hedge - a row of bushes or low trees (e.g. hawthorn, or privet) planted closely to form a boundary between pieces of land or at the sides of a road.

antemeridian - of or belonging to the forenoon or 'morning'

brickpond* - a pond in a brickfield


landmark - the boundary of a country, estate, etc.; an object set up to mark a boundary line; an object in the landscape, which, by its conspicuousness, serves as a guide in the direction of one's course; (In mod. use.) An object which marks or is associated with some event or stage in a process; esp. a characteristic, a modification, etc., or an event, which marks a period or turning-point in the history of a thing.

knave - a boy or lad employed as a servant; hence, a male servant or menial in general.

Moors - a name for the Urdu or Hindustan language                                                                                                             Mars

paddle - to row with oars lightly or gently; to walk or move the feet about in mud or shallow water, to dabble with the feet, or the feet and hands, in shallow water.

pedal* - humorously or affectedly used for 'foot'

tiptap* - a repeated tapping or light knocking of alternating character, or the sound made by it.

teens - the years of the life of any person (rarely, of the age of anything) of which the numbers end in -teen, i.e. from thirteen to nineteen; chiefly in phrases in, out of one's teens.

dactylogram - a finger-print

nocturne - Painting. A night-piece, night-scene

log - an inert or helpless person

ever and oft - with constant reiteration, continually

liquefy - jocular. To moisten or 'soak' with liquor or 'drink'


Dutcher* - a Dutchman; in earlier use, a German

native - native language

unmoved - not moved by emotion or excitement; unaffected, undisturbed.

treasure trove - anything of the nature of treasure which any one finds; treasure (gold or silver, money, plate, or bullion) found hidden in the ground or other place, the owner of which is unknown; In original use a merely descriptive phrase, of general application. But from an early period a distinction arose; treasure which had been lost (and not claimed), or voluntarily abandoned (of which the amount was naturally small and inconsiderable) was allowed to be kept by the first finder; while that which had been (certainly or presumably) hidden, was claimed by the Crown. This practically included all ancient treasure, and to this the name treasure trove was specifically restricted. To encourage the giving up of such treasure, when found, and to prevent the destruction of valuable antiquities, the Crown may award things found or their value to the finder. 

dotter - one who or that which dots

bedstead - Strictly, the place occupied by a bed; but long ago transferred to the wooden or metal stand on which a bed is raised; the framework of a bed                                                                                                                                              bastard

diggy - inclined to give sly digs

smuggy - grimy, smutty

flasky - ? belonging to a 'flask' or muddy pool;                    flask - a bottle, usually of glass, of spheroidal or bulbous shape, with a long narrow neck.

doff - to take off or 'raise' (the head-gear) by way of a salutation or token of respect.

reinforce - to strengthen, make stronger; to furnish with additional support.

crown - the top of a hat or other covering for the head; esp. the flat circular top of the modern hat.

praise - the action or fact of praising

goodwill - wellwishing; cheerful acquiescence or consent

buzzy - buzzing                                                                                                                                                                 busy


skitter* - to move or run rapidly, to hurry about

fuss - a bustle or commotion out of proportion to the occasion

pellmell* - in a confused medley; together in disorder, without any order; in mingled confusion, promiscuously.

jeune premier - an actor who plays the part of the principal lover or young hero.

rosy - blushing, accompanied with blushes; bringing happiness; bright, gladsome.

posy - having a flowery pattern, flowered; a bunch of flowers

muss - to crumple, to ruffle; to smear, mess; to entangle, confuse

frizzy - tightly curled

golliwog - a name invented for a black-faced grotesquely dressed (male) doll with a shock of fuzzy hair.

loveletter - a letter written by a lover to the beloved, and expressing amatory sentiments. 

trayful - as much as a tray will hold

cloudberry - the 'berry' or fruit of Rubus Chamæmorus; the plant, a small erect sub-shrub allied to the raspberry, growing on high mountains in Wales, the north of Britain, and the north of Europe, and bearing one large white terminal flower, and a large well-flavoured orange-coloured fruit.

tartlet - a small tart

mighty - in a great degree; greatly; exceedingly; very

slim* - slender, (gracefully) thin

peel off - to strip off or bare off

angelic - of superhuman nature, intelligence, innocence, purity, sweetness

savour - to give forth a (specified) scent or odour, to smell of something (arch.)

thyme - a plant of the genus Thymus, comprising shrubby herbs with fragrant aromatic leaves, found chiefly in the Mediterranean region.

parsley - a biennial umbelliferous plant (Petroselinum sativum), a native of the Mediterranean region, having white flowers, and aromatic leaves which in the commonly cultivated variety are finely divided and curled, and are used for seasoning and garnishing various dishes.

jumble - to mingle together or mix up in confusion or disorder

bread crumb - a crumb of bread; esp. (in pl.) bread crumbled down for dressing fried fish, boiled ham, etc.

pouch - a mail-bag, esp. a smaller bag enclosed in another; also, a letter-carrier's bag.

tactily = tactfully - in a tactful manner

jellybag - a bag for straining jelly through


killing - overpoweringly beautiful or attractive

kindlily - in a kindly manner, with good nature and sympathy

hillo - a call used to hail a distant or occupied person; now, more often, to express surprise at an unexpected meeting.

missy - an affectionate or playful appellation for a young girl

dollybag = Dorothy bag - a woman's handbag gathered at the top by a drawstring and slung by loops from the wrist.