howl - the prolonged and mournful cry of a dog, wolf, etc., which dwells upon the vowel u or some kindred sound; a loud wail or outcry of pain or anguish.

commission - to give a commission or order for, to order

flame - pl. (with the) = fire. Chiefly with reference to death or destruction by burning; Phrase, to commit to the flames.

incendiarism - the practice or act of maliciously setting fire to buildings or other property.

moother - obs. form of mother

soho - a call used by huntsmen to direct the attention of the dogs or of other hunters to a hare which has been discovered or started, or to encourage them in the chase; hence used as a call to draw the attention of any person, announce a discovery, or the like.

crickcrack - a representation of a repeated sharp sound

lunged* - furnished with lungs, or something resembling lungs

skull* - the bony case or frame containing or enclosing the brain of man or other vertebrate animals.

usurp* - to take or hold possession of (something belonging to another or others) by force.

husky - Of persons and their voice: Dry in the throat, so that the timbre of the voice is lost, and its sound approaches more or less a hoarse whisper. (An effect of continued speaking, laryngeal inflammation, or violent emotion).

fusky - dark brown, dusky

pugilism - the art or practice of fighting with fists, boxing

virtually - in effect, though not formally or explicitly, practically

break down - to fall broken or in ruins; to collapse, give way, fail utterly

motherhead* - motherly care; an embodiment of maternal qualities

to be (or get) jerry (on, on to, to) - to be aware (of); to be 'wise' (to); to understand.

twine - to twist, wreathe, clasp, or wrap (a thing) about or around another; also, to insert (one thing) in or into another with a twisting or sinuous movement.


slob - one who is gullible or excessively soft-hearted, a fool


designful - full of design; purposed, intentional

calf* - the young of any bovine animal, esp. of the domestic cow

grossly - excessively, flagrantly; palpably, plainly, obviously (obs.)


dish - to 'do for', defeat completely, ruin (slang.)

alarm* - a state of surprise with fear or terror, suddenly excited by apprehension of danger; apprehension, uneasiness as to consequences.

to laugh that off* - phrase used ironically (freq. in imperative) as an invitation to dismiss or get rid of (some accomplished fact) with a laugh. 

pudgy* - short and thick or fat                                                                                                                                       fingers

gulp - an effort to swallow; the noise caused by this

apologetic - regretfully acknowledging or excusing fault or failure



oye = oyez - 'hear, hear ye'                                                                                                                                                 eye

ogle* - to cast amorous, coquettish, or insinuatingly familiar glances

dump - to be downcast and sad; grieve, muse

earnest - seriousness, serious intention, as opposed to jest or play; esp. in phrase in (for) earnest, in good (sober, sad) earnest. In OE. on eornest means 'earnestly', also 'in reality'; In mod. use to be in earnest, applied to persons, has sometimes an emphatic sense = to be   earnest.


too sleepy for talk

anything further

moe - more

to stop short - to limit one’s actions to, do no more than; to pause, stay on the or one's way (to do something). 

shackled - wearing or bound in shackles

ghost - a shadowy outline or semblance, an unsubstantial image (of something).

wide* - the open sea; a wide, extensive, or open space (Now only poet.)

pensiful* - thoughtful, meditative, pensive; melancholy, sorrowful (obs. exc. dial.)

...heavens was formerly used, esp. in Biblical language (transl. Heb. pl. shamayim) in the same sense as the sing. (heaven); it is now the ordinary prose form for the visible sky.


scrute - to scrutinize

farback* - remote in space, inaccessible

fargone - advanced to a great extent

tropical year -the interval between two successive passages of the sun through the same 'tropic' or solstitial point (or, equivalently, through the same equinoctial point); the natural year of the seasons, as reckoned from one (winter or summer) solstice or (vernal or autumnal) equinox to the next.

ecclesiastic - of or pertaining to the church

sidereal - determined or measured by means of the stars; In sidereal day, month, year, time.

Sirius* - a fixed star of the first magnitude, the chief of the constellation Canis Major or Great Dog, and the brightest in the heavens.

standpoint* - a point of view; a mental point of view, the position (with respect to degree of information, direction of sympathies or prejudices, assumed fundamental principles, or the like) which a person occupies in relation to any object of mental contemplation.

Charles's Wain* - the group of seven bright stars in the constellation called the Great Bear.



sled - to travel in a sledge

lacteal - of or pertaining to milk

mansion - a twelfth part of the heavens as divided by great circles through the north and south points of the horizon; a sign of the zodiac considered as the seat of the greatest influence of a particular planet.

blest - enjoying the bliss of heaven, beatified

erewhile - a while before, some time ago, formerly

Windel (d) - swaddling robe                                                                                                                                        wind

lasso - to catch with a lasso


ballbearing - a mechanical contrivance for lessening friction by means of small loose metal balls, used for the bearings of axles.


careen - to cause (a ship) to heel over; to lean over, to tilt

happer - to crackle, to patter                                                                                                                                  happening

asterisk - a little star

postlude - Mus. A concluding piece or movement played at the end of an oratorio or the like; a written or spoken epilogue.

playact - to act in a play; to act (a scene, part, etc.)

ensemble - Mus. The united performance of all voices or all instruments in a piece of concerted music, or of a chorus and orchestra.

buoyantly - in a buoyant (floating) manner

twinkling - the time taken in winking the eye; a very brief period, a moment, an instant; phr. in a twinkling.

earshot - the distance at which the voice may be heard

slipshod* - wearing slippers or very loose shoes, in later use esp. such as are down at the heel; Also fig.

surefooted* - sure of foot; treading securely or firmly; not liable to slip, stumble, or fall.