five wits - Usually, the five (bodily) senses; often vaguely, the perceptions or mental faculties generally.

Charles Dickens

to give rise to* - to occasion, to bring about, to cause;                        riser - one that rises.

skim - to read rapidly or carelessly; to glance over without close attention.

comic - a comic writer


quip - a sharp or sarcastic remark directed against a person; a clever gird or hit. In later use also without implication of sharpness: A clever, smart, or witty saying; Freq. in phr. quips and cranks.  

quire - a set of four sheets of parchment or paper doubled so as to form eight leaves, a common unit in mediŠval manuscripts; hence, any collection or gathering of leaves, one within the other, in a manuscript or printed book.

in plenty - plentiful, abundant; in abundance

censer - obs. form of censure

picturesque - Of language, narrative, etc.: Strikingly graphic or vivid; sometimes implying disregard of fact in the effort for effect.

prelate - an ecclesiastical dignitary of exalted rank and authority, as a bishop, archbishop, metropolitan, or patriarch.

licet (l) - it is allowed

ut (l) - to

set up - to arrange (type) in words or blocks of words; to put (a book, etc.) into type.

put out - to publish, issue, put in circulation

dismally - in a dismal manner; dreadfully; gloomily, dolorously

strike up - to start, set afoot (a friendship, an acquaintance, a conversation, trade, etc. with another).

nodding acquaintance - a slight acquaintance (with a person), extending no further than recognition by a nod.

nates - the buttocks, haunches

liddle - representing a foreign pronunciation of, or used hypocoristically for, little.

flimsy* - In immaterial sense: Destitute of solid value, slight, trivial, paltry

sifted - that has been passed through a sieve. Also fig.

flageolet* - a small wind instrument, having a mouthpiece at one end, six principal holes, and sometimes keys.

sacrametal - Of an oath, obligation, etc.: Peculiarly sacred, ratified by a religious sanction.

sacerdos* - the Latin word for 'priest'

vignette - an ornamental or decorative design on a blank space in a book or among printed matter, esp. at the beginning or end of a chapter or other division, usually one of small size or occupying a small proportion of the space; spec. any embellishment, illustration, or picture uninclosed in a border, or having the edges shading off into the surrounding paper.

to cut short - to stop short, be brief; to abridge, curtail. lit. and fig. 

betterment* - amendment, improvement, amelioration, reformation

sought - sickness, illness, disease                                                                                                                                 thoughts


palsied - affected with palsy, paralysed                                                                                                                                 past

Canterbury* - in the 17th c. taken as a representative of High Church Anglicanism.

schismatic* - one who promotes or countenances schism or breach of external unity in the Church.

hemd (d) - shirt                                                                                                                                                                 hand

aye - ever, always, at all times, on all occasions

cog - to produce or put forth cunningly and fraudulently

brook - to put up with, bear with, endure, tolerate

breach - fig. The breaking of a command, rule, engagement, duty, or of any legal or moral bond or obligation.

toff - to dress up like a 'toff' (a person who is stylishly dressed)

vesta* - a virgin

most lamented

ekumene (gr) - belonging to the whole world

merry hell* - a disturbance, upheaval, great trouble