utensilis (l) - useful

ginger - fig. To put mettle or spirit into, to spirit up

meliorism - the doctrine, intermediate between optimism and pessimism, which affirms that the world may be made better by rightly-directed human effort. As used by some writers, the term implies further the belief that society has on the whole a prevailing tendency towards improvement.

raffle - to cast dice, draw lots, etc., for something

receipt - the formula of a preparation, or an account of the means, by which some effect may be produced; hence, the means to be adopted for attaining some end.

sweepstakes - a prize won in a race or contest in which the whole of the stakes contributed by the competitors are taken by the winner or by a certain limited number of them.

navel - the central or middle point of anything; the nave of a wheel (obs. rare.)

felloe - the exterior rim, or a part of the rim, of a wheel, supported by the spokes.

hymn - an ode or song of praise in honour of a deity, a country, etc. 

Swift's "Burn everything English, except their coal" 

soothe - to restore to a normally peaceful or tranquil condition, to mollify or appease.

coke - the solid substance left after mineral coal has been deprived by dry distillation of its volatile constituents, being a form of carbon of more compact texture, but with more impurities, than the charcoal obtained by a similar process from wood.

bile - fig. Anger, ill temper, peevishness;                black bile - atrabilis, choler adust, or melancholy, the fourth of the 'humours' of early physiology (atrabile - 'a term anciently used for an imaginary fluid, thick, black, and acrid,' supposed to be secreted by the renal or atrabiliary glands, or by the spleen, and to be the cause of melancholy).

essay - a composition more or less elaborate in style, though limited in range.

vocational - of, pertaining or relating to, a vocation or occupation.

scholar - one who is taught in a school; esp. a boy or girl attending an elementary school.

cursorily* - in a cursory manner; in passing; hastily; without attention to details.

Henrietta - Designating a light-weight dress fabric, sometimes with a silk warp.

Jewry - the Jewish people, nation, race, or community; the Jews collectively.

sludge - mud, mire, or ooze, covering the surface of the ground or forming a deposit at the bottom of rivers, etc.

at its height - at the highest point or degree

boulevard - a broad street, promenade, or walk, planted with rows of trees. 

waterman - a man employed in the supply or distribution of water; a man working on a boat or among boats, esp. a boatman.  

jubilee - a season or occasion of joyful celebration or general rejoicing.

luke - obs. or Sc. form of look

dung - to manure (ground) with dung

strew - to cover (the ground, a floor, any surface) with something loosely scattered or  sprinkled.

dumping - depositing of rubbish, etc.

versus - against

white friar - a Carmelite friar (whose habit is distinguished by a white cloak and scapular).

rogation - Eccl. (Usually pl.) Solemn supplications consisting of the litany of the saints, chanted during procession on the three days before Ascension Day.

stag party - party composed of males only; freq. applied spec. to a celebration held on the eve of a man's marriage.

trawler* - one who fishes with a trawl or trawl-net

noreast - obs. form of nor' east (north-east)

sou'west - south-west

wateringplace* - a resort of fashionable or holiday visitants, either for drinking or bathing in the waters of a mineral spring, or for sea-bathing.

lump it - to accept a situation, decision, etc. without complaint, to bear something patiently.

compost - composed, compounded; composite, compound

baugh - to bark, as a dog

fino - a type of dry sherry; a glass of such sherry

asea - on the sea, at sea                                                                                                                                                      Asia

black coat - a depreciative term for clergyman, parson

overset - to overturn the normal mental or physical condition of (a person); to overcome mentally or physically; to discompose, disorder.

perdix - the Latin word for 'partridge'

oremus* - a liturgical prayer introduced by the word oremus ('let us pray')

autointoxication* - poisoning by or resulting from toxin produced within the body.

boneshaker - a humorous name given to the bicycle as it existed before the introduction of india-rubber tires and other improvements; a dilapidated, uncomfortable or outmoded vehicle.

run up - to build, erect, set up (a wall, etc.)

showery - causing or producing showers; bringing showers

limb = leg

vestee - part of a woman's dress bodice, consisting of a collar and front, usually of lace, net, silk, or other soft material.

endorse - to put something on the back. (Merely literary, and chiefly humorous or pedantic); to inscribe (a document) on the back with words indicating the nature of its contents, one's opinion of its value, some extension or limitation of its provisions, etc.

hierarchy - the collective body of ecclesiastical rulers; Also, the collective body of angels, the angelic host.

ecclesiastic* - a clergyman, person in orders, a 'churchman' as distinguished from a 'layman'.

to bend one's steps - to walk or go (in a particular direction)


procure - to gain, win, get possession of, acquire