striped - marked with a stripe or stripes, having a band or bands of colour, streaked                                                              strict


twos - to keep company with a person of the opposite sex

goad - to prick with a goad or other pointed instrument; to drive or urge on to something by such means                                   got

to beat about the bush* - to go indirectly and tentatively towards an object, to avoid coming to the point.

to see to it - to make sure that (something is done)

snip - to take (something) quickly or suddenly                                                                                                                      stop

snap - to snatch for one's own use; to take to oneself with a quick movement.

lampshade* - a shade placed over a lamp to diffuse or direct the light.

trotter - Usually pl. The feet of a quadruped, esp. those of sheep and pigs as used for food; also humorously, the feet of a human being.

garter - a band worn round the leg, either above or below the knee, to keep the stocking from falling down.

reely - representing a vulgar pronunciation of really 

skelp - to strike, beat, slap, smack                                                                                                                                      help

plenary - complete, entire, perfect, not deficient in any element or respect.

partial - constituting a part only, incomplete

indulgence - 'a remission of the punishment which is still due to sin after sacramental absolution, this remission being valid in the court of conscience and before God, and being made by an application of the treasure of the Church on the part of a lawful superior'.

rodeo - a driving together of cattle in order to separate, count, inspect, or mark them.

gell - to tingle, thrill with intense pain                                                                                                                                       girl

licit* - allowable, permitted, lawful

pimpernel* - the common name of Anagallis arvensis, a small decumbent annual found in cornfields and waste ground, with smooth ovate opposite leaves, and bright scarlet flowers.

pud - the penis


prancer - a horse

split - that has undergone the process of splitting; divided in this manner; riven, cleft.

puck - to hit or strike; to butt

crupper - the hind-quarters or rump of a horse; the buttocks (of a man)

poppy - the bright scarlet colour of the common field poppy or other species.

peony - resembling a peony-flower, dark red

hindmost - furthest behind or in the rear

yelp - to utter with a loud cry; to express by yelping or in a yelping tone.

redden* - to grow or become red, to assume a red appearance

rhodon (gr) - rose

bulky - occupying much space (esp. with a notion of excess)

tan - of the colour of tan or of tanned leather; of a yellowish or reddish brown                                                                      damn

Cupid - in Roman Mythology, the god of love, son of Mercury and Venus, identified with the Greek Eros                            stupid

bottle - to keep under restraint (anger or other feelings)

puss = pussy - the female pudendum

heifer - a young cow, that has not had a calf; a woman, a girl (depreciatory slang.)


wallop - a heavy resounding blow; a whack. Also (in boxing slang) the capacity to deliver such a blow. 

unbeknownst = unknown

ire - wrath, anger                                                                                                                                                             I return

nuncio - a permanent official representative of the Roman See at a foreign court; one who bears a message, a messenger.

ofttime* = oftentimes - many times; on many occasions, or in many cases; frequently, often. 

introspection* - the action of looking within, or into one's own mind; examination or observation of one's own thoughts, feelings, or mental state;                         retrospection - the action or fact of looking back upon, or surveying, past time.

fondly* - affectionately, lovingly, tenderly

empty - an empty cab or taxi; an empty house or premises; an empty bottle, container, etc. 

moider* - to confuse, perplex, bewilder

Home Rule* - government of a country, colony, province, etc., by its own citizens.

style - a post, stake; a written work or works; literary composition

whereof* - for what reason, wherefore; for, by reason of, because of, or on account of which.

ore - respect, reverence; honour, glory

unadulterated - pure, unmixed

breed - race, lineage, stock, family; a line of descendants from a particular parentage, and distinguished by particular hereditary qualities.