jaunty - easy and sprightly in manner, lively, brisk; affecting airy self-satisfaction or unconcern.


to catch one’s breath* - to rest for a short time after hurrying

cothurnus* - a thick-soled boot reaching to the middle of the leg, worn by tragic actors in the ancient Athenian drama; a buskin.

to pull one's leg - to deceive someone playfully

pull through - to get (a person) through a difficult, dangerous, or critical condition or situation; to bring (a thing) to a successful issue; to accomplish.

preamble - to walk before or in front (rare.); to make a preamble or introductory statement.

bruised - crushed, battered, dinted

brogue - a rude kind of shoe, generally made of untanned hide, worn by the inhabitants of the wilder parts of Ireland and the Scotch Highlands.

hosen - a pair of hose

weir - a barrier or dam to restrain water, esp. one placed across a river or canal in order to raise or divert the water for driving a mill wheel.

noted - distinguished, celebrated, famous

footgear - boots, shoes, or similar covering for the feet

merit - to earn by meritorious action; spec. in Theology, to become entitled to (reward) at the hands of God.

planimetrically* - by means of, or with regard to, planimetry (the measurement of plane surfaces; the geometry of plane surfaces, plane geometry).

cot - a small bed for a child; properly, one suspended so as to swing between uprights; a swing-cot; also frequently applied to a 'crib' or four-legged bed-stead with sides to prevent the child from falling out.

yestereve - the evening of yesterday

speed - to go or move with speed; Of time: To advance or pass quickly

amply - with sufficient fullness to satisfy all demands; fully, abundantly

square - honest or straightforward in dealing with others; honourable, upright.

notwithstanding - although

januarius (l) - January

bullock - Orig. a young bull, or bull calf; but afterwards, and in later times always, a castrated bull, an ox.

buskin - a half-boot; the high thick-soled boot (cothurnus) worn by the actors in ancient  Athenian tragedy.

hallux - the innermost of the digits (normally five in number) of the hind foot of an air-breathing vertebrate, the great toe.

transcend - to pass or extend beyond or above (a non-physical limit); to go beyond the limits of (something immaterial).

bigmouthed - having a big mouth; loquacious or boastful

propped - held up or supported by or as by a prop

restant - remaining (obs. rare.)

Warden of the Piece - an inferior magistrate appointed to preserve the peace in a county, town, or other district, and discharge other local magisterial functions. They were instituted in England in 1327, and are appointed by the sovereign's special commission, directing them, jointly and severally, to keep the peace in the area named. Their principal duties consist in committing offenders to trial before a judge and jury when satisfied that there is a primÔ facie case against them, convicting and punishing summarily in minor causes, granting licenses, and acting, if County Justices, as judges at Quarter Sessions.

constable* - a member of the constabulary or police force, a policeman. 

surfaceman* - a miner or other labourer who works at the surface, or in the open air; on a railway, a workman who keeps the permanent way in repair;                serviceman - a man who serves, or has served, in the armed forces.


bootblacking - the polishing of boots and shoes

cozy* - Of persons: Comfortable from being warm and sheltered; snug;                    dozy - drowsy, sleepy. 

slumbersome - slumberous, sleepy

equilibrate* - to bring into or keep in a state of equipoise or equilibrium, to balance. 

monopolize - to obtain exclusive possession or control of; to get or keep entirely to oneself.