longing - characterized by yearning desire

suppose - purpose, intention




causeway - a highway; usually a paved way, such as existed before the introduction of macadamization.

durn = darn (Used as a form of asseveration)

topcoat - overcoat, great-coat, outer coat

kake = cake (obs.) - a mass or concretion of any solidified or compressed substance in a flattened form, as a cake of soap, wax, paint, dry clay, coagulated blood, tobacco, etc.

slush - liquid mud or mire

occasioned by - in consequence of (obs.)

mush - anything soft and pulpy; Also, anything reduced to or resembling a mass of powder.

jam - the tight squeezing of one or more movable parts of a machine into or against another part so that they cannot move; the blocking or stopping of a machine from this cause; Also fig., an awkward or difficult situation.

cross - the point where two lines or paths cross each other; a crossing, cross-way.


complaint - the action of complaining

muckrake - a rake for collecting 'muck'; The source of the figurative use is Bunyan's description of 'the Man with the Muck-rake', which was intended as an emblem of absorption in the pursuit of worldly gain; but in modern use it is often made to refer generally to a preference for what is comparatively worthless over that which is valuable, or to a depraved interest in what is morally 'unsavoury' or scandalous.

W.D. - War Department

so much loved

Troia (gr) - ancient Troy

carmen (l) - song, voice

mendiant = mendicant - a beggar, one who lives by begging

wellbeloved* - deeply loved


Grand National - the great steeplechase established in 1839 and run annually at Aintree, Liverpool, in the first week of the flat-racing season.

...The Gold Cup flat handicap, the official and definitive result of which he had read in the Evening Telegraph, late pink edition.

Derby* - proper name of the most noted annual horse-race in England, founded in 1780 by the twelfth Earl of Derby, and run at the Epsom races, usually on the Wednesday before, or the second Wednesday after, Whitsunday.

vomitive - an emetic, a medicine or the like which causes or induces vomiting.

stretcher - a kind of litter composed of two poles separated by cross-bars upon which canvas is stretched, used to transport sick or wounded persons.

devitalize* - to deprive of vitality or vital qualities, to render lifeless or effete.

uprise* - to come into existence

despair of - to be without hope of

rampant - Of persons: Violent and extravagant in action, opinion, etc.

commissioner - one appointed or deputed by commission to carry out some specified work, such as a judicial or other investigation, the negotiation of a treaty, peace, etc.; a delegate.

ill - hurtful, injurious, pernicious, noxious, mischievous, prejudicial, dangerous; Prov. ill weeds grow apace; it's an ill wind that blows nobody good.

worth one's while* - worth doing, profitable, advantageous


profiteer - to practise profiteering; to be a profiteer

hardship* - a condition which presses unusually hard upon one who has to endure it; hardness  of fate or circumstance; severe toil or suffering.

it is a grim tale

strike off - to cancel by or as by a stroke of a pen; to remove from a list or record. Also fig., 'to cancel, remit (an obligation).

for good and all - as a final act, finally

temse - a sieve, esp. one used for bolting meal

privy seal - the seal affixed to documents that are afterwards to pass the Great Seal; also to documents of less importance which do not require the Great Seal. In Scotland, A seal which authenticates a royal grant of personal or assignable rights.


discalced - barefooted, unshod

bourse - an exchange, or place of meeting for merchants; the money-market (of a foreign town).


honest to God* - genuine(ly, real(ly

plexus - any intertwined or interwoven mass; a complex body, collection, or set of things (material or immaterial).

sanguine - In mediŠval and later physiology: Belonging to that one of the four 'complexions'  which was supposed to be characterized by the predominance of the blood over the other three humours, and indicated by a ruddy countenance and a courageous, hopeful, and amorous disposition.

boundary - that which serves to indicate the bounds or limits of anything whether material or immaterial; also the limit itself. 

sis - sister

murky - sullen, cheerless, gloomy

highfaluting - absurdly pompous or bombastic in style

dorse - the back of a book or writing; Pugilistic slang. The back

to pay court to - to pay amorous attention to, seek to gain the affections of

overleave* - to leave over (to allow to remain for future use; to let 'stand over' for subsequent consideration).

boosey - a stall for a cow or (less usually) a horse; esp. the upper part of the stall, where the fodder is placed.