to mess around - to handle roughly or too familiarly 

fickling - flattering

before (one) can say knife* - very quickly or suddenly

malediction - the utterance of a curse; the condition of being under a ban or curse.


nettlerash - an exanthematous eruption on the skin, appearing in patches like those produced by the sting of a nettle.

moonshine - moonlight

fostermother - a woman who nurses and brings up another's child

nancy - [orig. Miss Nancy, f. pet-form of the female name Ann.] an effeminate man or boy; a homosexual. 

run off - to abscond or elope (with a person or thing)


mangle - fig. Now chiefly: To render (words) almost unrecognizable by mispronunciation; to spoil by gross blundering or falsification (a quotation, the text of an author).

upturn - to overthrow, subvert, or cause to fall

stardust* - fig. That which is illusory or insubstantial;                        daft - silly, foolish, stupid.

finisher - one who or that which finishes (in the different senses of the vb.)

firtree = fir - the name given to a number of coniferous trees, of different genera.

cooper - a craftsman who makes and repairs wooden vessels formed of staves and hoops, as casks, buckets, tubs.

plane - to make (a surface) plain, even, or smooth

flat - the flat surface or portion (of anything)

unwisdom - lack or absence of wisdom; ignorance, folly, stupidity

tante - an aunt; also, an older woman who stands in a close relationship

petted - treated as a pet or favourite, made a pet of, made much of; indulged, spoiled by petting or indulgence.

amene - pleasant, agreeable                                                                                                                                             amen

poof - a sound imitating a short sharp puff of the breath as in blowing something from the mouth, or blowing out a candle; hence an expression of contemptuous rejection.

begorra* - Anglo-Irish alteration of the expletive by God

planxty - an Irish harp melody                                                                                                                                         plenty

abound - overflowing; plentiful; abundant

glor = glory (obs.)

galore - in abundance or plenty

glory be! - Used as a devout ejaculation (short for Glory be to God) in the worship of various religious sects; Hence vulgarly as a mere exclamation expressive of delight.

it's as broad as it's long* - it comes to the same thing either way, it makes no difference.


brass - fig. To cover with effrontery;                            pass away - to die, expire.

dewdrop* - one of the rounded 'drops' or globules in which dew collects on surfaces on which it is deposited. 

top note - the highest note in a singer's compass;                         topnotch - a highest point possible or attainable.

invoice - a list of the particular items of goods shipped or sent to a factor, consignee, or purchaser, with their value or prices, and charges.

dowd - a person, usually a woman, whose dress and appearance are devoid of smartness and brightness.

whoo - an exclamation of surprise, grief, or other emotion                                                                                                  who

medium - Spiritualism, etc. A person who is supposed to be the organ of communications from departed spirits.

witchery* - the use or practice of witchcraft


sledgehammer* - a large heavy hammer used by blacksmiths;                  sludge - mud, mire, or ooze, covering the surface of the ground or forming a deposit at the bottom of rivers, etc.  

operatic* - pertaining to, or of the nature of, opera

register* - the compass of a voice or instrument; the particular range of tones which can be produced by certain voices.

leave - permission asked for or granted to do something

brokerly - of the nature of, or like a broker                                                                                                                  brotherly

receptacle - that which receives and holds a thing; something into which another thing may be put; a containing vessel, place, or space.

tingle - to cause to tingle; to affect with a thrilling, smarting, or stinging sensation (physical or mental); to sting, excite, stimulate.

cheek to cheek* - Applied to dancing with the cheek of one partner touching that of the other.

chipper - lively, brisk, cheerful; 'chirpy'

padre - a title applied in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Spanish America, to the regular clergy.

enumerate - to mention (a number of things or persons) separately, as if for the purpose of counting; to specify as in a list or catalogue.

nostrum - a special means or device for accomplishing something; esp. a pet scheme, or favourite remedy, for bringing about some social or political reform or improvement.

vacillant - uncertain, hesitating, wavering

vigilant - one who is wakeful or watchful

belave - to lave about, wash all over                                                                                                                              believe

close in - to shut in, hem in, enclose

psychical - of or pertaining to the soul or the mind

high jinks* - lively or boisterous sport; romping games or fun; free or unrestrained merry-making.

to fight shy - to keep aloof, avoid intercourse with a person, evade an undertaking, etc.

mughunter* = pothunter - one who takes part in any contest or competition merely for the sake of winning a prize. 



suffragate - to delegate, appoint; to vote for


instate - to put (a person) into a certain state or condition; to place in a certain position.