five wits - Usually, the five (bodily) senses; often vaguely, the perceptions or mental faculties generally.

verum latet (l) - the truth lies hidden

Charles Dickens + ars (l) - art + dike (gr) - justice + archdeacon's.

an (Irish) - the

traitey (Irish Pronunciation) - treaty

miracula (pl.) (l) - wonders, marvels, miracles + A Treatise on Dracula.

John Peel (song): 'view to a death in the morning'

Priest-hunters claimed bounty on priests under Penal Laws in 17th and 18th century Ireland

CASTLEBAR - Town, County Mayo. On 27 Aug 1798 a French and Irish army defeated the English garrison, who fled so fast and far that the event is known as the "Castlebar Races" + Dublin Castle.

William Archer - critic and translator of Ibsen, encouraged Joyce in early days, and made a catalogue of adverse criticism of Ibsen which Joyce (and Shaw) used

good Roman Catholic 

riser - one that rises + give rise to - to occasion, to bring about, to cause.

nacional + Nazi (ger) - nacional socialist + nazionale (it) - national.

library + labros (gr) - furious, boisterous, turbulent + labrônios (gr) - large cup + labrus (l) - greedy + leabhar (lyour) (gael) - book + labhar (lour) (gael) - speak + bron (bron) (gael) - grief, sorrow.

skim - to read rapidly or carelessly; to glance over without close attention

to hell with the pope (slogan) + Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy places several popes in hell (J.M. Dent published a bilingual edition of the work).

Father Finn: Mostly Boys, Short Stories 

comic - a comic writer

Dante + denti (Dat.) (l) - to a tooth + denti (it) - teeth.

index (l) - pointer, indicator; index finger

quip - a sharp or sarcastic remark directed against a person; a clever gird or hit. In later use also without implication of sharpness: A clever, smart, or witty saying; Freq. in phr. quips and cranks.  

quire - a set of four sheets of parchment or paper doubled so as to form eight leaves, a common unit in mediæval manuscripts; hence, any collection or gathering of leaves, one within the other, in a manuscript or printed book.

arrisus (l) - smiled upon, favored + risus (l) - laugh + a laugh on every page (phrase).

bastard - an abbreviated title on page preceding title page

*V* read pious fiction (notebook 1924) Perry: The Origin of Magic and Religion 112: 'Hesiod speaks of the days when peace reigned over the earth, of the Golden Age. It has long been customary to regard this as a pious fiction'.

pottage of lentils for which Jacob bought birthright (Genesis 25:34)

Cullen, Paul, Cardinal (1803-78) - archbishop of Dublin, bitter enemy of the Fenians, execrated at Christmas dinner in Portrait.  

Father Finn: Percy Wynn, or Making a Boy of Him

peas (lentils)

in plenty - plentiful, abundant; in abundance + peace and plenty.

Vianney, St Jean-Marie (1786-1859) - Curé d'Ars, patron of parish priests + curé d'Ars (French) - parish priest of the village of Ars.

censer - obs. form of censure

picturesque - Of language, narrative, etc.: Strikingly graphic or vivid; sometimes implying disregard of fact in the effort for effect.

prelate - an ecclesiastical dignitary of exalted rank and authority, as a bishop, archbishop, metropolitan, or patriarch

linzen (Dutch) - lentils

petits pois (fr) - green peas + petits-bois (fr) - window-bars + bois (fr) - forest, wood, timber.

licet (l) - it is allowed + ut (l) - to + licet ut Libanus (l) - it is permitted that Lebanon + licet ad libitum (l) - it is permitted as much as you like.

libanos (Greek) - incense (Maronite rite)

consumption on the premises (pub licence)

Father Finn: His Luckiest Year

set up - to arrange (type) in words or blocks of words; to put (a book, etc.) into type

GILL, M H AND SON - booksellers and publishers, 50 Upr Sackville Street + God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost.

put out - to publish, issue, put in circulation

dismally - in a cheerless manner; in a dreadful manner + decimally.

Mac Giolla-ghuala (mok giliuli) (gael) - son of Giolla-ghuala ("servant of gluttony"); anglic. Gilhooly.

strike up - to start, set afoot (a friendship, an acquaintance, a conversation, trade, etc. with another)

nodding acquaintance - a slight acquaintance (with a person), extending no further than recognition by a nod

Kant, Immanuel (1724-1804) - German philosopher

looper (Dutch) - runner + Lope Felix de Vega - playwright.

nates - the buttocks, haunches + nates maximae (l) - biggest buttocks + vates (l) - poet.

liddle - representing a foreign pronunciation of, or used hypocoristically for, little + Henry George Liddell - lexicographer + Mary Had a Little Lamb (nursery rhyme) + Charles and Mary Lamb: The Adventures of Ulysses + Alice P. Liddell - friend of Lewis Carroll and model for Alice.

flimsy - In immaterial sense: Destitute of solid value, slight, trivial, paltry.

sentimental + mint sauce (with roast lamb).

sifted - that has been passed through a sieve. Also fig.

flageolet - a small wind instrument, having a mouthpiece at one end, six principal holes, and sometimes keys + flageolet (fr. slang) - penis.

Saint Francis

trip - to miss a step and fall or nearly fall, cause to stumble + (Joyce's note): 'dipped into' → Harris: Oscar Wilde, His Life and Confessions I.60: 'Oscar had already dipped into his little patrimony... and he could not conceal from himself that he would soon have to live on what he could earn - a few pounds a week'.

sacrametal - Of an oath, obligation, etc.: Peculiarly sacred, ratified by a religious sanction.

sacerdotes (pl.) (l) - priests

vignette - an ornamental or decorative design on a blank space in a book or among printed matter, esp. at the beginning or end of a chapter or other division, usually one of small size or occupying a small proportion of the space; spec. any embellishment, illustration, or picture uninclosed in a border, or having the edges shading off into the surrounding paper.

cut short - to stop short, be brief; to abridge, curtail. lit. and fig. 

bittermint (Irish Pronunciation) - betterment (amendment, improvement) + (notebook 1923): 'better his mind' Harris: Oscar Wilde, His Life and Confessions I.80: 'It is the more to his credit that as soon as he got a couple of hundred pounds ahead, he resolved to spend it in bettering his mind'.

sought - sickness, illness, disease + thoughts

forget + Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song: Forget Not the Field.

palsied - affected with palsy, paralysed + past

Canterbury - in the 17th c. taken as a representative of High Church Anglicanism

palmoil - money given as bribe (jocular)

schismatic - one who promotes or countenances schism or breach of external unity in the Church

Hemd (ger) = hemd (Dutch) - shirt + hand + A friend in need is a friend indeed (proverb).

aye - ever, always, at all times, on all occasions

Remember, maid, thou art but powder' ['maid' replaces a cancelled 'th'] (notebook 1924) Ash Wednesday service: 'Remember, man, that thou art dust, and unto dust shalt thou return' (from Genesis 3:19, said by the celebrant as he puts ashes on heads of laity).

Cinderella, Tantivy, (Joyce's note)

cog - to cheat, to produce or put forth cunningly and fraudulently, to copy another's homework + cogito (l) - I think + cogitat (l) - [he, she] thinks + copy that out ten times.

brook - to put up with, bear with, endure, tolerate + broek (Dutch) - trousers, breeches.

breach - fig. The breaking of a command, rule, engagement, duty, or of any legal or moral bond or obligation.

toff - to dress up like a 'toff' (a person who is stylishly dressed) + The Lass That Loves a Sailor (song).

Rather than part with this (Joyce's note)

vesta - a virgin + Vesta (l) - goddess of flocks and the hearth + Vestalis (l) - priestess of Vesta, Vestal virgin + Joyce's note: 'vestalite'.

of 1st importance (Joyce's note)

which you have where your "two" nether extremes meet (Joyce's note)

most lamented + mozzo (it) - docked, cut short + mozza (Italian Slang) - vulva + lesma (Spanish Slang) - vulva.

ekumene (gr) - belonging to the whole world + (notebook 1924): 'ekumene = habitable O' The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. XI, 'Geography', 620c: (of geographical theory) 'While the theory of the sphere was being elaborated the efforts of practical geographers were steadily directed towards ascertaining the outline and configuration of the oekumene, or habitable world, the only portion of the terrestrial surface known to the ancients and to the medieval peoples, and still retaining a shadow of its old monopoly of geographical attention in its modern name of the "Old World"'.

merry hell - a disturbance, upheaval, great trouble + Hail Mary + Prince Hal (in Shakespeare's King Henry IV, Part 1).