dilettantes + aunt (Slang) - bawd, procuress.

ciudad (sp) - town, city

Buenos Aires (James Joyce, Dubliners: 'Eveline') + puella (l) - girl.

playhouse - a house or building in which plays are acted; a theatre

smirch - to smear so as to make dirty or stained + William Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice.  

bearded - having a beard

tony - having a high or fashionable tone; high-toned, stylish; 'swell'

moral - message conveyed or a lesson to be learned from a story + model

nudie - a nude show; a nude person; a film, photograph, or magazine featuring nudity + undies - women's underwear.

aesthetic - the study or philosophy of beauty

voluble - fluent or having a ready flow of speech; garrulous or loquacious + valuable.

'he introduced me to Schopenhauer's philosophy (MW)' (Joyce's note) → Schuré: Woman the Inspirer 12: (Mathilde Wesendonck of Richard Wagner) 'In 1854 he introduced me to Schopenhauer's philosophy'.

comprise - to contain, as parts making up the whole, to consist of (the parts specified)

William Hogarth - a satirical painter and caricaturist of the 18th c.

Botticelli - (1445 -1510), Florentine early Renaissance painter whose "Birth of Venus" (c. 1485) is said to epitomize for modern viewers the spirit of the Renaissance.

Tintoretto - (1518 - 1594), great Mannerist painter of the Venetian school and one of the most important artists of the late Renaissance. Early painting: "Vulcan Surprises Venus and Mars".

Veronese - (1528 - 1588), one of the major painters of the 16th-century Venetian school. Painting: "Venus and Mars" + vergognoso (it) - shameful.

Coreggio (1494-1534) - foremost painter of the Parma school of the Italian Renaissance. Painting: "Venus and Cupid with a Satyr" + coraggio (it) - courage, effrontery.

Masaccio (1401-28) - first great painter of the Quattrocento period of the Italian Renaissance + mazza (it) - cane + -accio (it) - (pejorative suffix). 

bilker - one who practises cheating + baker's dozen - thirteen.

dowdy - shabbily dull in colour or appearance; without brightness, smartness, or freshness + cameraman - a man who uses or operates a camera professionally + dodekameron (gr) - of twelve days + Boccaccio's Decameron.

verses (Ulysses.18.185: 'he made me the present of lord Byrons poems')

Lord Byron - (1788 - 1824), English Romantic poet and satirist [Lord Byron: 'The Waltz'].

phyllis (gr) - foliage; salad + sophia (gr) - cleverness; wisdom + philosophy of Bishop Berkeley (George Berkeley, 18th century philosopher and Anglican Bishop of Cloyne).

recklessness - the quality of being reckless + freckle - a yellowish or light-brown spot in the skin, said to be produced by exposure to the sun and wind + fecklessness - worthlessness due to being feeble and ineffectual. 

giddy - ? a whim, 'maggot' + kiddies.

nowadays - at the present day, in these times + nouveautés (fr) - novelties.

polled - having a poll or head of a specified form or appearance, as curly-polled + icecold.

globetrotter - someone who travels widely and often

hot spot - a spot that is hot (lit. and fig.)

'equator (waist)' (notebook 1924) Crawford: Thinking Black 158: 'the negro who peels to the waist and wears the merest wisp of garment round his equatorial regions'.

ramrod - a rod used for ramming down the charge of a muzzle-loading fire-arm + Nimrod - Bibbical hero, mighty hunter (Genesis, 10) + ramrod (Slang) - penis + (notebook 1924): 'a ramrod' Crawford: Thinking Black 163: 'long level miles of country ahead will admit of a railway running like a ramrod due East'.

meathunter - one who hunts game for profit + meaty - fig. (chiefly U.S.) Full of substance + meat (Slang) - vulva + hunter (Slang) - penis.

eager + jaeger (Danish) = Jäger (German) - hunter.

thrust - an act of pressing or pressure 

body beautiful - idealized physical beauty + (nude)

undraped - not furnished or covered with draperies; nude, naked

Suzy - Paris hat-maker + In Austrian dialect susse Madls are "sweet girls," Mr Senn says.

Londonderry Air (song): 'Danny Boy' + Strauss's most famous single composition is The Blue Danube (1867).

blah - meaningless, insincere, or pretentious talk or writing; nonsense, bunkum. Also used as a derisive interjection.  

viper - fig. A venomous, malignant, or spiteful person; a villain or scoundrel.

vapid - fig. Devoid of animation, zest, or interest; dull, lifeless.

put off - to dissuade from doing something, to hinder (a person) from performing some act by diverting his attention

front + at the very nonce - at the very moment.

nutty - amorous, fond; enthusiastic

oval - an egg-shaped or ellipsoidal body + ovale (fr. slang) - vulva.

Paris + parvis (Norwegian) - in pairs (couples) + parevis (Old French) - paradise.

leather (Slang) - vulva + opletten! (Dutch) - pay attention!, attention! + leather and prunella - an expression for something to which one is utterly indifferent.

convert - to turn or change in character, nature, form, or function; to cause to turn from a sinful or irreligious life to one marked by love of God and pursuit of holiness.

wick - the bundle of fibre, now usually loosely twisted or woven cotton (formerly rushes, tow, flax, etc.) in a lamp, candle, or taper + wick (Slang) - penis + wax (Odysseus and the Sirens).

shell (Slang) - vulva

prompter - an instigator, mover; one who helps a speaker or reciter by supplying him, when at a loss, with a name, word, or something to say; Theat. A person stationed out of sight of the audience, to prompt or assist any actor at a loss in remembering his part + tempter (i.e. Devil). 

boa - a genus of serpents native to the tropical parts of S. America + boy

strawberry leaf - symbol of the rank of an earl, duke or marquis + fig leaves (Eve).

rely - to put trust or confidence in a person or thing

relic - antiquity that has survived from the distant past + relics (Slang) - male sex organs.

bondman - a man in bondage; a villein; a serf, slave + Balfe: The Bondman.

hemel - a cow-shed; a close for cattle, partly covered + hemel (Dutch) - heaven + Matthew 16:19: 'and whatever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven'.

airly - of air; of the nature of air; aerial + early

hore - dirt, filth, defilement + hopes + hours.

world is yours + The early bird catches the worm (proverb).

nighty - A familiar (orig. nursery) name for a night-gown or night-dress; pertaining to night.

pigtail - a plait or queue of hair hanging down from the back of the head

poupée (fr) - baby, doll, puppet + poupée (fr. slang) - whore + Little Bo Peep (nursery rhyme).

fast asleep - fixed in sleep, sound asleep, in a deep sleep + firsht (Irish Pronunciation) - first + ashleep (Irish Pronunciation) - asleep.

po (Slang) - chamberpot


Japan + jupon (fr) - petticoat.

doss - to sleep; esp. to sleep at a common lodging-house or 'doss-house' + Go to bed with the lamb and rise with the lark (proverb).

poulterer - one whose business is the sale of poultry (and usually hares and other game)

milkman - a man who sells milk + Milchmann (ger) - milkman + mand (Danish) - man + milkman (Slang) - penis.

sully - a stain, blemish + Sullivan + (notebook 1924): '*V* Murray vultures on prowl'.

vulture - something which preys upon a person, the mind, etc., after the manner of a vulture + The Shan Van Vocht (song).

on the prowl - prowling about; now freq. in search of an amorous partner

fingering + Hail Mary.

tobacco's taboo

take a back seat - to take a position of less importance

satiety - the state of being satisfactorily full and unable to take on more + secret society - an organization formed to promote some cause by secret methods, its members being sworn to observe secrecy.

anonymous + Onanism.

unwatched - not watched, neglected + unwashed.

penchant (Joyce's note) → Crépieux-Jamin: Les Éléments de l'Écriture des Canailles 274: 'Les grandes formes du mensonge sont toujours le produit d'une accumulation de mauvais penchants' (French 'The major forms of lying are always the result of an accumulation of bad tendencies').

fagend - the last part or remnant of anything, after the best has been used + fag (Slang) - cigarette + faggot + (notebook 1924): 'Mrs Presiozo *A* smoke in doorways' [.33-.35] (Roberto Presiozo was a student and friend of Joyce for several years in Trieste, until he apparently tried to seduce Nora; the entry may well mean 'Mrs Presiozo and *A* smoke in doorways', with *A* being Nora).

chum - to become intimate, be on friendly terms with (someone) + (notebook 1924): 'chum' → Key: John McCormack, His Own Life Story 9: 'Bishop Michael J. Curley... one of John's Athlone playmates... a chum and valued adviser'.

brace - two things taken together; a pair, a couple

tunnelly - resembling a tunnel

hallway - an entrance-hall or passage leading to various rooms in a house or building

smash - to break (anything) in pieces violently; In imprecations, with or without object expressed.

wriggle - to twist or turn the body about with short writhing movements


cockchafer - a coleopterous insect or beetle (Melolontha vulgaris), well known in England and over Europe