hornet - fig. An enemy that attacks persistently and with virulence; esp. in phr. hornets' nest.

harness - uniform, clothes; fig. Routine of daily work

nullity - the fact of being legally null and void, invalidity (With reference to marriage: ...The respondent not having entered an appearance or put in any defence in the nullity suit; ...They introduced into it words respecting the original nullity of the King's first marriage.)

hold back - to keep back; to restrain; to reserve from disclosure; to retain.

the race is to the swift* - people who can easily deal with life’s troubles always have the advantage over the others.

romp - to move, cover the ground, easily and rapidly; to play, sport, or frolic in a very lively, merry, or boisterous manner.

jompe - obs. ff. jump 

whey - watery, pale

sawdust - wood in the state of small particles, detached from a tree, plank, etc. in the process of sawing.

overdress - to dress to excess; to dress with too much display and ornament.

underclothe - to provide with underclothing (clothing worn below the upper or outer garments, esp. next to the skin). 

whisht - an exclamation enjoining silence: Hush!


jook - cheat, dodge                                                                                                                                          REFERENCE

dripping - the fall of liquid in drops; concr. the liquid so falling

dumple - to bend or compress into a dumpy shape

scouse = lobscouse - a sailor's dish consisting of meat stewed with vegetables and ship's biscuit, or the like.

ad libitum* - at one's pleasure; to the full extent of one's wishes, as much as one desires.

lassitude - the condition of being weary whether in body or mind, weariness.

comtesse - A French title of rank, of which the English form is countess

cantilene - a song, a melody

mavis - the song-thrush, Turdus musicus

toffee - toffee-coloured, medium brown


inimitable - incapable of being imitated; an inimitable person

pursuit* - the action of pursuing, chasing, or following, with intent to overtake and catch or kill, a fleeing object, as a hunted animal or an enemy; in pursuit (of): said of the pursuer.

taucht - obs. f. taught, pa. tense and pple. of teach (v.)

mouthful* - a quantity that fills the mouth

white pudding - a pudding made of milk, eggs, flour, and butter

rosmarine* - rosemary (an evergreen shrub (Rosmarinus officinalis), native to the south of Europe, the leaves of which have an agreeable fragrance, and have been much used in perfumery, and to some extent in medicine).

pet - to make a pet of, treat as a pet; to indulge; to fondle

rollingpin - a roller or cylinder of wood, glass, or other material, for rolling out dough or paste to the required thickness for pie-crusts, etc.

hum - An inarticulate exclamation uttered with the lips closed, either in a pause of hesitation or embarrassment, or as expressing slight dissatisfaction, dissent, etc.

to be cracked about - to be infatuated with

flitty - flitting, unstable, flighty

sable - black

stole - a long loose garment

runabout - a small light horse-vehicle or motor-car

ring - a ringing sound or noise                                                                                                                                         song

lech - to behave lustfully, to feel or to be lecherous

soandso - Used euphem. as a term of abuse for a person; Also, with weakened force, as a term of affection.

divulge - to disclose, reveal



console - a table supported by a fixed bracket against a wall; also, a movable side-table supported by consoles.

clench - to grasp firmly, grip, clutch

to warm to - to become interested in, acquire zest for

kinetics* - the branch of dynamics which investigates the relations between the motions of bodies and the forces acting upon them; opposed to Statics, which treats of bodies in equilibrium.

buel - obs. form of bowel                                                                                                                                                 bowl

gruel - a light, liquid food (chiefly used as an article of diet for invalids) made by boiling oatmeal (or occas. some other farinaceous subtance) in water or milk, sometimes with the addition of other ingredients, as butter, sugar, spices, onions, etc. 

gob - the mouth

undress - partial or incomplete dress; dress of a kind not ordinarily worn in public                                                            address

roller - a prostitute, esp. one who robs her customers

tanned - that has been rendered brown or tawny, esp. by exposure to the sun.

sexappeal* - to attract sexually; sexual attractiveness, qualities which attract members of the opposite sex.

upshot - the extreme limit; the result, issue, or conclusion (of some course of action, etc.);                upsidedown - turned upside down; inverted.

trifle with - to treat with a lack of seriousness or respect; to 'play' or dally with.

roundling - a variety of apple

proffered - offered for acceptance

glass - a drinking-vessel made of glass; hence, the liquor contained, and fig. drink.

marry in haste, repent at leisure;                        marrying - inclined or likely to marry.

take out - to give vent to, utter