sap - fig. To weaken or destroy insidiously (esp. health, strength, courage, or the like).

at home - at or in one's own house, or place of abode

chary - careful, cautious, circumspect, wary

in the main - mostly, usually

supper - to take one's supper

outrager - one who subjects to outrage or gross violence, a violator

restore* - to give back, to make return or restitution of (anything previously taken away or lost). 

gloove = glove (obs.)


rhodon (gr) - rose

beset - to become, suit, look well on, befit (obs.)

green - unripe, immature, undeveloped


hobbyhorse* - in the morris-dance, and on the stage (in burlesques, pantomimes, etc.), a figure of a horse, made of wickerwork, or other light material, furnished with a deep housing, and fastened about the waist of one of the performers, who executed various antics in imitation of the movements of a skittish or spirited horse; also, the name of this performer.

breeches part - a part in which men's clothes are worn by an actress

bessy - folk dance played by a man dressed as a woman

fleshcoloured - of the colour of flesh

panto - pantomime

earth - to plunge or hide in the earth                                                                                                                              working

coalhole - a small store-place for coals, a coal-cellar

boil - to bring to the boiling point: esp. said of food, wholly or partly liquid, in the process of cooking.

whicker - a snigger, a whinny

whack - to beat or strike vigorously, as with a stick

forestand - to oppose, withstand; understand


biter - one who or that which bites; spec. A deceiver, one who amuses himself at another's expense.

bitter - that which is bitter; bitterness. lit. and fig.                                                                                                                   tears

vigil - Eccl. The eve of (i.e. preceding) a festival or holy day, as an occasion of devotional watching or religious observance.

feast - a religious anniversary appointed to be observed with rejoicing (hence opposed to a fast), in commemoration of some event or in honour of some personage.

weeper - one who weeps or sheds tears, esp. one who is constantly weeping.

halter - a rope, cord, or strap with a noose or head-stall, by which horses or cattle are led or fastened up;                ...'to lead a bride to the altar,' as the place at which the marriage service in a church is concluded.

heyday - the flush or full bloom, or stage of fullest vigour, of youth, enjoyment, prosperity, or the like.

puny - petty, weak, feeble; small, diminutive, tiny

petunia - a genus of ornamental herbaceous plants (N.O. SolanaceŠ) nearly allied to tobacco, natives of South America; they bear white, violet or purple, and variegated funnel-shaped flowers.

to point a moral* - to give point to (words, actions, etc.); to give force, piquancy, or sting to.

henna - the Egyptian Privet, Lawsonia inermis, the shoots and leaves of this plant used, esp. by eastern nations, as a dye for parts of the body, or made into a cosmetic with catechu                                                                                                                 hell

to put one's best foot foremost* - to do one's best to get on;                         swell - 'great', 'fine'.

foulard* - a thin flexible material of silk, or of silk mixed with cotton; a handkerchief of this material.

pneumonia - inflammation of the substance of the lungs

shirtwaist* - a shirt-blouse

irreconcilable* - that cannot be brought into harmony or made consistent; incompatible.


reservation* - the fact or habit of being reticent, reservedness in discourse (obs. rare.)

lace - a slender open-work fabric of linen, cotton, silk, woollen, or metal threads, usually ornamented with inwrought or applied patterns. 

Limerick* - a type of embroidered lace made originally at Limerick

on the whole - considering the whole of the facts or circumstances; all things considered; 'taking it all together'. 

mere - renowned, famous, illustrious; beautiful, noble

languid - faint, weak; inert from fatigue or weakness; wanting in vigour or vitality.

lingerie* - linen articles collectively; all the articles of linen, lace, etc. in a woman's wardrobe or trousseau; women's underwear and nightclothes.

Santa Claus* - in nursery language, the name of an imaginary personage, who is supposed, in the night before Christmas day, to bring presents for children, a stocking being hung up to receive his gifts. Also, a person wearing a red cloak or suit and a white beard, to simulate the supposed Santa Claus to children, esp. in shops or on shopping streets.

hose - an article of clothing for the leg


verity - truth, either in general or with reference to a particular fact;                 Vanity Fair - a place or scene where all is frivolity and empty show.

whalebone - a strip of whalebone, esp. used as stiffening in women's stays, dresses, etc. 

busk - a strip of wood, whalebone, steel, or other rigid material passed down the front of a corset, and used to stiffen and support it;                            butt - a terminal point.

thwack* - to beat or strike vigorously, as with a stick

Jones* - one of the commonest British family names, used esp. in the plural to designate one's neighbours or social equals.

mutual* - pertaining to both parties (commonly censured as incorrect, but still often used in the collocations mutual friend, mutual acquaintance).

fan - a keen follower of a specified hobby or amusement, and gen. an enthusiast for a particular person or thing. 

compulse* - to force to move; to compel, force (obs.)

spasm - fig. Any sudden or convulsive movement of a violent character


copiosity* - abundance, plentifulness

darkle - to show itself darkly, to lie in the dark, conceal oneself; to grow dark; Of the countenance, etc.: To become dark with anger, scorn, etc. 

autocrat* - a monarch of uncontrolled authority; an absolute, irresponsible governor.

breakfast table

metamorphose* - to turn to or into something else by enchantment or other supernatural means.



commute - to change (a punishment, or a sentence) for (to, into) another of less severity; to make up, compensate, compound for.

reappear - to appear again

autism - a condition in which a person is morbidly self-absorbed and out of contact with  reality.

pulcher (l) - beautiful

alias* - otherwise (called or named)

crusader - one who engages in a crusade