boil - fig. a state of agitation; a hard inflamed suppurating tumour, a swelling.

omnibus - relating to or serving for numerous distinct objects at once; comprising a large number of items or particulars.

dash - a small quantity (of something) thrown into or mingled as a qualifying admixture with something else, an infusion, touch, tinge. Usually fig.

stale - that has lost its freshness, hackneyed, worn out

twinge - a momentary local pain; esp. applied to that of gout and rheumatism; fig. A sharp mental pain; a pang of shame, remorse, sorrow, or the like.

claudication - the action of limping or halting; intermittent claudication, a condition of the legs in which pain is induced by walking and relieved by rest.

upwards of - (rather) more than

harefoot - Used adverbially: swiftly (poet.)

loaden - weighed down with trouble, weariness, etc.; loaded, charged, weighted;            leadenfooted - with feet heavy as if made of lead;                   brogued - wearing, or fitted with, brogues.

buy off - to get rid of (a claim, a person's opposition or interference) by paying money to the claimant or opponent. Often fig.

hereby - by, through, or from this fact or circumstance, by this means.

admonish - to counsel against wrong practices; to give authoritative or warning advice.

topping - very fine, excellent; tip-top, first-rate

tip and run - cricket in which the batsman must run for every hit; also transf. in attrib. use, esp. to designate short, sudden attacks in war.

touch and go* - the act of touching for an instant and quitting immediately; something done quickly or instantaneously.

to turn one's face to the wall* - said of a person on his deathbed conscious of the approach of the end.


swaddled - wrapped in swaddling-clothes

misconception - the action or an act of misconceiving; a notion resulting from misconceiving.

plight - to pledge or engage (one's troth, faith, oath, promise, etc.); esp. in reference to betrothal or marriage.

smeller* - one who has or exercises the sense of smell; one who smells out, etc.

squall - to scream loudly or discordantly

squeal - to utter (or give out) a more or less prolonged loud sharp cry, esp. by reason of pain or sudden alarm.

keep in - to confine within; to hold in check; to restrain; not to utter or give vent to.

gunbarrel - the metal tube of a gun, through which the bullet or shot is discharged.

recommence - to begin again                                                                                                                                    recommend

baggage - a woman of disreputable or immoral life, a strumpet; Used familiarly or playfully of any young woman.

bothering* - giving or taking trouble, worrying, perplexing

ascertain* - to find out or learn for a certainty by experiment, examination, or investigation.


to be all over (a person) - to display great warmth or affection towards (one).

straphanger - a passenger who is compelled to stand and hold on by the strap in a full omnibus, compartment of a railway carriage, etc.; also fig., one who commutes to work by public transport.

gavel - a president's mallet or hammer

cowhand* - one engaged in the tending or ranching of cattle

as cheap as dirt* - exceedingly cheap;                         niggard - a miser; one who grudgingly parts with or expends anything.

flavoured - having flavour; chiefly, having a specified flavour, indicated by some defining word as ill-, well-, orange-, vanilla-, etc. flavoured.  

jujube - a lozenge, made of gum-arabic, gelatin, etc., flavoured with the fruit.

pigeonhouse - a building or structure in which pigeons are kept; a columbarium, dovecote.

fleeting - passing swiftly by; Chiefly of life or time

outlast* - to last longer than or beyond; to exceed or surpass in duration.

to have it in for - to have something unpleasant in store for; to have a grudge against or dislike for.

tip for tap = tit for tat  

micky - an Irishman

dazzler - one who dazzles

corse - ? a corslet or corset (obs.)

squirm - a squirming or writhing movement; a wriggle                                                                                                      seaside

Burberry - the registered trade mark (in form Burberrys) distinctive of cloth or clothing made  by the firm of Burberrys Ltd.; spec. a raincoat made by this firm.

capitally* - mainly, eminently, in an important degree

chiffchaff - a bird, also called Lesser Pettychaps (Phylloscopus rufus), of the family SylviinŠ or Warblers, closely akin to the Willow Wren or Willow Warbler.

shaving - a thin slice taken off the surface of anything with a sharp tool; esp. a thin slice of  wood cut off with a plane. Chiefly pl.



wos - obs. and vulgar f. was

overstand - to stand over; to stand beside

net - pure, unadulterated, unmixed (rare.)

ging - to jingle, tinkle

Rolf the Ganger* - a modern rendering of ON. Gongu-Hrˇlfr, the designation of a Norseman who has been from a very early period conjecturally identified (but erroneously) with the 'Rollo' or 'Rou' of Norman history.

date - an appointment or engagement at a particular time, freq. with a person of the opposite  sex.

slicker - a smart and plausible rogue, of a kind usu. found in cities; a smartly dressed or sophisticated city-dweller.

with friends

doll - a pretty, but silly or frivolous woman

yarn - a (long) story or tale: sometimes implying one of a marvellous or incredible kind; also, a mere tale.

mark me;                        mark - to give attention to, take notice

Lupercus* - a Roman deity commonly identified with the Greek Pan;                      Lupercalia - an orgy.

palatine - In England and Ireland: An earl palatine, the lord of a county palatine.

Limerick - county in Ireland