interstitial* - of the nature of an interstice (an intervening space (usually, empty); esp. a relatively small or narrow space, between things or the parts of a body).

curfew* - a regulation in force in mediŠval Europe by which at a fixed hour in the evening, indicated by the ringing of a bell, fires were to be covered over or extinguished; also, the hour of evening when this signal was given, and the bell rung for the purpose; Hence, the practice of ringing a bell at a fixed hour in the evening, usually eight or nine o'clock, continued after the original purpose was obsolete, and often used as a signal in connexion with various municipal or communal regulations; the practice of ringing the evening bell still survives in many towns.

the thin end of the wedge* - an act that may seem unimportant but is thought to be the first stage of a change that could become much more serious or harmful.

to watch one's step* - to be very careful not to make a mistake

high powered - having great power or drive (lit. and fig.); forceful, energetic.

hefty - weighty, heavy; hard, grievous. Also, large or significant in size

hoyden - a boisterous noisy girl, a romp                                                                                                                          head

to think nothing of - to make light of, make no difficulty or scruple about.  

ramp = romp (v.) (now dial.) - to play, sport, or frolic in a very lively, merry, or boisterous manner.

suite - a train of followers, attendants, or servants; a retinue

smokeless - emitting or producing no smoke


trich - to deceive, cheat, betray, play false with

ragazza (it.) - girl

smuggle - to convey, etc., in a stealthy or clandestine manner

deceitful - full of deceit; given to deceiving or cheating

jade - A term of reprobation applied to a woman

gee - An exclamation of surprise or enthusiasm; also used simply for emphasis.

begorra* - Anglo-Irish alteration of the expletive by God

flay - to strip or pull off the skin or hide of

laney - of or pertaining to a lane

kosen - cousin (obs.)

proscribe - to reject, condemn, denounce as useless or dangerous; to prohibit, interdict.

Tommy Atkins* - Familiar form of Thomas Atkins, as a name for the typical private soldier in the British army                     asking

swearword* - a word used in profane swearing, a profane word.

nursemaid* - a young woman employed as maid to attend to little children;                    Magd (d) - girl.

man of war* - a fighting man; a soldier, warrior (obs. exc. arch. or jocular.)


generable - that may be generated or produced

roost - to lodge, harbour, make one's abode or quarters. In mod. use: To pass the night.

apposite - well put or applied; appropriate, suitable (to); opposite

to lead by the nose - to cause to obey submissively

felon - 'terribly' great, 'tremendous', huge (Sc. obs.); a vile or wicked person.

suspiciously - in a way deserving of suspicion; so as to arouse suspicion.

slugger - one who delivers heavy blows, a pugilist, prize-fighter; a sluggard.

belabour - to exert one's strength or ability upon; fig. To assail with words.

ardently - with great eagerness or keen desire; passionately, earnestly, zealously.

fetid - having an offensive smell, stinking

prurity = pruriency (obs. rare.) - liking for or tendency towards impure or lascivious thought; an instance of this. 

rod - an instrument of punishment, either one straight stick, or a bundle of twigs bound together.

whisk - to beat or whip with a rod of twigs or the like

coney - a rabbit

spotted dog - a white or light-coloured dog with black or dark spots, esp. a Dalmatian.

tight - on terms of close friendship, intimate 

fizzle - the action of breaking wind quietly

glib - to talk volubly

gab - the action of gabbing or talking; conversation, prattle, talk, twaddle. 

draggletail - a woman whose skirts are wet and draggled, or whose dress hangs about her untidily and dirty; a slut.

drab - a harlot, prostitute, strumpet

bally - a euphemism for bloody, used as a vague intensive of general application; 'jolly', 'confounded'.


bill - to send a bill or account to, to charge

might - mighty                                                                                                                                                                 bright

meeth - mead (the drink); methe (measure)                                                                                                                         meet

to give the goby to* - to outstrip, leave behind; Also, to leave

dare - to daze, paralyse, or render helpless, with the sight of something; to dazzle and fascinate.

lilylike - resembling a lily

buck - to come up against, find oneself opposed to, oppose; Of a horse: To leap vertically from the ground, drawing the feet together like a deer, and arching the back. 

but - to say or use 'but'

hep - to hop on one's foot

hop - an act, or the action, of hopping; a short spring or leap, esp. on one foot.

horn - to sound a horn; to signal to (someone) with a horn

brainy - acute, clever

cancan - a kind of dance made popular at the public balls in Paris, with extravagant and indecent gestures.

rouse - to stir up, agitate

commotion - a disturbance, agitation

apt - suited, fitted (to (obs.) or for a purpose)

flail - to scourge, whip; to beat or thrash

tail - the lower and hinder part of the human body; the fundament, posteriors, buttocks.