(lamb, dove, rabbit, tiger)

stray - occurring away from the regular course, isolated + (notebook 1922-23): 'a few stray remarks'.

anent - respecting, regarding, concerning

kitty - a girl or young woman + casque - a piece of armour to cover the head; a helmet + casque (French) - headset + (notebook 1924): 'casque of telephonist'.

frock - the outer garment, for indoor wear, of women and children, consisting of a bodice and skirt; a gown, dress

sloy - An opprobrious epithet for a woman + sly


ham - that part of the leg at the back of the knee; the hollow or bend of the knee; By extension: The back of the thigh; the thigh and buttock.

hom - obs. f. home

hem - the border or edging of a piece of cloth or article of apparel; An interjectional utterance like a slight half cough, used to attract attention, give warning, or express doubt or hesitation.

lavar (Cornish) - utterance, proverb, speech, voice, saying, word

hook - a sharp bend or angle in the course or length of anything

hum - An inarticulate exclamation uttered with the lips closed, either in a pause of hesitation or embarrassment, or as expressing slight dissatisfaction, dissent, etc. + humerus (l) - shoulder.

bittock - a little bit + buttock + (notebook 1924): '60 & a bittock (yrs)'.

sprite - spirit (obs. exc. arch.) + spirit.

most human creature that was ever called W (notebook 1924) Irish Independent 23 Jan 1924, 9/6: 'Remarkable Appel in Restitution Suit. Irish Lady as Petitioner': 'an appeal by Mrs. Dorothy Grace Harnett... from the refusal... to grant her a decree of restitution of conjugal rights against her husband... he wrote to her... "Either you are temporarily off your head, or the most inhuman creature that was ever called woman"'.

Old Folks at Home (song): 'All up and down the whole creation'

Sampson = Samson - the name of the Hebrew hero whose exploits are recorded in Judges xiii-xvi. Applied allusively to persons, with reference to Samson's enormous strength, to his having been blinded, or to some incident in his story.

tyke - a dog; usually in depreciation or contempt, a low-bred or coarse dog, a cur, a mongrel

sprat - a small sea-fish, Clupea Sprattus, common on the Atlantic coasts of Europe

infusoria - one of the classes of Protozoa, including a large number of species, all of minute size

prelim - a preliminary practice, examination, contest, inquiry, or report

make out - to discern or discover visually; to succeed in perceiving or identifying (something not easily visible)

Eros - love, the god of love + horoscope + (love look).

apparition - an appearance, especially of a remarkable or unexpected kind; Astr. The state or condition of being manifest to sight, or of being visible; esp. the visibility of a star, planet, or comet.

fond - Of persons, their actions and attributes: Foolishly tender; over-affectionate, doting. In later use without reproachful sense: Affectionate, loving, tender.

splash - to cause dashing or noisy agitation of a liquid + I Know My Love by His Way of Walking (song).


tarnal - Aphetic dial. pronunciation of eternal, vulgarly used as an expression of execration, passing into a mere intensive + tarnally - damned + tarnelly (Slang) - confoundedly (from 'eternally').

benedict - blessed, benign, salutary

godfather - a male sponsor considered in relation to his god-child, a male sponsor at Confirmation + (notebook 1923): '"A says you don't remember Mary. You ought. You are her godfather" A.J.' ('Mary' not clear).

think the world of - to have the highest possible opinion of or regard for + the world and his wife (phrase).

Goodbye, Sweetheart, Goodbye (song from John McCormack's Repertoire)

bravo - capital! excellent! well done! + brao (Breton) - beautiful.

express - well framed or modelled; definitely formulated, definite, explicit + express delivery - In most postal systems express mail refers to an accelerated delivery service for which the customer pays a surcharge and receives faster delivery.

cordiality - sincere good-will or friendly feeling towards others; warmth and friendliness of manner

delivery - the utterance or enunciation (of words), the delivering (of a speech, etc.)

scholasticus (l) - scholar, pupil + Scholastica, St (d. 543) - Father Noon says, St Benedict's sister. One day she wanted him to linger at her convent and prayed for a thunderstorm, which out of a clean sky came. 

gain time (Joyce's note) → Rothschild: Histoire de la Poste aux Lettres 48: (of the speedy relay runner messaging service of the Gauls) 'One can barely imagine the time they gained'.

The Bells of Shandon (song): 'With deep affection'

sorely - to a great extent, in a high degree; in such a manner as to cause great pain or bodily injury

martyr - one who undergoes death (more loosely, one who undergoes great suffering) on behalf of any religious or other belief or cause, or as a consequence of his devotion to some object; a constant sufferer + matter

dischurch - to exclude or expel (persons) from the church; to cause to be no longer a church + discharge - to free from obligations or duties; a formal written statement of relinquishment, the termination of someone's employment + Joyce's note: 'discharge of duty'.

Old Harry - a familiar name for the Devil + Great Harry - ship in Henry VIll's navy, burnt in 1553. The reference is to Jaun as Henry, leaving the Catholic church. 

shove off - to leave

stray - to move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment + FDV: Sister dearest, Shaun said in taking leave of her with fondness fondest affection, how I honestly believe you will miss me but I feel as a martyr to duty the discharge of duty I ought to go.

gross - entire, total, whole; Of workmanship, method of proceeding, etc.: Rough, 'rough and ready', clumsy (obs.) + FDV: This is the result of your teaching, Sis, you that used to write to me those the nice letters. During my brief absence be true to the 10 commandments. Never lose last mass. Never eat good bad meat on a good Friday. Never let a hog of the hill trample on your lily in the valley. Never play ladies' games on the Lord's day and preserve your dear chastity during this lenten season [when the spring is in the making]. Rather than part with that vestalite jewel emerald of yours which you have where your two nether extremes meet let the entire ekumene universe perish a 1000  times [in a pitfall] first. Times & Oft shall I think of you when amid the music of the knockers doorknockers. O how I shall kiss you immediately upon my return We will adopt all the poorest children possible. Sis dearest, it is my grief to go on this benedictine errand but it is grand to be going to meet a king. [[Not a king only in name but] the king of Greater Dublin, too, the first Humphrey.] I wish everyone was as sure of anything [in the real world] as I am of everything [in the other]. Tell mother that. Now cheer up all. We'll soon be dead and happy. One or two tears are all there is to it and then in a tick of the clock off we pop en route for His Blessed Majesty our longlived Lord.

proceeds - that which proceeds, is derived, or results from something; that which is obtained or gained by any transaction; produce, outcome, profit + (notebook 1924): 'result of yr teaching'.

anon - now again, presently again; here again + nun (gr) - now.

full well - very, exceedingly + (notebook 1924): 'full well'.

oldworld - of or pertaining to the old world or ancient order of things; belonging to, or characteristic of, early or bygone times

derringdo - daring action or feats, 'desperate courage'

dies obscura (l) - dark day, dusky day + Dioskouroi (gr) - "Sons of Zeus": Kastor and Polydeukes.

daddyo - colloq. var. daddy

reiterately = reiteratedly - by way of reiteration, repeatedly + literally - (intensifier before a figurative expression) without exaggeration.

whisk - to brush or sweep lightly and rapidly from a surface, esp. with a light instrument, as a feather or small brush

"The pet pupil of the Nuns' House is Miss Rosa Bud."

rhythmetic = rhythmical - recurring with measured regularity + arithmetic.

mainstay - chief support, that on which one mainly relies

original + Irish philosopher John Scotus Erigena.

younker - a child, a young man [(notebook 1924): 'younkers']

twain - a pair, couple; pl. Twins (dial.) + Twain, Mark - pseudonym of Samuel Langhorne Clemens (1835-1910). Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer. Innocents Abroad and The Prince and the Pauper are also named in FW, and the latter book is about little boys who exchange moles like the twins.

toss - to lift, jerk, or throw up (the head, etc.) with a sudden, impatient, or spirited movement + toss off (Slang) - masturbate.

Phoebus - a name of Apollo as the Sun-god; the sun personified

Pollux = Polydeukes - Gr. Myth. Name of one of the twin sons of Tyndarus and Leda; one of the Dioskouroi; hence in Astron. the second star in the constellation Gemini.