ignitious - susceptible of ignition

proper - Eccl. An office, or some part of an office, as a psalm, etc., appointed for a particular occasion or season.

scorcher - one who causes a 'sensation'; a very hot day

how-d'ye-do;                     howdy - A message or salutation containing an inquiry as to the health of a person.

virgin - not yet touched, handled, or employed for any purpose; still undisturbed or unused; perfectly fresh or new.

affianced - promised in marriage, betrothed, engaged; Hence fig. Closely related, akin (obs. rare.)

farrier - one who shoes horses, a shoeing-smith; hence, also one who treats the diseases of horses.

siesta - an afternoon rest or nap; esp. that commonly taken during the hottest hours of the day in tropical countries.

domino - a kind of loose cloak, app. of Venetian origin, chiefly worn at masquerades, with a small mask covering the upper part of the face, by persons not personating a character.

in triumph - triumphant, rejoicing in victory or success; triumphantly

assistance - a body of helpers

sufferant - long-suffering, patient

militant - one engaged in war or strife; a member of the military profession

mere - pure, unmixed (obs.)

Good Friday - the Friday before Easter-day, observed as the anniversary of the death of Christ.

hog - a coarse, self-indulgent, gluttonous, or filthy person

trample - to tread heavily and (esp.) injuriously upon, to crush, break down, or destroy by heavy treading; also to trample down, under foot.

linen - garments or other articles made of linen; Often spec. = undergarments, e.g. shirts.

diamond back - having the back marked with lozenge-shaped figures.

kick up - to raise (dust, etc.) by or as by kicking; hence, to make (any disturbance or nuisance).

rumpus - a riot, uproar, disturbance, row

scroll - an ornament resembling a scroll of paper partly unrolled

sofa - a long, stuffed seat with a back and ends or end, used for reclining; a form of lounge or couch.

cafeteria - a coffee-house; a restaurant, esp. now a self-service restaurant.

tootle - to play music on (a wind instrument); to toot continuously, to produce a succession of modulated notes on a wind-instrument.

risky - dangerous, hazardous; bordering upon, suggestive of, what is morally objectionable or offensive.

apropos - having direct reference to the matter in hand, pertinent, opportune.

smoker - one who smokes tobacco, opium, or the like; something which emits smoke.

Columbian - of or belonging to America or (esp.) the United States

minxy - having the character of a minx (a pert girl, hussy)

Manxman* - a native of the Isle of Man

murry = murrey

...by the by is used parenthetically, with the omission of some phrase, such as 'it may be remarked'.

biscuit* - a kind of crisp dry bread more or less hard, prepared generally in thin flat cakes.


shalt = shall (arch.)


commix - to mix or mingle together; to intermix, mix up; to copulate                                                                                 commit

idolatry - immoderate attachment to or veneration for any person or thing.

confiner - one who or that which confines

compunction - pricking or stinging of the conscience or heart; regret or uneasiness of mind consequent on sin or wrong-doing; remorse, contrition.

park - to place or leave (a person or thing) in a suitable or convenient place until required, to put aside for a while.

stays - a laced underbodice, stiffened by the insertion of strips of whale-bone (sometimes of metal or wood) worn by women to give shape and support to the figure.

convenience - a (public) lavatory, a water-closet


cut - a passage, course, or way straight across; esp. as opposed to going round a corner or by a circuitous route; Also concr., and fig.

sacral - of or pertaining to sacred rites and observances; set apart for a religious purpose, sacred; pertaining to that which is sacred.

colleen - a girl


wailful - mournful, sorrowful

moither - to perplex, bewilder, disorder                                                                                                                          mother

cupple = couple (obs.)                                                                                                                                                     culpa

to dip into (a book, a subject of study)* - to enter slightly and briefly into a subject, without becoming absorbed or 'buried' in it; said especially of reading short passages here and there in  a book, without continuous perusal.

browser - fig.; spec. a person who browses among books

suite - a train of followers, attendants, or servants; a retinue

slip - to insert or introduce gently or surreptitiously. Const. in, into

golden age - the first and best age of the world, in which, according to the Greek and Roman poets, mankind lived in a state of ideal prosperity and happiness, free from all trouble or crime.

collide - to come into collision or be in conflict; to clash, conflict

collude - to act in secret concert with, chiefly in order to trick or baffle some third person or party.

truss - to confine or enclose (the body, or some part of it) by something fastened closely round; to adjust and draw close the garments of (a person).

circumspicious - ? looking all round, all-seeing

leak - to 'make water' (vulgar.)

medlar* - the fruit of the medlar tree, resembling a small brown-skinned apple, with a large cup-shaped 'eye' between the persistent calyx-lobes. It is eaten when decayed to a soft pulpy state.

to wet one's whistle* - to take a drink

rue - to repent of (some act or course of action); to regret and wish undone or altered, on account of the consequences. Frequently with implication of suffering or punishment following upon the act; Freq. in phr. to rue it.