multipede - a many-footed creature  

sons + ampersands.

Abraham - the first of the Hebrew Patriarchs (Gen. xi. 26-xxv. 18)

seventh heaven - a place of supreme bliss + (notebook 1924): '7 heavens'.

belittle me

I am + ik (Dutch) - I.

purseproud - proud of wealth, puffed up on account of one's wealth; lecherous (Slang)

you my

pensiful - thoughtful, meditative, pensive + the word 'pansy' derived from French pensée: thought + fanciful.

dash - a horizontal stroke of varying length (-, ---, ----) used in writing; a sudden vigorous attack or onset. Also fig. + dashes and dots (Morse code).

hyphen - a punctuation mark (-) used between parts of a compound word or between the syllables of a word when the word is divided at the end of a line of text + hymen.

arched - forming or resembling an arch

godkin = godling - a little god; an inferior deity, one imagined as possessing little power or of diminutive size + bodkin (Slang) - penis + bodkin of weddingnights (The Dead) Although the story The Dead dealt mainly with three generations of Joyce's family in Dublin, it drew also upon an incident in Galway in 1903. There Michael ("Sonny") Bodkin courted Nora Barnacle; but he contracted tuberculosis and had to be confined to bed. Shortly afterwards Nora resolved to go to Dublin, and Bodkin stole out of his sickroom, in spite of the rainy weather, to sing to her under an apple tree and bid her good-by. In Dublin Nora soon learned that Bodkin was dead, and when she met Joyce she was first attracted to him, as she told a sister, because he resembled Sonny Bodkin. Joyce altered his name from Sonny or Michael Bodkin to Michael Furey.

bedding - a putting to bed; esp. of a bride

satisfaction + sally - a breaking forth from restraint; an outburst or transport (of passion, delight, or other emotion).

armor = armour + amor (l) = amour (fr) - love + fight in armour (Slang) - use condom + Armorica (Tristan).

sue - to make one's petition or supplication to a person for a person or a thing; to plead, appeal, supplicate + Joyce's note: 'T whinged: you might let me see'.

déshabillé (fr) - undressed + Isabelle (*I*).

O how I wd kiss you (notebook 1924)

uniter - one who or that which unites; a uniting agency or quality + Joyce's note: 'God, Healer of Wounds, Uniter of Hearts'.

mig - urine; or the drainings from manure; Also fig. + mid + mig (Danish) - me.

handsup - the action of putting up the hands

yawer - var. yure (udder)

mitch - to shrink or retire from view; to lurk out of sight + me + mich (ger) - me.

positively - expressly, explicitly, directly

cheeks + (buttocks).

comely - fair, pretty, beautiful


zuccheri (it) - sugars + sugary kissings.

have bats in the belfry - to be eccentric, mad

puggy - clammy, damp, moist

honestly I will *V* (notebook 1924)

rantan - a word expressive of a loud banging noise; hence attrib. = noisy + The Rantin' Dog, the Daddy o't (song).

daddyo - colloq. var. daddy

Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song The Meeting of the Waters

wish (Slang) - vulva

wisher - one who wishes

accord - reconciliation, agreement, harmony; concurrence of opinion, will, or action

full marks - Used as an expression of considerable praise or commendation.

shouldered - placed and carried at, on or over the shoulder

Irish Rugby Union + I are You [.08]

stade (fr) - stadium + stade (Danish) - stall, stand.

tauf- (ger) - baptize + mishe/tauf ('mishe' portion seems to be missing).

green geese (Slang) - whores + Fox and Geese - district of Dublin.

swap - to exchange (a thing) with another person

smug - to caress, fondle (dial. rare.) [Ulysses.12.807: 'hugging and smugging'; A Portrait I: 'smugging' (here referring to schoolboy homosexuality)].

six of one and half a dozen of the other - the same in one case as in the other

cherry (Slang) - young girl

Ealing - suburb of London + Come Back to Erin (song).

pressing - that presses, or weighs heavily; urgent

hereinafter - after this

suant - following, ensuing (obs.) + pursuant.

'Where ignorance was bliss (Eden Erin)' (Joyce's note)

horseless - without a horse

capall (kopel) (gael) - horse

sireland - the land of one's birth; one's native country or fatherland + SUIR RIVER - The main river of South central Ireland, it rises close to the source of the Nore River, flows South the length of Tipperary, and turns East past Waterford to Waterford Harbour. 

King's and Queen's Counties - County Offaly and County Leix 

*V* ropes of pearls (Joyce's note) → Key: John McCormack, His Own Life Story 322: (of a pearl given to McCormack as a gift, supposedly large and worn at the centre of Mrs McCormack's necklace) 'the pearl, though a beautiful one, was not large - nor is it the center one in Mrs. McCormack's string, though it forms part of it'.

gamey = gamy - spirited, plucky

gnome (gr) - means of knowing, judgement, opinion + Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye (song).

slim - slender, (gracefully) thin

slum - to do (work) hurriedly and carelessly + sleep

rally - to reassemble, bring together again (an army or company which has been, or is, scattered)

rat (Slang) - whore

roundup - a meeting or social gathering of acquaintances or friends; a survey of opinion, a résumé of facts or events; spec. in Broadcasting, a summary of newsworthy items.

post - express, with speed or haste (obs.)

purification - moral or spiritual cleansing, freeing from moral defilement or corruption + (notebook 1924): 'purify the post' + {Shaun speaks of their plans to clean up the possibly dear, but certainly dirty, Dublin - he will soon stop his hiking}

sale of work - a fundraising event with raffles, cake sales, bingo etc; usually run by churches and schools

Abelite - a member of a small sect of ancient heretics in the north of Africa, stated by Augustine to have lived in continence after marriage, after the alleged example of 'the righteous Abel.'

fosterling - a foster-child, nursling

embark - to go on board ship, to take ship

euphonia = euphony - the quality of having a pleasant sound; the pleasing effect of sounds free from harshness.

Murphy, Hernon and Dwyer - Dublin city commissioners 1924-30

warder - one who wards or guards; an official in charge of prisoners in a jail + Anthony Trollope: Barchester Towers + Manchester Martyrs - three Fenians executed in 1867 for helping Fenian chiefs to escape.

put in - to insert, introduce, to insert as an addition or supplement; to contribute as one's share of work or duty


selves + shirtsleeves.

brassiere - a woman's undergarment worn to support the breasts + breast

shoulder to shoulder - with united effort, with mutual co-operation and support + (notebook 1924): 'shoulder to shoulder' → Key: John McCormack, His Own Life Story 227: 'a wife who has stood shoulder to shoulder with her husband from the beginning of his career'.

pull off - to succeed in gaining or effecting (something)

Work in Progress - Joyce's name for Finnegans Wake during composition

gape - fig. A state of eagerness or wonder + great unknown.

athome - at one's home, in one's own house + Alfred Lord Tennyson: Maud, XXII.I: 'Come into the garden, Maud, I am here at the gate alone'.

civicize - to make civic or urban

ignite - fig. To light up, as if on fire.