boil - a painful sore with a hard core filled with pus; fig. a state of agitation

omnibus - relating to or serving for numerous distinct objects at once; comprising a large number of items or particulars + omnibus (l) - a public bus; a single-author anthology.

dash - a small quantity (of something) thrown into or mingled as a qualifying admixture with something else, an infusion, touch, tinge. Usually fig.

stale - that has lost its freshness, hackneyed, worn out

twinge - a momentary local pain; esp. applied to that of gout and rheumatism; fig. A sharp mental pain; a pang of shame, remorse, sorrow, or the like.

claudication - disability of walking due to crippling of the legs or feet; 'intermittent claudication': a condition of the legs in which pain is induced by walking and relieved by rest.

fecund - capable of producing offspring or vegetation + second class.

upwards of - (rather) more than + Joyce's note: 'upwards of' Irish Rivers, The Tolka 392/2: 'The first commission of seizures issued five days after, on the 12th of July, the source of such protracted and angry disputes between William and the English parliament, and commencement of those extensive forfeitures in which upwards of a million of acres of Irish estates were involved' + (more than ten family members).

harefoot - Used adverbially: swiftly (poet.) + Harald Harefoot - 11th century Saxon king + barefoot.

loaden - weighed down with trouble, weariness, etc.; loaded, charged, weighted + leadenfooted - with feet heavy as if made of lead + brogued - wearing, or fitted with, brogues + Ragnar Lodbrok ("shaggy breeches") - viking, saga hero who, tradition says, died in Ireland.  

buy off - to get rid of (a claim, a person's opposition or interference) by paying money to the claimant or opponent. Often fig. + be off.

hereby - by this means

admonish - to counsel against wrong practices; to give authoritative or warning advice

topping - very fine, excellent; tip-top, first-rate

tip and run - cricket in which the batsman must run for every hit; also transf. in attrib. use, esp. to designate short, sudden attacks in war

touch and go - the act of touching for an instant and quitting immediately; something done quickly or instantaneously

Stopes, Marie - 20th-century British advocate of birth control

Phil the Fluter's Ball - Percy French song: 'With the toot of the flute and the twiddle of the fiddle, O!... Up, down, hands aroun' Crossin' to the wall' + flute (Slang) - penis. 

turn one's face to the wall - said of a person on his deathbed conscious of the approach of the end


swaddled - wrapped in swaddling-clothes

misconception - a mistaken belief, a wrong idea + Joyce's note: 'Lest there be no misconception' → Key: John McCormack, His Own Life Story 386: 'Lest there be a misunderstanding'.

Forstowelsy, Miss - Mrs Christiani says, Danish misforstaalse, "misunderstanding." 

plight - to pledge or engage (one's troth, faith, oath, promise, etc.); esp. in reference to betrothal or marriage

smeller - one who has or exercises the sense of smell; one who smells out, etc.

squall - to scream loudly or discordantly

squeal - to utter (or give out) a more or less prolonged loud sharp cry, esp. by reason of pain or sudden alarm

keep in - to confine within; to hold in check

gunbarrel - the metal tube of a gun, through which the bullet or shot is discharged

vokse (Danish) - to grow

recommence - to begin again + recommend

baggage - a woman of disreputable or immoral life, a strumpet; Used familiarly or playfully of any young woman + Joyce's note: '*V* baggage luggage' → Rothschild: Histoire de la Poste aux Lettres 89: 'transport des lettres, des bagages et des voyageurs' (French 'transportation of letters, luggage and travellers').

bothering - giving or taking trouble, worrying, perplexing + butthering (Irish Pronunciation) - buttering.

ascertain - to find out or learn for a certainty by experiment, examination, or investigation


to be all over (a person) - to display great warmth or affection towards (one)

straphanger - a passenger who is compelled to stand and hold on by the strap in a full omnibus, compartment of a railway carriage, etc.

to knock (down) (notebook 1924)

gavel - a president's mallet or hammer

cowhand - one engaged in the tending or ranching of cattle + cowhanded (Slang) - awkward + Kuhhandel (ger) - shady deal + Händler (ger) - trader, dealer.

niggard - a miser; one who grudgingly parts with or expends anything + as cheap as dirt - exceedingly cheap.

flavoured - having flavour; chiefly, having a specified flavour, indicated by some defining word as ill-, well-, orange-, vanilla-, etc. flavoured

jujube - a lozenge, made of gum-arabic, gelatin, etc., flavoured with the fruit + (notebook 1924): '*V* or I'll smack yr lips well for you, so I will for you'.

pigeonhouse - a building or structure in which pigeons are kept; a columbarium, dovecote + (notebook 1924): 'pigeonhouse mouth' "What is a henhouse filled with little white chickens?" — "The mouth filled with teeth."

fleeting - passing swiftly by; Chiefly of life or time + 'Plaisir d'amour ne dure qu'un moment' (song from John McCormack's Repertoire).

outlast - to last longer than or beyond; to exceed or surpass in duration

have it in for - to have something unpleasant in store for; to have a grudge against or dislike for

Minne (ger) - love + bad manners.

tip for tap = tit for tat


tactics + tango (l) - to touch.

micky - an Irishman + micky dazzler (Dublin Slang) - a would-be dandy, a lady-killer.

dazzler - one who dazzles

corse - ? a corslet or corset (obs.) + Lord Byron: 'The Corsair' + horsehairs.

squirm - a squirming or writhing movement; a wriggle + seaside + (back side of dress).

Burberry - the registered trade mark (in form Burberrys) distinctive of cloth or clothing made by the firm of Burberrys Ltd.; spec. a raincoat made by this firm.

capitally - mainly, eminently, in an important degree + liberally + Lupita was a sister of Patrick's and, like him, was sold into slavery in Ireland. The Tripartite Life says, Lupita became a prostitute and, when met by Patrick years later, she was with child; Patrick drove a chariot over her three times and killed her + lupula (l) - little she-wolf; witch, hag.

chiffchaff - a bird, also called Lesser Pettychaps (Phylloscopus rufus), of the family Sylviinæ or Warblers, closely akin to the Willow Wren or Willow Warbler + chaff - the refuse of winnowed corn.

shaving - a thin slice taken off the surface of anything with a sharp tool; esp. a thin slice of wood cut off with a plane. Chiefly pl.

Rosemary - plant, spice, remembrance, from Latin ros marine ("dew, marine"), but in English it is sometimes said to mean Rose of Mary, and is "useful in lovemaking" because Venus and seadew were offspring of the sea + Rosemary Lane, Dublin.

PATERNOSTER ROW - Before it was destroyed by bombs in 1940, it ran between Avenue Maria Lane and Saint Paul's Churchyard, City of London. According to tradition, the clergy of old Saint Paul's recited the Lord's Prayer at this point of the Corpus Christi day procession around outside of cathedral. 

wos - obs. and vulgar f. was

overstand - to stand over; to stand beside

anybody else

net - pure, unadulterated, unmixed (rare.)

ging - to jingle, tinkle + ging (ger) - went + go no more with.

Rolf the Ganger - a modern rendering of ON. Gongu-Hrólfr, the designation of a Norseman who has been from a very early period conjecturally identified (but erroneously) with the 'Rollo' or 'Rou' of Norman history + Rolf Ganger ("walker") or Rollo - chief of the Normans who invaded France, first duke of Normandy.   

date - an appointment or engagement at a particular time, freq. with a person of the opposite sex

slicker - a smart and plausible rogue, of a kind usu. found in cities; a smartly dressed or sophisticated city-dweller

with friends

doll - a pretty, but silly or frivolous woman + dol (Dutch) - crazy.

yarn - a (long) story or tale: sometimes implying one of a marvellous or incredible kind

mark - to give attention to, take notice + mark me.

lit. heimsuchen (ger) - afflict, punish

Lupercus - a Roman deity commonly identified with the Greek Pan + Lupercalia - an orgy + The "cave of Lupercus" is on the West side of the Palatine Hill, Rome, where by tradition Romulus and Remus were suckled by the wolf. The Lupercalia was an ancient festival celebrated until the 5th century on Feb 15; the rites involved thongs (februa), and women struck by them escaped sterility + Luperca (l) - "She-wolf": Roman goddess, wolf that suckled Romulus and Remus + (notebook 1924): 'lupercal'.

palatine - In England and Ireland: An earl palatine, the lord of a county palatine + The Palatinate, County Limerick.

Limerick - county in Ireland