ladylike* - befitting a lady; resembling what pertains to a lady

gym - colloq. abbreviation of gymnasium or gymnastic(s

jazz - a kind of ragtime dance; sexual intercourse (slang.)

jiggery pokery* - deceitful or dishonest 'manipulation'; hocus-pocus, humbug.

bumping race: bump - the impact of the stem of a boat against the stern or side of another boat  in front of it: in boat-racing at the English Universities, the making of a 'bump' is the technical proof of one boat's overtaking and beating another.

on the flat - on a smooth surface

point to point - a horce race cross country with each rider choosing his own course.

acclivous* - rising with a slope, sloping upward, ascending

windy - Of places, etc.: Full of, exposed to, blown upon or through by the wind.

insight - to furnish with sight, to give sight to

rebellious - insubordinate, defying lawful authority; belonging to a party of rebels. 

saunter - a leisurely, careless, loitering walk or ramble; a stroll

handlebar -  a transverse bar, usually curved, with a handle at each end, connected with the driving- or steering-wheel of a cycle, by which the vehicle is guided by hand.

brazenness - effrontery, impudence

cartilage* - a structure or formation consisting of cartilage, a gristly part; as the cartilages of the ribs.

decartelize* - to break up

visceral - affecting the viscera or bowels regarded as the seat of emotion

ptosis* - a falling or prolapsus of any of the viscera or of the breasts

allowance - permission, tolerance, sufferance

fad - a crotchet, hobby, 'craze'

abdominal - of or pertaining to the abdomen

asprawl* - in a sprawling posture, sprawling

exorcise = exorcize                                                                                                                                                         exercise

flush - to cleanse (a drain, etc.); to drive away (an obstacle) by means of a rush of water.

threadworm - a worm of threadlike form, parasitic in the human rectum.


perspire - to breathe out, to exhale; to give out watery fluid through the pores of the skin. 

lict - light (obs.)

lector - Eccl. An ecclesiastic belonging to one of the minor orders, whose duty originally consisted in reading the 'lessons'.

lobby - a passage or corridor connected with one or more apartments in a building, or attached to a large hall, theatre, or the like; often used as a waiting-place or ante-room.

ostiary - Eccl. A doorkeeper, esp. of a church

dirt track - an unpaved track or course

skip - a large container for the reception and conveyance of materials or rubbish. 

sportive - inclined to jesting or levity; disposed to a playful lightness of thought or expression.

greengrocer - a retail dealer in vegetables and fruit

monthlies - menses

to stamp out - to extinguish (a fire) by trampling on it. Hence, transf. to extirpate (a disease, a heresy, etc.), suppress (a rebellion) by resorting to vigorous measures.

a bad egg - a person or a scheme that disappoints expectation

dietitian* - one who professes or practises dietetics or some theory of diet

creature comforts - material comforts (such as food and clothing)

causerie - informal talk or discussion, esp. on literary topics; also, a chatty article or  paragraph.

slop - nonsense, rubbish; insolence

fatten - to grow or become fat

hippopotamian - belonging to, like, or suggesting a hippopotamus; huge, unwieldly.

to keep one's weathereye open - to be watchful and alert, keep one's wits about one.

to cock the eye* - to turn the eye with a knowing look;                cocked - Of a fire-arm: With the cock drawn back, ready for firing when the trigger is pulled.

furnished - equipped; formerly in material sense, Accoutred, dressed, provided with necessaries; now only in immaterial sense, Informed, instructed, prepared.

lodger - one who resides as an inmate in another person's house, paying a certain sum periodically for the accommodation.

tally - any tangible means of recording a payment or amount;                    upon the tally - on credit.

stupre* - to violate (a woman)                                                                                                                                     stupefying

mazurka* - a lively Polish dance resembling the polka

vitch = fitch - vetch, the plant Vicia sativa                                                                                                                          bitch

Pannonia - ancient land corresponding to modern Hungary


studieren (d) - to study



ivory - collect. sing. and pl. The keys of a piano or similar instrument

undoing - the action of bringing to nought, destroying, or ruining

bane - ruin, fatal mischief, woful or hapless fate (chiefly poetical.)

bask - to expose oneself to, or disport oneself in, an ambient flood of genial warmth, as in the sunshine, the rays of a fire; to lie enjoying the heat which radiates upon one.

inrodinately - in an inordinate manner or degree; extravagantly