lay up - to be (taken) ill, to keep one's bed. In recent colloquial use also intr., to take to one's bed. 

Castor - in Greek mythology, name of one of the twin sons (Castor and Pollux) of Tyndarus and Leda, brothers of Helena; represented in the constellation Gemini or the Twins, of which Castor is the first, and Pollux the second star.

suite - a succession or series; in earlier use often applied to a series of publications; now chiefly said of series of specimens.

assemblage - a number of persons gathered together

now then - Used to introduce an important or noteworthy point in an argument or proof, or in a series of statements. 

introit - the action, or an act, of going in; fig. Introduction (obs.)

exordium - the beginning of anything; esp. the introductory part of a discourse, treatise, etc.

galaxy - fig.; now chiefly applied to a brilliant assemblage or crowd of beautiful women.

quid pro quo* - with substantial elements considered discretely; one thing (or action) in return or exchange for another, tit for tat.

manservant* - a male servant

T.T. = teetotal - of or pertaining to total abstinence from alcoholic drinks.

P.P. - parish priest

orational - of or pertaining to prayer in religious worship

Dominican - of or pertaining to St. Dominic or to the order of friars (and nuns) founded by him; a friar of the order founded by St. Dominic: a Black friar.

confessor - a priest who hears confession of sin, prescribes penance, and grants absolution.

doctor - a teacher, instructor

yerk - to pull, push, or throw with a sudden movement, to jerk

offrand - offering;                 offhand - at once, straightway, forthwith; without preliminary deliberation or preparation, extempore.


conscupiscent* - eagerly desirous; lustful

confarreation* - the highest and most solemn form of marriage among the ancient Romans, made in the presence of the Pontifex Maximus or the Flamen Dialis and ten witnesses, and marked by the offering of a cake made of spelt;            confariation - speaking together, conversation, intercourse. 

tete a tete* - together without the presence of a third person; in private (of two persons); face to face.

virgo intacta* - a woman of inviolate chastity; one who has never had sexual intercourse, a virgin;                virago - woman; a bold, impudent (or wicked) woman; a man-like, vigorous, and heroic woman.

poorish - somewhat poor, rather poor                                                                                                                                 parish

priced - having the price fixed or stated                                                                                                                               priest


gelding - a gelded person, a eunuch;            gulden - a silver coin, the value of which differed in various countries and at various periods.

lawful day - one in which it is lawful to transact business, or some particular kind of business.

consummation* - the completion of marriage by sexual intercourse;                      consomme - to make complete.

effusion - a pouring out, a spilling (of liquid)

manny - obs. f. many

larry - confusion, excitement

any old - any...whatever

buckle - to unite in marriage (humorous or dial.)

by way of ----* - A prepositional phrase used in various senses; Also by the way of.

offertory - that part of the Mass or Communion Service at which offerings are made; the offering of these, or the gifts offered.

his and my

retake - to take again, to take back

cure - a parish or other sphere of spiritual ministration

titular - a cleric who bears a title whether he performs the duties or not; esp. short for titular bishop.

purty - repr. Irish and U.S. local pronunc. of pretty


siddle - to slope downward, to dip                                                                                                                                          sit


freer - obs. and Sc. dial. form of friar

duster - a light cloak or wrap worn to keep off dust

parlourmaid* - a female domestic servant who waits at table in houses where indoor men-servants are not kept.

stitch* - a loop of thread or yarn as an ultimate constituent of a sewn or woven fabric; hence, any the least piece of fabric or clothing.

furtive - clandestine, surreptitious, secret, unperceived

adhere - to stick fast, to cleave, to become or remain firmly attached, to a substance; to cleave  to an opinion, practice, or method.

purgation - moral or spiritual cleansing; purification by the destruction or removal of sin, guilt, or any evil.

indulgence - the action of indulging (desire, inclination, etc.); R.C. Ch. 'A remission of the punishment which is still due to sin after sacramental absolution, this remission being valid in the court of conscience and before God, and being made by an application of the treasure of the Church on the part of a lawful superior'.

rubric - a direction for the conduct of divine service inserted in liturgical books, and properly written or printed in red.

mandamus* - judicial writ issued in the King's name from the Court of King's Bench (now, from the Crown side of the King's Bench Division of the High Court of Justice) and directed to an inferior court, a corporation, an officer, etc., commanding some specified thing to be done.

pasquil* - a lampoon (a virulent or scurrilous satire upon an individual) posted up in a public place; any circulated or published lampoon; a pasquinade.

verdict* - the decision of a jury in a civil or criminal cause upon an issue which has been submitted to their judgement.

bruise - a hurt or injury to the body by a blunt or heavy instrument, causing discoloration but not laceration of the skin.


liturgy* - a form of public worship, esp. in the Christian Church; a collection of formularies for the conduct of Divine service. 

sack - to dismiss or discharge (a person) from his employment or office; to expel from school.

server - Eccl. An assistant at Mass who arranges the altar and makes the responses.


x, y, z

chouse - to dupe, cheat, trick                                                                                                                                           choose


colander -a vessel, usually of metal, closely perforated at the bottom with small holes, and used as a sieve or strainer in cookery                                                                                                                                                                     calendar

common - Eccl. A service common to a class of festivals (Opposed to proper).