goosy - resembling a goose; hence, foolish, silly.

yea - yes

store - to keep in store for future use, to collect and keep in reserve;                  stole - pa. tense and pple. of steal.


yup = yep - yes

fancy - to frame in fancy; to portray in the mind; to picture to oneself; to conceive, imagine.

strikingly - in a striking manner or degree

brainy - that has plenty of brains; acute, clever

lettered* - acquainted with or instructed in letters; learned, literate, educated.


ingenious - having an aptitude for invention or construction; clever at contriving or making things.

show - an unreal or illusory appearance (of something); an appearance with little or no reality behind it. 

blood donor - one who gives blood for transfusion.

disseminate - to scatter abroad, as in sowing seed; to spread here and there; to disperse (things) so as to deposit them in all parts.

emanation - the process of flowing forth, issuing, or proceeding from anything as a source; lit. and fig.

blurry - full of blurs, faultily indistinct in features

liable* - bound or obliged by law or equity, or in accordance with a rule or convention.

convicted - proved or found guilty, condemned

fippence - five pence

boot - good, advantage, profit, use; that which is 'thrown in', or given in addition, to make up a deficiency of value, a premium, compensation (obs. dial.); compensation paid, according to Old English usage, for injury or wrong-doing; satisfaction made. 

allowance - a definite portion, sum, or amount, allotted or granted to meet any expenses or requirements.


openair* - existing, carried on, performed in, or characteristic of the open air; Also transf. and fig.

ingenuous - honourably straightforward, open, frank, candid. (The current sense.) 

clerk - to act as clerk

arrah - an expletive expressing emotion or excitement, common in Anglo-Irish speech                                                      Erin

pencil* - to write or jot down with a pencil

immenseness* - the quality of being immense; immeasurableness, infinity; vastness, hugeness.

perorate - to speak at length, deliver an oration; to sum up or conclude a speech or oration.

Trifolium - a large genus of leguminous plants, with trifoliate leaves, and flowers mostly in close heads [L. trifolium (Pliny), f. tri-, tri- + folium leaf]. 

libretto* - the text or 'words' to which an opera or other extended musical composition is set [It. = 'little book', f. libro book].

orthodox* - Of opinions or doctrines: Right, correct, true; in accordance with what is accepted or authoritatively established as the true view or right practice.

book of life* - in biblical language the record of the names of those who shall inherit eternal life;             lief - a beloved, a dear one; a friend, sweetheart, mistress; occas. a wife.

bogus - counterfeit, spurious, fictitious, sham

Bolshy - a jocular or contemptuous name for a Bolshevik


conversant - familiar or intimately acquainted with (anything), as a result of having been occupied with it.

audible - able to be heard, perceptible to the ear.


will mayhap

to cut one's own throat* - to be the means of one's own defeat or destruction.


to take the pot luck* - to take whatever may be obtained without previous knowledge of what this may be, to take a chance.

append - to hang on, to attach as a pendant.

Mark Twain;             twang - a vocal imitation of the resonant sound produced when a tense string is sharply plucked or suddenly released.

ops - military operations                                                                                                                                                    eyes

neophyte* - a new convert, one newly admitted to a church or religious body; one who is new to a subject, a beginner, tyro, novice.

specimen* - an example, instance, or illustration of something, from which the character of the whole may be inferred.

fly - knowing, wide-awake, sharp

infra dig. - beneath one's dignity; unbecoming one's position; not consistent with dignity.

virulence* - extreme acrimony or bitterness of temper or speech, violent malignity or rancour.