linkman - a man employed to carry a torch

leisurely* - Of persons: Having leisure or unoccupied time, proceeding without haste.

lampman - one who has charge of or tends lamps.

loungy* - suggestive of lounges or lounging;                lounge - to pass time indolently or without definite occupation.

lape = lap - Of water: To move with a rippling sound like that made in lapping. 

fall - the falling of a stream of water down a declivity; hence, a cascade, cataract, waterfall.

stave - stick of wood; each of the thin, narrow, shaped pieces of wood which, when placed together side by side and hooped, collectively form the side of a cask, tub or similar vessel.

more power to his elbow* - good luck to him;            keel - the lowest longitudinal timber of a ship or boat, on which the framework of the whole is built up.

free and easy* - friendly and free from anxiety;                fairish - somewhat fair, moderately good, passable.

crucet house - a chest used in medieval torture to hold the body of one who was to be pressed with stones; house of torment.

upright - to raise to an upright or vertical position, to erect

dip - a hollow or depression to which the surrounding high ground dips or sinks.

the Downs - the part of the sea within the Goodwin Sands, off the east coast of Kent, a famous rendezvous for ships. (It lies opposite to the eastern termination of the North Downs.)

spoor - the trace, track, or trail of a person or animal


vanished;                      vanessid - nelonging to the family of butterflies of which Vanessa is the type.

circulation* - movement in a circle, circular motion or course


stella (l) - star

strew - to scatter, spread loosely

aromatize* - to render aromatic or fragrant

pibroch* - in the Scotch Highlands, a series of variations for the bagpipe, founded on a theme called the urlar. They are generally of a martial character, but include dirges.

crept* - past of creep

mong - among


reek - vapour or steam arising from, or given off by, something in a moist or heated state, as wet or marshy ground (hence also Sc., fog or mist), wet clothes, boiling water, etc.

waft - to send (a sound, fragrance, etc.) through the air; to float upon, come or go with the wind or breeze                                 left

fragrance - sweetness of smell; sweet or pleasing scent

dulcid - dulcet, sweet;                 dulcet - sweet to the eye, ear, or feelings.

languid* - weak, wanting in force; slow of movement

sharm = chirm - to cry out, vociferate, roar;                         charming - fascinating, highly pleasing or delightful to the mind or senses.

yep - repr. a dial. (esp. U.S.) or vulgar pronunc. of yes

dull* - not clear, bright, vivid, or intense; obscure, dim


bedowe* - ? to sadden

bruder - obs. form of brother

able - having or showing general mental power or skill; talented, clever. 

whisk* - to move with a light rapid sweeping motion; to make a single sudden movement of this kind, to rush or dart nimbly.

throe - a violent spasm or pang, such as convulses the body, limbs, or face. Also, a spasm of feeling; a paroxysm; agony of mind; anguish.

cat’s cradle* - a children's game in which two players alternately take from each other's fingers an intertwined cord so as always to produce a symmetrical figure.

carnal - sexual

Ind - an earlier name of the country now called India                                                                                                         ends

oliphant - obsolete form of elephant

scrum - to jostle, crowd

oust - to eject or expel from any place or position                                                                                                              out

tall story* - a hackneyed tale, a piece of boasting or exaggeration

more's the pity - and that is something to be sorry about

humbler - one who or that which humbles (to render oneself humble, to assume a humble attitude).

humility - the quality of being humble or having a lowly opinion of oneself; meekness, lowliness, humbleness; humble or low condition, rank, or estate.

tootoo - to make an instrumental or vocal sound resembling these syllables.

stayer - one who stays or remains; one who stays or supports.

graced - endowed with grace; favoured; having a grace or graces; embellished, etc.

god - pl. The occupants of the gallery

pittite - one who occupies a seat in the pit of a theatre

salus - a salutation

countenance - the face, visage

disparition - disappearance

afflictedly - in an afflicted manner, distressfully

gaming - the action or habit of playing at games of chance for stakes; gambling.

pro - - 'before in time'

story book* -a book containing stories, esp. children's stories; also occas. a novel or romance.

picturesque* - possessing pleasing and interesting qualities of form and colour (but not implying the highest beauty or sublimity).

silentious* - given to silence

musha - an exclamation of surprise used by Irish speakers

the Cockpit - name of a theatre in London, in 17th c., on the site of a cock-pit.

scholar - one who is taught in a school; esp. a boy or girl attending an elementary school.

anywhen - at any time, ever

wisha - an exclamation indicating dismay, emphasis, or surprise

biddy - a chicken, a fowl; a woman, usu. with derogatory implication; red biddy.