palmwine - wine made from the sap of the palm-tree

breadfruit - the farinaceous fruit of a tree; esp. that furnished by Artocarpus incisa of the South Sea Islands, etc., of the size of a melon, and having a whitish pulp of the consistency of new bread.

sweetmeat - sweet food, as sugared cakes or pastry, confectionary (obs.); preserved or candied fruits, sugared nuts, etc.

milksop* - a piece of bread soaked in milk

to be after - to be in pursuit of, trying to reach or get into the company of (a person), trying to get or do (a thing).

elder - an elder person; (a person's) superior in age, senior (almost exclusively in pl.); a member of a 'senate', governing body or class, consisting of men venerable for age, or conventionally supposed to be so.

luk - obs. f. look


chalk up - ascribe, attain, achieve; to record with a chalk.

deeping - each of the sections (a fathom deep) of which a fishing-net is composed                                                          dickens

scrimmage - to bustle about; to skirmish, quarrel

scruple - a thought or circumstance that troubles the mind or conscience; a doubt, uncertainty or hesitation in regard to right and wrong, duty, propriety, etc.; esp. one which is regarded as over-refined or over-nice, or which causes a person to hesitate where others would be bolder  to act.

collar - to lay hold of, take or get possession of, appropriate, master.

sireland - the land of one's birth, one's native country or fatherland.

moonlike - like or resembling a moon                                                                                                                              milk

slyly - cunningly, artfully

lady's maid* - a woman servant whose special duty it is to attend to the toilet of a lady.

to turn one's coat - to change or abandon one's principles, desert one's party, apostatize.

tarry - to delay or be tardy in beginning or doing anything, esp. in coming or going; to wait before doing something.

mosse - measure of wine                                                                                                                                                 moss

prosperousness - the quality or condition of being prosperous; prosperity, success.

foggy - Of air, mist, cloud, etc.: Thick, murky; of the nature of, or resembling, fog or thick mist.

diamondize* - to bedeck with, or as with, diamonds

hoopring - a ring consisting of a plain band; also, a finger-ring encircled with stones in a cut-down setting.

fireplug - a contrivance for connecting a hose, or the supply-pipe of a fire-engine, with a water-main in case of fire.

filiality - the relation of a son or daughter to a parent

reinsure - to insure again; spec. to devolve the risk of an insurance on another insurer. 

bunghole - the hole in a cask, which is closed with the bung; transf. the anus (obs.).

loth - averse, disinclined, reluctant, unwilling

arrah* - an expletive expressing emotion or excitement, common in Anglo-Irish speech.

dreambook - a book containing interpretations of dreams

nocturne - Mus. A composition of a dreamy character

blancmange* - a sweetmeat made of dissolved isinglass or gelatine boiled with milk, etc., and forming an opaque white jelly; fig. Flummery.

sunup - sunrise

goodship - goodness

to take the wind of* - to scent or detect by or as by the wind

Waterloo* - the name given to the battle fought outside the village of Waterloo, near Brussels, on June 18, 1815, in which Napoleon was decisively and finally defeated;                    waterlogged* - Of a ship, boat: Flooded with water by leakage or overflow so as to become impaired in buoyancy, heavy, and unmanageable.

skiff* - to row or scull in a skiff (a small sea-going boat, adapted for rowing and sailing); to move lightly and quickly, esp. so as barely to touch a surface.

to round up - to collect in a body, to collect or gather up in a round mass or ball. 

escapology -the methods and technique of escaping, esp. from captivity or danger; the calling of an escapologist (a performer skilled in extricating himself from knots, handcuffs, confinement in a box, etc. Also transf. and fig.)

alack - an exclamation originally of dissatisfaction, reprobation, or deprecation = pity or shame that it should be so.

inside out* - so that the inner side becomes the outer

remittance - a sum of money sent from one place or person to another; a quantity of some article sent in this way; also, the act of sending money, etc., to another place.

timus (gr) - heart

tenant - one who or that which inhabits or occupies any place

tussock - a tuft, clump, or matted growth, forming a small hillock, of grass, sedge, or the like;  the tufted hair-grass, Aira cęspitosa, or other native grass growing in tussocks.

thicket - a dense growth of shrubs, underwood, and small trees

buttercup* - a name popularly applied to species of Ranunculus bearing yellow cup-shaped flowers.