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playhouse* - a house or building in which plays are acted; a theatre

smirch - Of persons: To stain, smear, or befoul (the face, person, etc.) with or by means of something dirty or having staining properties.  

bearded - having a beard

tony - having a high or fashionable tone; high-toned, stylish; 'swell'

moral - vulgarly. Counterpart, likeness. Chiefly in phr. the very moral of...                                                                         model

nudie - a nude show; a nude person; a film, photograph, or magazine featuring nudity.

aesthetic* = aesthete - one who professes a special appreciation of what is beautiful, and endeavours to carry his ideas of beauty into practical manifestation. 

voluble - characterized by fluency or glibness of utterance; rapid and ready of speech.

comprise - to contain, as parts making up the whole, to consist of (the parts specified).

William Hogarth* - a satirical painter and caricaturist of the 18th c.

Botticelli* - (1445 -1510), Florentine early Renaissance painter whose "Birth of Venus" (c. 1485) and "Primavera" (1477-78) are often said to epitomize for modern viewers the spirit of the Renaissance.

Tintoretto* - (1518 - 1594), great Mannerist painter of the Venetian school and one of the most important artists of the late Renaissance. Early paintings include "Vulcan Surprising Venus and Mars,"...

Veronese* - (1528 - 1588), one of the major painters of the 16th-century Venetian school.

baker's dozen* - thirteen;                                     bilker - one who practises cheating.

dowdy - shabbily dull in colour or appearance; without brightness, smartness, or freshness.

cameraman - a man who uses or operates a camera professionally

Lord Byron* - (1788 - 1824), English Romantic poet and satirist



recklessness* - the quality of being reckless;                freckle - a yellowish or light-brown spot in the skin, said to be produced by exposure to the sun and wind. 

giddy - ? a whim, 'maggot'                                                                                                                                                   girls

nowadays* - at the present day, in these times

polled - having a poll or head of a specified form or appearance, as curly-polled.

globetrotter* - one who goes globe-trotting

hot spot* - a spot that is hot (lit. and fig.)

ramrod - a rod used for ramming down the charge of a muzzle-loading fire-arm; a foreman or manager; With sexual connotations.

meathunter* - one who hunts game for profit;                   meaty - fig. (chiefly U.S.) Full of substance.

eager;                         Jager (d) - hunter.

thrust - an act of pressing or pressure 

undraped - not furnished or covered with draperies; nude, naked

...Strauss's most famous single composition is The Blue Danube (1867)

blah - meaningless, insincere, or pretentious talk or writing; nonsense, bunkum. Also used as a derisive interjection.  

viper - fig. A venomous, malignant, or spiteful person; a villain or scoundrel.

vapid - fig. Devoid of animation, zest, or interest; dull, flat, lifeless, insipid.

put off - to dissuade from doing something, to hinder (a person) from performing some act by diverting his attention.

at the very nonce* - at the very moment

nutty - amorous, fond; enthusiastic; smart, spruce (slang.)

oval - an egg-shaped or ellipsoidal body


leather and prunella* - an expression for something to which one is utterly indifferent.

convert - to turn or change in character, nature, form, or function; to cause to turn from a sinful or irreligious life to one marked by love of God and pursuit of holiness.

wick - the bundle of fibre, now usually loosely twisted or woven cotton (formerly rushes, tow, flax, etc.) in a lamp, candle, or taper.

prompter - an instigator, mover; one who helps a speaker or reciter by supplying him, when at a loss, with a name, word, or something to say; Theat. A person stationed out of sight of the audience, to prompt or assist any actor at a loss in remembering his part. 

boa - a genus of serpents native to the tropical parts of S. America                                                                                        boy

strawberry leaf - symbol of the rank of an earl, duke or marquis

rely - to put trust or confidence in a person or thing

relic - some object, such as a part of the body or clothing, an article of personal use, or the like, which remains as a memorial of a departed saint, martyr, or other holy person, and as such is carefully preserved and held in esteem or veneration.

bondman - a man in bondage; a villein; a serf, slave

hemel - a cow-shed; a close for cattle, partly covered                                                                                                         heaven

airly - of air; of the nature of air; aerial                                                                                                                                 early

hore - dirt, filth, defilement, foulness                                                                                                                                    hopes



nighty - A familiar (orig. nursery) name for a night-gown or night-dress; pertaining to night.

pigtail* - a plait or queue of hair hanging down from the back of the head.

poupée (f) - baby, doll, puppet

fast asleep* - fixed in sleep, sound asleep, in a deep sleep


doss - to sleep; esp. to sleep at a common lodging-house or 'doss-house'.

poulterer - one whose business is the sale of poultry (and usually hares and other game).

milkman* - a man who sells milk;                          Milch (d) - milk.

sully - a stain, blemish

vulture* - something which preys upon a person, the mind, etc., after the manner of a vulture.

on the prowl - prowling about; now freq. in search of an amorous partner

Hail Mary

to take a back seat* - to take a position of less importance

secret society* - an organization formed to promote some cause by secret methods, its members being sworn to observe secrecy;    satiety - the condition of having any appetite or desire gratified to excess.


unwatched - not watched, neglected

fagend* - the last part or remnant of anything, after the best has been used.

chum - to share chambers, to live together; to become intimate, be on friendly terms with (someone).

brace - two things taken together; a pair, a couple

tunnelly - resembling a tunnel

hallway - an entrance-hall or passage leading to various rooms in a house or building.

smash - to break (anything) in pieces violently; In imprecations, with or without object expressed.

wriggle - to twist or turn the body about with short writhing movements.


cockchafer - a coleopterous insect or beetle (Melolontha vulgaris), well known in England and over Europe.