eligible - fit or proper to be chosen (for an office or position). Const. for.

fremd* - foreign; strange, unknown, unfamiliar

not to care a twopenny hang* - not to care at all;            Tammany - the name of the central organization of the Democratic party in the City (formerly also in the State) of New York; In English use the name has become esp. associated with the political and municipal corruption which at various times has characterized the government of New York. Also applied transf. to any similarly corrupt political organization or situation.

mucky - dirty, filthy, muddy; fig. Applied to money, as 'filthy lucre'; also to a miserly person.

not to care two hoots* - not to care at all;                     hoot - a loud inarticulate exclamation, a shout, outcry.

attaboy - An exclamation expressive of encouragement or admiration. 

townmajor - the major of a town-guard, as formerly in Edinburgh; Applied vaguely to the chief magistrate or administrative officer of a foreign town.

circuit - fig. Sphere of action, etc.; spec. The journey of judges (or other persons) through certain appointed areas, for the purpose of holding courts or performing other stated duties at various places in succession.

baas - master, boss

knickerbocker - a descendant of the original Dutch settlers of the New Netherlands in America, hence, a New Yorker.

lanky - awkwardly or ungracefully lean and long

sire - one who exercises dominion or rule; a lord, master, or sovereign

Wolverhampton - city in England

soke - a right of local jurisdiction; a district under a particular jurisdiction.

twoway - having, or connected with, two ways, roads, or channels; situated where two ways meet.

Peterborough - the name of a town in eastern England, site of a phase of the Neolithic Age: used to denote the type of civilization of that period, and the materials or people associated with its culture                                                                                  Petrograd

prospect - a long, wide, straight street; an avenue of houses

breach of promise = spec. Breach of promise to marry

footstep* - a step or tread of the foot

fire and sword - destructive burning, esp. of any large extent or mass of combustible material, e.g. a building, forest, etc.

lookout - a prospect or prospective condition, an outlook

insister - one who insists

marked man* - one whose conduct is watched with hostile intent; one who is kept in mind as an object for suspicion or vengeance.

query - to question, interrogate (a person)

muffed - clumsily missed or bungled

porridge - a conglomeration, a hotchpotch; unsubstantial stuff

ignorant* - an ignorant person

to go a long way - to achieve much, to make much progress

outsider - a person who is considered socially inferior

to make up to - to make advances to (a person), to pay court or make love to.

sanctuary - a holy place

nuptial - of or pertaining to marriage or the marriage ceremony

ditto* - the aforesaid, the same

blunderbuss* - a blundering fellow, a blunderhead

sicker - certain, sure

ourn - ours;                    hisn - his.

liniment - something used for smearing or anointing

bump - a sudden collision, more or less violent

muezzin - in Muslim countries, a public crier who proclaims the regular hours of prayer from the minaret or the roof of a mosque.


pillarbox - a hollow pillar about five feet high, erected in a public place, containing a letter-box or receptacle for posting letters; a shade of red, that of a pillar-box.

stiffen - to make more steadfast, unyielding, or obstinate

a broken reed - a person or thing that cannot be depended on in a difficult situation.

grand opera* - serious opera without spoken dialogue

brash - a mass or heap of fragments                                                                                                                                  grass