all ears (phrase)

quorum - a fixed number of members of any body, society, etc., whose presence is necessary for the proper or valid transaction of business

retinue - a number or company of persons retained in the service of some one, or attached to and following one, esp. a sovereign, noble, or person in authority

Mohammedan - a Muslim → a Mohammedan Mike would then be an Irish Muslim! + omadhaun (Anglo-Irish) = amadán (Irish) - fool.

brass up (Slang) - pay up + brace up - to undergird, make secure underneath; to summon one's strength or endurance.

Genesis 4:9: 'Am I my brother's keeper?' + Joyce's note: 'I am thinking very strong of going off'

Joyce's note: 'Albi Connolly thinking of giving M. SJ. in custody' Albrecht Connolly (Heron in A Portrait) was a fellow student of Joyce at Belvedere and died in 1908.

bubby - a woman's breast + (notebook 1922-23): 'policewoman' + bobby - a slang nickname for a policeman + Baby Policeman - Constable MacFadden of Booterstown [Ulysses.12.577: 'The baby policeman, Constable MacFadden'] + Bubi (ger) - lad.

cunstable - constable (obs.) + constabless - a female constable.

Dora - a jocular personification of the 'Defence of the Realm Act', the name being an acronym forming a familiar feminine proper name. The Act was first passed in August 1914 and provided the British Government with wide powers during the 1914-18 war.

diehard - one that dies hard; spec. an appellation of the 57th Regiment of Foot in the British Army

get the wind up - to get into a state of alarm or 'funk' + to get wind of - to receive information or a hint of, to come to know.

programme + pogrom.

sweet course - a sweet dish (a pudding, tart, cooked fruit, etc.), or one of several such, forming a separate course at a meal

pitch - Of a person or animal: To plunge forward like a pitching ship. 


cameleon = chameleon - inconstant or variable person + Cluain Meala (klun male) (gael) - Meadow of Honey; town, Co. Tipperary; anglic. Clonmel + Cromwellian + (notebook 1922-23): 'wipe street with him'.

pending - during, while awaiting, until the occurrence of

proceeding - particular action or course of action; spec. The instituting or carrying on of an action at law; a legal action or process; any act done by authority of a court of law.

versus - against

joyboy (Slang) - homosexual

magistrate - a civil officer charged with the administration of the laws, a member of the executive government + strafe (ger) - punish.

gleeman - minstrel + twelve good men and true - jury.

filius (l) - son + fas (l) - law, destiny + nefas (l) - sin + filius nullius per fas et nefas (l) - a son of no one through right and wrong + Crofts: Women under English Law 59: 'Though English Law provides for the maintenance during childhood of an illegitimate person, he suffers many disabilities, for he is, for certain purposes, filius nullius'.

more or less an event (Joyce's note) → Key: John McCormack, His Own Life Story 19: 'His entrance into the Diocesan College of the Immaculate Conception of Summerhill, at Sligo, on October 15, 1896, was more or less an event. For he had won a free place by competitive examination and was starting upon a phase of his youth in which a notable personality, Bishop Clancy, was to exert upon him a lasting effect'.

cup - fig. Chiefly in the sense (derived from various passages of Scripture): Something to be partaken of, endured or enjoyed; an experience, portion, lot (painful or pleasurable, more commonly the former) + whitest feather in my cap. 

pansement - thinking + pensement (obs) - anxious thought + pansement (fr) - medical dressing + William Shakespeare: Hamlet IV.5.175: 'pansies, that's for thoughts'.

pensamiento (sp) - pansy; mind, thought + a penny for your thoughts (phrase) + (notebook 1924): 'pensamiento (time to think)' Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 141 (sec. 137): (quoting a quaint passage from Howell's New English Grammar, 1662) 'The Spanish abound and delight in words of many syllables, and where the English expresseth himself in one syllable, he doth in 5 or 6, as thoughts pensamientos... for while they speak they take time to consider of the matter'.

knock - a sounding blow; a hard stroke or thump + knock (Anglo-Irish) = cnoc (Irish) - hill + Dr Robert Knox bought corpses stolen by Burke and Hare.

burke - to murder, in the same manner or for the same purpose as Burke did; to kill secretly by suffocation or strangulation, or for the purpose of selling the victim's body for dissection.


drumlin (Irish) - little hill

you won't be complete until (Joyce's note)

fighting lust (Joyce's note)

contrive - to succeed in bringing to pass, to 'manage', to effect (a purpose)

˝ kill him (Joyce's note)

Charley Is My Darling (song)

algebraist - one versed in algebra

appointed - fixed by agreement; settled beforehand + Joyce's note: 'before his time' → Crawford: Thinking Black 217: 'His methods are sublime, His ways supremely kind; God never is before His time, And never is behind'.

man about town - a man devoted to the pursuit of pleasure + (notebook 1924): '*V* especially shd he prove to be a man over 40 with wife & offspring man about town of about 40'.

Rolf Ganger ("walker") or Rollo - chief of the Normans who invaded France, first duke of Normandy

wants - straits; circumstances (or times) of want, hardship, suffering, etc. + once.

Flur (ger) - meadow; floor + flure (Irish Pronunciation) - floor + Walzer (ger) - waltz + 'The Floorwalker' - a 1916 Charlie Chaplin film.

Arnott's department store, Dublin

pithecoid - resembling in form or pertaining to the apes, esp. the higher or anthropoid apes; simian, ape-like + (Joyce's note): 'pithecoid man (cross of ape or slave)' [caveman motif].

TOC H. - Talbot House, London, a WW I soldiers' recreation center

claret - a name originally given (like F. vin clairet) to wines of yellowish or light red colour, as distinguished alike from 'red wine' and 'white wine'; blood (Slang).

studbook - a book giving the pedigree of thoroughbred horses; also, in recent use, a similar  book relating to dogs or occasionally to other animals valued for pedigree; also transf. and fig., a catalogue of aristocratic pedigree + in the studbook (Slang) - of ancient lineage.

Storch (ger) - stork + stretch.

toothbrush moustache - a bristly moustache

(false teeth)

alias - otherwise called

Colman (kuluman) (gael) - Little Dove; name of several saints.

slacks - trousers

roomy - capacious, large; wide

springtide - the season of spring; spring-time

washing - Of a garment, a textile fabric: That will 'wash' or admit of being washed without injury to colour or texture; washable.

Mathew, Father Theobald (1790-1856) - Irish temperance advocate. He always doubles with Matt Gregory (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake

bridge pin - part of a gun

sipping some stout (Joyce's note) + Ulysses.5.388: 'some temperance beverage Wheatley's Dublin hop bitters'.

ROSS'S - Around the turn of the century a number of Dublin restaurants were known as "Ross's".

pal - a close friend who accompanies his buddies in their activities

Olaf the Stout - Olaf II, 11th century king of Norway, later canonised as Saint Olaf

movable - any species of property not fixed, as distinguished from real or fixed property (as land, houses, etc.); small objects of value

hebdomadary - weekly; one taking weekly turn in performance of Roman Catholic Church offices

loot - to carry off as loot or booty + to boot - 'to the good', into the bargain, in addition.

holder - one who holds or grasps + (hand).

Guinness - the proprietary name of a brand of stout manufactured by the firm of Guinness

occasional - an occasional speech or writing (obs.); happening or operating on some particular occasion

filmcolour - Psychol., an expanse of colour that has a filmy appearance, neither being transparent nor seen as being on the surface of an object or at a definite distance + color film or color motion picture film - motion pictures in color + Finn MacCool.

metropole - a chief town + mother-of-pearl + Metropole Cinema, Dublin.

screen - large white surface for receiving the image from a film projector; the cinema

Michan - St Michan's church in Dublin has a vault full of well-preserved corpses which are shown to tourists + Michelangelo (1475-1564) - Florentine sculptor, painter of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. 

-een (Irish) - (diminutive) + Los Angeles + Henry Arthur Jones: Michael and His Lost Angels.

corky - fig. Light, trifling, frivolous; buoyant, lively, springy + quelque chose de merveilleuse (fr) - something wonderful.

marvels + morve (French) - snot.

bluey - inclined to blue, more or less blue

scummy - covered with scum; having the nature or appearance of scum (a film of impurities or vegetation that can form on the surface of a liquid)