quorum* - a fixed number of members of any body, society, etc., whose presence is necessary for the proper or valid transaction of business.

retinue - a number or company of persons retained in the service of some one, or attached to and following one, esp. a sovereign, noble, or person in authority.

bubby - a woman's breast;                             bobby - a slang nickname for a policeman.

cunstable - constable (obs.);                          constabless - a female constable.

Dora - a jocular personification of the 'Defence of the Realm Act', the name being an acronym forming a familiar feminine proper name. The Act was first passed in August 1914 and provided the British Government with wide powers during the 1914-18 war.

diehard - one that dies hard; spec. an appellation of the 57th Regiment of Foot in the British Army.

to get the wind up - to get into a state of alarm or 'funk';                   to get wind of - to receive information or a hint of, to come to know.

sweet course - a sweet dish (a pudding, tart, cooked fruit, etc.), or one of several such, forming a separate course at a meal. 

pitch - Of a person or animal: To plunge forward like a pitching ship. 

cameleon* = chameleon - inconstant or variable person

pending - during, while awaiting, until the occurrence of, until

proceeding - particular action or course of action; spec. The instituting or carrying on of an action at law; a legal action or process; any act done by authority of a court of law.

versus* - against

magistrate* - a civil officer charged with the administration of the laws, a member of the executive government.

filius (l) - son

fas (l) - law, destiny

nefas (l) - sin

cup - fig. Chiefly in the sense (derived from various passages of Scripture): Something to be partaken of, endured or enjoyed; an experience, portion, lot (painful or pleasurable, more commonly the former).  

pansement - thinking

knock - a sounding blow; a hard stroke or thump

burke - to murder, in the same manner or for the same purpose as Burke did; to kill secretly by suffocation or strangulation, or for the purpose of selling the victim's body for dissection.


contrive - to succeed in bringing to pass, to 'manage', to effect (a purpose).

algebraist* - one versed in algebra

appointed - fixed by agreement; settled beforehand

man about town - one who is constantly seen at public and private assemblies in 'town'; one who is in the round of social functions, fashionable dissipations, etc.

wants - straits; circumstances (or times) of want, hardship, suffering, etc.

pithecoid - resembling in form or pertaining to the apes, esp. the higher or anthropoid apes; simian, ape-like.

claret - a name originally given (like F. vin clairet) to wines of yellowish or light red colour, as distinguished alike from 'red wine' and 'white wine'.

studbook - a book giving the pedigree of thoroughbred horses; also, in recent use, a similar  book relating to dogs or occasionally to other animals valued for pedigree; also transf. and fig., a catalogue of aristocratic pedigree.

toothbrush moustache - a bristly moustache

alias - otherwise called

slacks - trousers

roomy - capacious, large; wide

springtide* - the season of spring; spring-time

washing - Of a garment, a textile fabric: That will 'wash' or admit of being washed without injury to colour or texture; washable.

bridge pin - part of a gun


pal - a comrade, mate, partner, associate, 'chum'

movable - any species of property not fixed, as distinguished from real or fixed property (as land, houses, etc.)

hebdomadary* - weekly; doing duty for a week

loot - to carry off as loot or booty;                              to boot - 'to the good', to advantage, into the bargain, in addition.

holder - one who holds or grasps                                                                                                                                         hand

Guinness* - the proprietary name of a brand of stout manufactured by the firm of Guinness.

occasional* - an occasional speech or writing (obs.); happening or operating on some particular occasion.

filmcolour* - Psychol., an expanse of colour that has a filmy appearance, neither being transparent nor seen as being on the surface of an object or at a definite distance.

metropole* - a chief town

screen* - large white surface for receiving the image from a film projector; the cinema.

corky - fig. Light, trifling, frivolous; buoyant, lively, springy


bluey - inclined to blue, more or less blue

scummy - covered with scum; having the nature or appearance of scum (a film or layer of floating matter formed upon the surface of a liquid in a state of fermentation, ebullition, etc.; hence, a film formed upon stagnant, foul water, etc. More generally, any undesirable surface layer or deposit, usu. but not necessarily on a liquid.)