ignitious - susceptible of ignition + Saint Ignatius Loyola (1491-1556) - the founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), was wounded in the siege of Pamplona and embraced Christianity during his recuperation (feast day: 31 July)

proper - Eccl. An office, or some part of an office, as a psalm, etc., appointed for a particular occasion or season (parts of the Mass: PROPER).

ultra mare (l) - beyond the sea + Saint Francis Xavier (1506-1552) - one of the co-founders of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and the first Jesuit missionary, to the East Indies (feast day: 3 December)

scorcher - one who causes a 'sensation'; a very hot day + (31 July).

(3 December)

how-d'ye-do + howdy - A message or salutation containing an inquiry as to the health of a person + interrogemus auditos (l) - let us interrogate those who have been heard + Litany of Saints: 'Te rogamus, audi, nos': 'we beg Thee, hear us'.


virgin - not yet touched, handled, or employed for any purpose; still undisturbed or unused; perfectly fresh or new

undetriginta (l) - twenty-nine + undetricesima (fem.) (l) - twenty-ninth

vicisti (l) - thou has conquered + Issy.

madonna + vicesima nona (fem.) (l) - twenty-ninth.

adoremus (l) - let us adore + oremus (l) - let us pray.

manducare (l) - to chew, eat

affianced - promised in marriage, betrothed, engaged; Hence fig. Closely related, akin (obs. rare.)


Saint Laurence O'Toole, Abbot of Glendalough at age twenty-five, patron of Dublin

Thomas Moore, song: By That Lake, Whose Gloomy Shore (glossed in a footnote: 'founded upon one of the many stories related to St. Kevin, whose bed in the rock is to be seen at Glendalough').

Gleann da Loch (gloun da lukh) (gael) - Two-lake Valley, monastic settlement Co. Wicklow, S. of Dublin, founded by St. Kevin; anglic. Glendalough.

farrier - one who shoes horses, a shoeing-smith; hence, also one who treats the diseases of horses + feria (l) - holiday.

siesta - an afternoon rest or nap; esp. that commonly taken during the hottest hours of the day in tropical countries

domino - a kind of loose cloak, app. of Venetian origin, chiefly worn at masquerades, with a small mask covering the upper part of the face, by persons not personating a character + in cena Domini (l) - to the Lord's supper (Maundy Thursday ceremony) + Saint Francis Xavier died in China.

in triumph - triumphant, rejoicing in victory or success; triumphantly

assistance - a body of helpers + sisters.

sufferant - long-suffering, patient

jocosus (l) - full of jesting, humorous + 'Joacax' - nickname of Joyce when at university.

Battle of Inkerman (Crimean War)

militant - one engaged in war or strife; a member of the military profession + (Shem the Penman).

go to last mass Never lose Never eat bad (notebook 1924) + Precepts of the Church: 1) hear Mass on Sunday; 2) fast and abstain on appointed days; 3) confess sins; 4) receive blessed Eucharist worthily; 5) contribute to support of pastors; 6) do not solemnise marriage at forbidden times + FDV: Never lose last mass.

Myles-na-Coppaleen (from the Irish Myles na gcapaillín, "Myles of the ponies") - poacher and moonshine brewer in Boucicault's The Colleen Bawn

Joyce's note: 'where she worships' ('she' replaces a cancelled 'I') → Key: John McCormack, His Own Life Story 30: 'the tiny church... where the McCormack family worships'.

mere - pure, unmixed (obs.) + Moor Park, where Swift met Stella.

Good Friday - the Friday before Easter-day, observed as the anniversary of the death of Christ + FDV: Never eat good bad meat on a good Friday.

hog - a coarse, self-indulgent, gluttonous, or filthy person + (notebook 1924): 'hog of the hill'.

trample - to tread heavily and (esp.) injuriously upon, to crush, break down, or destroy by heavy treading; also to trample down, under foot

linen - garments or other articles made of linen; Often spec. = undergarments, e.g. shirts + Lily of Killarney - Benedict's opera, based on The Colleen Bawn or "Fair Girl" + (notebook 1924): 'trampling lily of the valley'.

Cill na nInghin (kilne ninin(gael) - Church of the Daughters [six virgins], town, S. Co. Dublin coast + FDV: Never let a hog of the hill trample on your lily in the valley.

lady's game (Slang) - prostitution; copulation + ladies (Slang) - cards, gambling + (notebook 1924): 'never play Lord's day'.

sake + stake (Slang) - penis + FDV: Never play ladies' games on the Lord's day

diamond back - having the back marked with lozenge-shaped figures + (Diamonds, or Carreaux, Diamantes, Kára, Karo).

kick up - to raise (dust, etc.) by or as by kicking; hence, to make (any disturbance or nuisance)

rumpus - a riot, uproar, disturbance, row

scroll - an ornament resembling a scroll of paper partly unrolled + (notebook 1923): 'scroll end of sofa'.

sofa - a long, stuffed seat with a back and ends or end, used for reclining; a form of lounge or couch + sof (Hebrew) - end.

dair (dar) (gael) - oak; letter D

beith (be) (gael) - birch; letter B

coll (kul) (gael) - hazel; letter C + DBC (Dublin Bread Company).

cafeteria - a coffee-house; a restaurant, esp. now a self-service restaurant

tootle - to play music on (a wind instrument); to produce a succession of modulated notes on a wind-instrument

risky - dangerous, hazardous; bordering upon, suggestive of, what is morally objectionable or offensive

apropos - having direct reference to the matter in hand, pertinent, opportune

smoker - one who smokes tobacco, opium, or the like; something which emits smoke; a concert where smoking is permitted

Columbian - of or belonging to America or (esp.) the United States

minxy - having the character of a minx (a pert girl, hussy) + minxi (l) - I have urinated.

Manxman - a native of the Isle of Man + Taffy Was a Welshman (nursery rhyme).

murry = murrey

bun (Welsh) - maid + 'by the by' is used parenthetically, with the omission of some phrase, such as 'it may be remarked'.

biscuit - a kind of crisp dry bread more or less hard, prepared generally in thin flat cakes + biss (ger) - bite + biting.


shalt = shall (arch.)

next + Exodus 20:14: 'Thou shalt not commit adultery' (6th Commandment, according to Roman Catholic tradition).

commix - to mix or mingle together; to intermix, mix up; to copulate + commit

idolatry - immoderate attachment to or veneration for any person or thing

confiner - one who or that which confines

compunction - pricking or stinging of the conscience or heart; regret or uneasiness of mind consequent on sin or wrong-doing; remorse, contrition

park - to place or leave (a person or thing) in a suitable or convenient place until required, to put aside for a while + (notebook 1924): 'parked her stays'.

stays - a laced underbodice, stiffened by the insertion of strips of whale-bone (sometimes of metal or wood) worn by women to give shape and support to the figure

convenience - a (public) lavatory, a water-closet

buttercup - any of many herbs, of the genus Ranunculus, having yellow flowers + (Hearts or Cœurs, Corazones, Copas, Cups, Herz).

sassers (Irish Pronunciation) - scissors + cups and saucers.

usufacuio (l) - have intercourse with + make free use.

cut - a passage, course, or way straight across; esp. as opposed to going round a corner or by a circuitous route

sacral - of or pertaining to sacred rites and observances; pertaining to that which is sacred + sacral vertebrae - a large, triangular bone at the base of the spine and at the upper and back part of the pelvic cavity, where it is inserted like a wedge between the two hip bones + "The palm is used especially to arouse the marmas in one's own or another's body. When the Adept stimulates the subtle power-zones in the body of a specially prepared priestess, he causes the Fire Snake to manifest at the level, or in the dimension corresponding to that of his manipulation. He can thus exalt the Kundalini from its abode at the base of the spine to any marmas he may choose." (Kenneth Grant: Cults of the Shadow).

thin end of the wedge - insignificant start of a serious development

coil of rope = snake (notebook 1924) Crawford: Thinking Black 314: 'there lies the fascinated snake... "Call him not Lusato," say the natives, "call him a coil of rope, lest you break the spell".'

colleen - a girl + (Eve) + Boucicault: The Colleen Bawn.


daughter + manslaughter → Oliver Wendell Holmes: The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table: 'Homicide and verbicide... are alike forbidden. Manslaughter, which is the meaning of the one, is the same as man's laughter, which is the end of the other'.

wailful - mournful, sorrowful

moither - to perplex, bother or harrass + mother + wilful murder (Cain's murder of Abel).

cupple = couple (obs.) + O felix culpa! (Exsultet) + COPPER.

cup and dice (game) + Dies Irae (song).

dip into (a book, a subject of study) - to enter slightly and briefly into a subject, without becoming absorbed or 'buried' in it; said especially of reading short passages here and there in a book, without continuous perusal + Strike on the iron while it's hot (proverb).

urn + IRON + dig in the earth.

browser - fig.; spec. a person who browses among books + trousers.

suite - a train of followers, attendants, or servants; a retinue + suit (cards).

slip - to insert or introduce gently or surreptitiously. Const. in, into

key (Slang) - penis + (notebook 1923): 'silver key (Lsd)'.

golden age - the first and best age of the world, in which, according to the Greek and Roman poets, mankind lived in a state of ideal prosperity and happiness, free from all trouble or crime + GOLD.

collide - to come into collision or be in conflict; to clash, conflict

collude - to act in secret concert with, chiefly in order to trick or baffle some third person or party

truss - to confine or enclose (the body, or some part of it) by something fastened closely round; to adjust and draw close the garments of (a person) + trust + dress.

circumspicious - ? looking all round, all-seeing + circumspicio (l) - I look around + circumspect - heedful of potential consequences.

leak - to 'make water' (vulgar.) + Look before you leap (proverb).

medlar - the fruit of the medlar tree, resembling a small brown-skinned apple, with a large cup-shaped 'eye' between the persistent calyx-lobes. It is eaten when decayed to a soft pulpy state + Saint Medard - patron of rain.

Swithin, St (his day is July 15) Saint Swithin is christening the apples (phrase) + For both Saint Medard and Saint Swithin, there are beliefs that if it rains on their feast-day (8 June and 15 July, respectively), it will continue to do so for forty days.

wet one's whistle - to take a drink

rue - to repent of; to regret and wish undone or altered, on account of the consequences. Frequently with implication of suffering or punishment following upon the act; Freq. in phr. to rue it. 

de spinetis (l) - from the thorn-bushes + despoinides (Modern Greek) - ladies (Pronunciation 'despineedes').

beware, please! (Joyce's note) Freeman's Journal 1 Feb 1924, 6/7: 'A Threatening Notice': 'After the burning... he found the following notice stuck up on the place: - "To all it may concern; all men that were in the National Army beware; your homes will get the same dose. Owners of houses beware; please, Sergeant Donegan beware: - (Signed), I.R.A."'