multipede - a many-footed creature  


Abraham* - the first of the Hebrew Patriarchs (Gen. xi. 26-xxv. 18)

seventh heaven* - a place of supreme bliss

I am

purseproud - proud of wealth, puffed up on account of one's wealth

pensiful* - thoughtful, meditative, pensive

dash - a horizontal stroke of varying length (-, ---, ----) used in writing; a sudden vigorous attack or onset. Also fig.

hyphen - a short dash or line (-) used to connect two words together as a compound; also, to join the separated syllables of a word, as at the end of a line; or to divide a word into parts for etymological or other purposes.  

arched - furnished with, formed into, or consisting of, an arch or arches.

godkin = godling - a little god; an inferior deity, one imagined as possessing little power or of diminutive size. 

bedding - a putting to bed; esp. of a bride

satisfaction;                     sally - a breaking forth from restraint; an outburst or transport (of passion, delight, or other emotion).

armor = armour;                           amor (l) - love.

sue - to make one's petition or supplication to a person for a person or a thing; to plead, appeal, supplicate.

uniter - one who or that which unites; a uniting agency or quality.

mig - urine; or the drainings from manure; Also fig.                                                                                                                mid

handsup - the action of putting up the hands

yawer - var. yure (udder)

mitch - to shrink or retire from view; to lurk out of sight                                                                                                          me

positively - definitely, expressly, explicitly, directly, downright

comely - fair, pretty, beautiful, 'nice'

Zucker (d) - sugar

puggy - clammy, damp, moist

rantan - a word expressive of a loud banging noise; hence attrib. = noisy.

daddyo* - colloq. var. daddy

wisher - one who wishes

accord - reconciliation, agreement, harmony; concurrence of opinion, will, or action.

full marks - Used as an expression of considerable praise or commendation.

shouldered - placed and carried at, on or over the shoulder

swap - to exchange (a thing) with another person

smug - to caress, fondle (dial. rare.)

six of one and half a dozen of the other* - the same in one case as in the other.

pressing - that presses, or weighs heavily; urgent

hereinafter - after this

suant - following, ensuing (obs.)

horseless - without a horse

sireland* - the land of one's birth; one's native country or fatherland.

gamey = gamy - spirited, plucky

slim - slender, (gracefully) thin

slum - to do (work) hurriedly and carelessly                                                                                                                         sleep

rally - to reassemble, bring together again (an army or company which has been, or is, scattered). 

roundup - a meeting or social gathering of acquaintances or friends; a survey of opinion, a résumé of facts or events; spec. in Broadcasting, a summary of newsworthy items.

post - express, with speed or haste (obs.)

purification - moral or spiritual cleansing, freeing from moral defilement or corruption.

sale of work - a sale of articles that have been made by members of an association, congregation, or the like, held on behalf of some charitable, religious, or political object; Also, a commercial sale of handiwork.

Abelite - a member of a small sect of ancient heretics in the north of Africa, stated by Augustine to have lived in continence after marriage, after the alleged example of 'the righteous Abel.'

fosterling - a foster-child, nursling

embark - to go on board ship, to take ship

euphonia = euphony - the quality of having a pleasant sound; the pleasing effect of sounds free from harshness.

warder - one who wards or guards; an official in charge of prisoners in a jail.

put in - to insert, introduce, to insert as an addition or supplement; to contribute as one's share  of work or duty.


brassiere - a woman's undergarment worn to support the breasts                                                                                     breast

shoulder to shoulder* - with united effort, with mutual co-operation and support.

pull off - to win (a prize or contest); hence (colloq.) to secure (some benefit); to succeed in gaining or effecting (something). 

gape - fig. A state of eagerness or wonder

athome - at one's home, in one's own house

civicize* - to make civic or urban

ignite - fig. To light up, as if on fire