Budapest* - city, capital of Hungary.

brat (sr.) - brother;                            Bratislava.

Slavo - a member of the Salvation Army                                                                                                                 Slavs

temp - abbrev. of L. tempore (also used) = in the time of.

foil -to beat off, repulse, discomfit (an assailant or an attack); to baulk, disappoint (hopes, etc.); to baffle, frustrate the efforts of (a person).

freak - a monstrosity, an abnormally developed individual of any species.

bilingual - having, or characterized by two languages.


clerisy* - learned men as a body, scholars

Dominican* - of or pertaining to St. Dominic or to the order of friars (and nuns) founded by  him.

hooley - a noisy party, a spree                                                                                                                                           holy


avow* - to devote, consecrate, dedicate by a vow (a person or thing to God, or to some solemn purpose).

squeak - to emit a short or slight sound of a thin high-pitched character; to cause (something) to squeak.

two (second)

squelch - to fall, drop, or stamp upon (something soft) with crushing or squashing force; to crush in this way.

treat - an entertainment of food and drink, esp. one given without expense to the recipient.

solo - alone, without a companion or partner

Galen - a celebrated physician of the 2nd century a.d., born at Pergamus in Asia Minor. Hence, jocularly: A physician.

inkpot* - a small pot for holding writing-ink.


shim - a faint or transient appearance, a glimpse                                                                                                           shame

outmost - the utmost point, degree, or limit (obs.)

presbyter* - In Episcopal churches: A minister of the second order, ranking below a bishop and above a deacon; a priest or pastor. (In modern use, not an official or ordinary term, but used occasionally instead of priest)

conshy = conchy - one who refuses to conform to the requirements of a public enactment on the plea of conscientious scruple; esp. such an objector to military service.

Siberia* - the name of a region of the U.S.S.R. in Asia used as a type of a cold, inhospitable place, or a place of exile, banishment, or imprisonment.

aristocrat* - a member of an aristocracy; strictly, one of a ruling oligarchy; hence, one of a patrician order, a noble.

seagull - gull; a casual, non-Union, dock labourer (N.Z. slang.)

haythen = heathen (obs.)

T.C.D. - Trinity College, Dublin


cram - to feed with excess of food (spec. poultry, etc., to fatten them for the table)                                                            damn

yaourt* - a fermented liquor made by the Turks from milk                                                                                                 yours

truthful - Of persons (or their attributes): Disposed to tell, or habitually telling, the truth, free from deceitfulness, veracious.

teller - one who relates, makes known, or announces.

vouchsafe - to confer or bestow (some thing, favour, or benefit) on a person.

root - Philol. One of those ultimate elements of a language, that cannot be further analysed, and form the base of its vocabulary; a primary word or form from which others are derived.

devotionally - in a devotional manner; in the way of (religious) devotion.

Act of Oblivion - an act granting a general pardon for political offences.

thick 'un* - Formerly, a gold sovereign; Also, a crown or five-shilling piece, and rarely in mod. use applied loosely to a pound;         dickens - the deuce, the devil.

to stick a pig* - (in India): to hunt the wild boar with a spear                                                                                                put



yo - dial. pronunc. of you

come near - to approach in place, order, qualities, etc.

peax - obs. f. peace

velar* - Phon. Of sounds: Produced by means of the soft palate.

penultimatum - a demand amounting almost to an ultimatum, or sent immediately before an ultimatum.

to cast pearls before swine* - to offer or give a good thing to one who is incapable of appreciating it, but may defile or abuse it;        Sweeney - the name of Sweeney Todd, a barber who murdered his customers, the central character of a play by George Dibdin Pitt (1799-1855), and of later plays. 

swig - to drink (esp. intoxicating liquor) in deep draughts, to drink eagerly or copiously.

slug - a single drink of liquor, shot

Jameson* - the proprietary name of a brand of Irish whiskey; Also, a drink of this whiskey.

sugar cane* - a tall stout perennial grass, Saccharum officinarum, cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical countries, and forming the chief source of manufactured sugar.

mild - Of food, tobacco, etc.: Soft to the palate, not rough or sharp or strong in taste or odour, not over-stimulating or over-feeding.

likesome - pleasing to the mind or senses

frost - (originally Theatr.). A failure (slang.)

nope - no; a negative vote or decision

drift - the conscious direction of action or speech to some end; meaning, purport, tenor, scope (of a speech or writing).

incendiary - fig. Having the character of inflaming or exciting the passions, esp. in regard to political matters; tending to stir up strife, violence, or sedition; inflammatory.

dimmed - rendered dim                                                                                                                                                 damned

wholly - as a whole, in its entirety, in full

loquacity* - the condition or quality of being loquacious, talkativeness. 

threestar - anything of high quality or in a high degree characteristic

stolen - obtained by theft

rightdown - positive; thorough, complete

lowbrow* - not highly, or not pretentiously, intellectual; unrefined, unęsthetic. 


rabblement* - a long string or series of words, etc., having little meaning or value.