimpse + shame

outmost - the utmost point, degree, or limit (obs.) + (notebook 1923): 'W has utmost scorn for another'.

presbyter - an elder in the Presbyterian Church + Prost! (ger) - To your health! + bitten (ger) - to ask for, plead + bite (French Slang) - penis + frostbitten.

conshy = conchy - one who refuses to conform to the requirements of a public enactment on the plea of conscientious scruple; esp. such an objector to military service + con (French Slang) - vulva + pros and cons - the various arguments in favour of and against a motion, course of action, etc.

Siberia - the name of a region of the U.S.S.R. in Asia used as a type of a cold, inhospitable place, or a place of exile, banishment, or imprisonment + Tiberias - town on Sea of Galilee + Christ crucified during reign of Tiberius + Lavrentii Pavlovich Beria - chief of NKVD since Nov. 1938.

aristocrat - a member of an aristocracy; strictly, one of a ruling oligarchy; hence, one of a patrician order, a noble

Chaka (1783-1828) - Zulu warrior chief, murdered by his brother. The S.American chaka is a bird also known as the crested screamer + check + Cheka, the first form of the Soviet Secret Police here is punned with Anton Chekhov and his play Chayka [The Sea Gull] (Benstock, Bernard / Joyce-again's wake: an analysis of Finnegans wake).

seagull - gull; a casual, non-Union, dock labourer (N.Z. slang.) + single

gattabuia (it) - prison

gabbiano (it) - seagull

haythen = heathen (obs.) + Thomas Moore, song: Come o'er the Sea: 'Come o'er the sea, Maiden, with me'.

liber (l) - book + liver.

T.C.D. - Trinity College, Dublin

pudding + your bread is baked (Irish phrase) - you'll die soon + your goose is cooked - you are in big trouble + (notebook 1924): 'yr pudding is cooked'.

cram - to force, press, or squeeze into an insufficient space (spec. poultry, etc., to fatten them for the table) + damn

yaourt - a fermented liquor made by the Turks from milk + yaourth (fr) - yoghurt + faithfully yours.

excommunicated "Exexex! COMMUNICATED." [172.10] + The Letter: four crosskisses.

What for? G. only knows what for (Joyce's note)

truthful - Of persons (or their attributes): Disposed to tell, or habitually telling, the truth, free from deceitfulness, veracious.

teller - one who relates, makes known, or announces + FDV: — What for, dear Shaun? I asked.

vouchsafe - to grant in a condescending manner + Jespersen: Language, its Nature, Development and Origin 174 (X.2): 'cases in which formerly separate words coalesce into one... cf. vouchsafe... instead of vouch safe'.

root - Philol. One of those ultimate elements of a language, that cannot be further analysed, and form the base of its vocabulary; a primary word or form from which others are derived + rude + FDV: — For the language, Shaun replied, in inside his letter.

devotionally - in a devotional manner; in the way of (religious) devotion

crawthumper (Slang) - one who beats one's breast during confession (applied derisively to ostentatiously devout Roman Catholics)

Act of Oblivion - an act granting a general pardon for political offences + James I abolished the old Irish Brehon Laws and published the Act of Oblivion.

put your foot in your mouth - you say something stupid or embarrassing + foot and mouth disease (Shaun as being a cloven-hoofed devil).

thick 'un - Formerly, a gold sovereign; Also, a crown or five-shilling piece, and rarely in mod. use applied loosely to a pound + dickens - the deuce, the devil + what the dickens (colloquial phrase).

stick a pig - (in India): to hunt the wild boar with a spear; butchering a pig by sticking a knife into the heart or aorta + picked and sticked.

lettuce + letter + latest invention.

Ull - Mrs Christiani says, a Norse archergod + ull- (ul) (gael) - prefix great, huge, chief, monstruous, mighty.

tordenveir (Norwegian) - thunderstorm

MIDGAARD - In Norse myth, the abode of the first pair, parents of the human race; it was joined to Asgard by the rainbow bridge Bifrost + UTGARD (UTGAARD) - In Norse myth, the realm of giants, where Utgard-Loki had his castle.

Gungnir - Odin's Spear in Norse myth 

Urd - a Norse Fate

Mjollnir - Thor's hammer in Norse myth

Fenrir - a wolf in Norse myth, the son of Loki, who, with his father, will attack the gods on Ragnarøkr. Odin is swallowed whole and alive fighting the wolf Fenrir, but Fenrir will in turn be killed by Odin's son Víðarr.

Loki - a god or jötunn (or both). Loki is the father of Hel, the wolf Fenrir, and the world serpent Jörmungandr. With the onset of Ragnarök, Loki is foretold to slip free from his bonds and to fight against the gods among the forces of the jötnar, at which time he will encounter the god Heimdallr and the two will slay each other.

Baugi - a Norse giant who held the mead of inspiration in the cauldron Odreri

Surtr or Surt (Old Norse "black" or "the swarthy one") is a jötunn. Surtr is foretold as being a major figure during the events of Ragnarök; carrying his bright sword, he will go to battle against the Æsir, he will do battle with the major god Freyr "and there will be a harsh conflict before Freyr falls", and afterward the flames that he brings forth will engulf the Earth.

Grimnir - the Norse god Odin

Ragnarøkr (Old Norse) - Destruction of the Norse gods (Eddas)

Thor will do battle with the great serpent Jörmungandr during the immense mythical war waged at Ragnarök, and there he will slay the monstrous snake, yet after he will only be able to take nine steps before succumbing to the venom of the beast.

yo - dial. pronunc. of you + Yo - Japanese female principle.

come near - to approach in place, order, qualities, etc. + FDV: — You could come near it, dear Shaun, I suppose? I asked. / — No-one could, Shaun replied, for it is incendiary.

peax - obs. f. peace + (notebook 1924): 'Peace! Peace!' Sauvé: Proverbes et Dictons de la Basse-Bretagne no. 148: 'Paix! Paix! La queue de la vache Est avec vous' (French 'Peace! Peace! The tail of the cow Is with you').

velar - Phon. Of sounds: Produced by means of the soft palate.

penultimatum - a demand amounting almost to an ultimatum, or sent immediately before an ultimatum + penultimatum (l) - the next-to-last.

Sweeney Todd, a barber who murdered his customers, the central character of a play by George Dibdin Pitt (1799-1855) + O'Suibhne (o'swini) (gael) - descendant of Suibhne (''well-going") + cast pearls before swine - to offer or give a good thing to one who is incapable of appreciating it, but may defile or abuse it.

swig - to drink (esp. intoxicating liquor) in deep draughts, to drink eagerly or copiously

slug - a single drink of liquor, shot

Jacobsen, Jens Peter - Danish writer (1847-85), possibly used as a source in the 'Nausicaa' chapter of Ulysses + John Jameson Dublin whiskey.

tree stem + Tristan

Zucker (ger) - sugar + sugar cane - a tall stout perennial grass, Saccharum officinarum, cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical countries, and forming the chief source of manufactured sugar + sugar stick (Slang) - penis.

mild - Of food, tobacco, etc.: Soft to the palate, not rough or sharp or strong in taste or odour.

likesome - pleasing to the mind or senses + mild und leise (ger) - Tristan love-death aria.

St Tib's Eve is never. It is a corruption of St Ubes, and there is none in the calendar + till Tibbs his eve (Irish phrase) - forever (there is no Saint Tibbs; from Irish, Tibb's Eve: never).

The West's Awake (song)

frost - the formation of frost or ice on a surface; (originally Theatr.) A failure (slang.)

nope - no; a negative vote or decision

Joyce's note: '...No-one cd.'

drift - general meaning or tenor ("caught the drift of the conversation") + Joyce's note: 'missed his drift I missed her drift' → Key: John McCormack, His Own Life Story 6: '"That's one of the great things," he announced. I missed his drift, and told him so. "Having made enough of myself," he explained, "to be a credit to my parents"'.

incendiary - capable of catching fire spontaneously or causing fires or burning readily; arousing to action or rebellion

dimmed - rendered dim + damned

Silbe (ger) - syllable

wholly - as a whole, in its entirety, in full + holy words.

loquacity - the condition or quality of being loquacious, talkativeness

threestar - anything of high quality or in a high degree characteristic + three-star whiskey.

monophthongos (gr) - sounded as a single vowel + monotone + interior monologue.

thaw - warm weather following a freeze + Ta! (ta) (gael) - There is; It is so; Yes + ('the' is the last word of Finnegans Wake).

stolen - obtained by theft + storytelling.

rightdown - positive; thorough, complete + downright.

lowbrow - characteristic of a person who is not cultivated or does not have intellectual tastes; unrefined, unæsthetic

systematic + schismatic.

rabblement - a long string or series of words, etc., having little meaning or value + James Joyce: The Day of the Rabblement: (begins) 'No man, said the Nolan' (i.e. a reference to Giordano Bruno) + robbery.