stray - occurring away from the regular course, isolated

anent - respecting, regarding, concerning

kitty - a girl or young woman

casque - a piece of armour to cover the head; a helmet. A term applied very loosely to all kinds of military head-pieces, and now only historical, poetical, or foreign.

frock* - the outer garment, for indoor wear, of women and children, consisting of a bodice and skirt; a gown, dress.

sloy - An opprobrious epithet for a woman                                                                                                                             sly


ham - that part of the leg at the back of the knee; the hollow or bend of the knee; By extension: The back of the thigh; the thigh and buttock.

hom - obs. f. home

hem - the border or edging of a piece of cloth or article of apparel; An interjectional utterance like a slight half cough, used to attract attention, give warning, or express doubt or hesitation.

hook - a sharp bend or angle in the course or length of anything

hum - An inarticulate exclamation uttered with the lips closed, either in a pause of hesitation or embarrassment, or as expressing slight dissatisfaction, dissent, etc. 

bittock - a little bit

sprite - spirit (obs. exc. arch.)

Sampson = Samson - the name of the Hebrew hero whose exploits are recorded in Judges xiii-xvi. Applied allusively to persons, with reference to Samson's enormous strength, to his having been blinded, or to some incident in his story.

tyke - a dog; usually in depreciation or contempt, a low-bred or coarse dog, a cur, a mongrel.

sprat - a small sea-fish, Clupea Sprattus, common on the Atlantic coasts of Europe.

prelim* - a preliminary practice, examination, contest, inquiry, or report.

make out - to discern or discover visually; to succeed in perceiving or identifying (something not easily visible).  

Eros* - love, the god of love;                horoscope - a plan or scheme of the twelve houses or twelve signs of the zodiac, showing the disposition of the heavens at a particular moment.

apparition - manifestation, demonstration, display; an appearance, especially of a remarkable or unexpected kind; Astr. The state or condition of being manifest to sight, or of being visible; esp. the visibility of a star, planet, or comet.

fond - Of persons, their actions and attributes: Foolishly tender; over-affectionate, doting. In later use without reproachful sense: Affectionate, loving, tender.

splash* - to cause dashing or noisy agitation of a liquid


tarnal* - Aphetic dial. pronunciation of eternal, vulgarly used as an expression of execration, passing into a mere intensive;
tarnally - damned.

benedict - blessed, benign, salutary

godfather - a male sponsor considered in relation to his god-child, a male sponsor at Confirmation.

to think the world of - to have the highest possible opinion of or regard for.

bravo* - capital! excellent! well done!

express - well framed or modelled; definitely formulated, definite, explicit.

cordiality - sincere good-will or friendly feeling towards others; warmth and friendliness of manner.

delivery - the utterance or enunciation (of words), the delivering (of a speech, etc.).

scholasticus (l) - scholar, pupil

sorely - to a great extent, in a high degree; in such a manner as to cause great pain or bodily injury.

martyr - one who undergoes death (more loosely, one who undergoes great suffering) on behalf of any religious or other belief or cause, or as a consequence of his devotion to some object; a constant sufferer                                                                 matter

dischurch - to exclude or expel (persons) from the church; to cause to be no longer a church;               discharge - to acquit oneself of, fulfil, execute, perform (a charge, office, duty, function, etc.)

Old Harry* - a familiar name for the Devil

to shove off - to leave

stray - to wander up and down free from control, to roam about

gross - entire, total, whole; Of workmanship, method of proceeding, etc.: Rough, 'rough and ready', clumsy (obs.)

proceeds - that which proceeds, is derived, or results from something; that which is obtained or gained by any transaction; produce, outcome, profit.

anon* - now again, presently again; here again

full well - very, exceedingly

oldworld - of or pertaining to the old world or ancient order of things; belonging to, or characteristic of, early or bygone times.

derringdo - daring action or feats, 'desperate courage'

daddyo* - colloq. var. daddy

reiterately* = reiteratedly - in a reiterated manner; by way of reiteration

whisk - to brush or sweep lightly and rapidly from a surface, esp. with a light instrument, as a feather or small brush.

...The pet pupil of the Nuns' House is Miss Rosa Bud.

rhythmetic - rhythmical

mainstay* - chief support, that on which one mainly relies

younker - a child, a young man

twain - two; a group of two; a pair, couple; pl. Twins (dial.)

toss - to lift, jerk, or throw up (the head, etc.) with a sudden, impatient, or spirited movement.

Phoebus* - a name of Apollo as the Sun-god; the sun personified

Pollux - Gr. Myth. Name of one of the twin sons of Tyndarus and Leda; hence in Astron. the second star in the constellation Gemini.