score - a written form of a musical composition (parts for different instruments appear on separate staves on large pages)

phonoscope - a device that shows an image representing the acoustical properties of a musical instrument (especially, an apparatus invented by K["o]nig for testing the quality of musical strings).

incuriosity - lack of curiosity + incuriosus (l) - negligent + incuriosite (it) - made curious.

this whiles - during this time, or the time in question

firmament - the sky or heavens + fulmen (l) - thunderbolt.

wonderment - the or a state of wonder 

stellar - pertaining to the stars + Swift's Stella and Vanessa.

attraction - the action of drawing forth interest, affection, or sympathy; the force by which one object attracts another

swallow - a deep hole or opening in the earth; a depth or abyss of water; fig. A gulf, abyss, sink (of evil); small long-winged songbird noted for swift graceful flight and the regularity of its migrations.

Venus - Astr. The second planet in order of distance from the sun + Ecclesiastes 1:2: 'vanity of vanities; all is vanity'.

grog - a drink consisting of spirits (originally rum) and water

time enough lost the ducks (proverb) - The ducks should have been secured at once as it was known that a fox was prowling about.

blue funk - extreme nervousness, extreme fear, tremulous dread + blue fox - a variety of the Arctic fox, and its fur.

tristy - sad, sorrowful + tristis (l) - sad, sorrowful + tristys (Cornish) - sorrow, sadness + Tristan.

earthlight - the partial illumination of the dark portion of the moon's surface by light reflected from the earth

deerdrive - a shooting expedition in which the deer are driven past the sportsman + Deirdre and Conchobar (Conchobar decides to have her brought up in seclusion from men, intending to marry her when she comes of age. However, she elopes with a young warrior called Naoise.)

Wilfred - rabbit in a comic-strip 'Pip, Squeak and Wilfred'

lief - dearly, gladly, willingly + as lief as - as willingly as, as gladly as + (notebook 1924): '*V* turn back'.

spoonfeed - to feed by spoon

nippy - pleasantly cold and invigorating; a Lyons' tea-shop girl (so called in the firm's advertisements)

appointment (Joyce's note)

vera (l) - true

toutou - a pet name for a dog, esp. a lap-dog

ipostilo (it) - hypostyle, having a pillar-supported ceiling

Lyons' Corner Houses (London tea-shop chain) + Lyonesse - Tristan's home country in Malory's account + Lord Edward George Bulwer-Lytton: The Lady of Lyons.

gastronomy - the art and science of delicate eating + astronomy.

conduct - guidance, leading [(notebook 1924): 'safeconduct']

tinny - a small tin mug + (tin box).

brownie (Slang) - homosexual + brownies - junior girl guides.

invocation - the action or an act of invoking or calling upon (God, a deity, etc.) in prayer or attestation

Jonas Hanway (1712-86) - first man to carry an umbrella in London; stones were thrown at him; wrote against tea drinking (in Aristophanes' The Birds, Prometheus uses an umbrella to hide himself from the god) + (notebook 1924): 'Jonas Hanway (gamp)' + gamp - umbrella (after the umbrella-carrying Mrs Sarah Gamp in Dickens' Martin Chuzzlewit).

Gamp - a monthly nurse in Dickens' Martin Chuzzlewit, who carried a large cotton umbrella

lapidate - to throw stones at, to pelt with stones; also, to stone to death

Jacobus - the current name of an English gold coin, struck in the reign of James I + Jacobus (l) - James.

intercisus (l) - cut to pieces, divided

thurifex (l) - incense-maker + thurifer (l) - incense-bearer + thura (gr) - door + purifex (l) - cleaner.

Matthew 16:18: 'thou art Peter and upon this rock'

boozum (Irish Pronunciation) - bosom

cubit - the part of the arm from the elbow downward, the forearm

local option - the right granted by the legislature of a country or state to the inhabitants of each particular district to decide whether the trade in liquor shall be prohibited within the district. Hence occas. by extension, the principle of allowing localities to decide for themselves whether they will accept or reject certain regulations.

lodging - dwelling, abode + Roberts: The Proverbs of Wales 86: 'In the bird's lodging (to spend the night under a hedge)'.

pheasant - the name of a well-known game-bird, Phasianus colchicus, long naturalized in Britain and other parts of Europe; whore (Slang)

warbler - any one of the numerous small plain-coloured singing-birds of the family Sylviinae + I dreamt that I dwelt in marble halls... (Clay, Dubliners).

throstle - a thrush; esp. the song-thrush

chough - a European corvine bird of small or medium size with red legs and glossy black plumage

hie - to hasten + (prolonged sigh).

hare - hair (obs.) + (notebook 1924): 'hares standing up well'.

lug (Slang) - ear

ditto - the aforesaid, the same

maidrin ruadh (moderin rue) (gael) - "red little dog": fox + Moddereen Rue (song).

bosom + (notebook 1924): 'the bosom of the night' Kinane: St. Patrick 171: (quoting from Saint Patrick's Confession) 'I saw in the bosom of the night... a man who appeared to come from Ireland... and he had innumerable letters with him'.

exhale - Of vapour, perfume, heat, etc.: To pass off into the air. Of a liquid, etc.: To pass off as vapour; to evaporate + (notebook 1924): 'exhaling round about' → Kinane: St. Patrick 190: 'some choice flower, exhaling round about a sweet fragrance'.

pinch - to compress between the tips of the finger and thumb + picking

stop and go - alternately stopping and going + (traffic lights) + (glowworms).

dim - Of colour: Not bright; dull, faint; dusky or dark; lustreless.

Brilliant (ger) - diamond + (fireflies).

wagger - one who wags (his head) + finger

but for - except for, were it not for; but because, but since

Shaun hears the clock strike 2 a.m. + owl's cry: 'tu-whit, tu-whoo!'

yen - yon (obs.)

zip - to make the sound expressed by 'zip'; also to move briskly or with speed

Drumsaileach (Field of Sallows) Armagh (notebook 1924) Fleming: The Life of St. Patrick 122: 'St. Patrick in the year 445 moved onward to a place called Druim-Sailech, or the Field of Sallows, but afterwards called Armagh, on account of its eminence'.

fleurette (fr) - little flower; amorous discourse + play the devil with (someone) - to cause harm or trouble to (someone) + devil to pay - serious trouble.

on the safe side - with a margin of security against error

St Grouse's Day starts the grouse season in England. 

hoopoe - a bird of the family Upupidæ, esp. the typical Upupa epops, a south European species, which occasionally visits England, conspicuous by its variegated plumage + Hoopoe is the chief character in Aristophanes' The Birds + The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. XIII, 'hoopoe', 676c: 'as incubation proceeds... the hen scarcely ever leaves her eggs'.

arisings + raise hell - to create a disturbance; to cause great trouble.

sheet lightning - that in which a wide surface is equally illuminated at once

dreamily - in a dreamy manner; as in a dream or reverie

drum - Of birds or insects: To make a loud hollow reverberating sound, as by the quivering of the wings.

sniper - one who snipes, or shoots from concealment, etc. + snipe - one or other of the limicoline birds of the genus Gallinago, characterized by having a long straight bill, and by frequenting marshy places.

harp - to play on a harp; to make a sound like that of the harp

aerial - an antenna + Aeolian harps + Ariel - an airy spirit in Shakespeare's The Tempest.

rive - the sea-shore; the bank of a river

(onomat.) + Ppt ('Poor pretty thing', Swift's name for Stella in his Journal to Stella).

whip poor will - popular name in U.S. and Canada for a species of Goatsucker, Antrostomus (Caprimulgus) vociferus + "According to occult lore the buzzing of insects, the croaking of frogs, the cry of whipporwills, denote the Presence of the Great Old Ones. Note also that the Arabic title of The Necronomicon, Al Azif (the original title), means 'that nocturnal sound (made by insects) supposed to be the howling of demons'." (Kenneth Grant: Outside the Circles of Time).

woody - covered or overgrown with wood; having a growth of trees or shrubs

morepork - a name given in New Zealand to an owl, the Spiloglaux novæ-zealandiæ, in Tasmania to the night-jar, Podargus cuvieri, and in Australia to other birds, as the Ninox boobook + MOOR PARK - Sir William Temple's estate in Surrey, England; Swift went there as secretary to Temple, 1689; met Esther Johnson there + (onomat.)

peaceful + Aristophanes: The Peace.

philopotamus (fr) - sort of flea + philopotamus (Greek Artificial) - river lover (caddisfly genus) + hippopotamus.

jug - to utter a sound resembling this word, as certain birds do, especially the nightingale + cracking jokes + Aristophanes: The Frogs: (frogs' chorus) 'Brekekekex koax koax'.

grenouilles (fr) - frogs + genoux (fr) - knees.

tealeaf - the leaf of the tea-plant; esp. in pl. the leaves after being infused to make the beverage

Belleek - town in Fermanagh, Ireland, used attrib. or absol. to designate a kind of pottery produced there

wary - marked by keen caution and watchful prudence

upfield - Football. In or towards the end of the field nearest the goal which the team is attacking + upturned telescope.

rugby - a form of football played with an oval ball + lullaby + rock-a-by.

cumulous - heap-like; of the nature of cumulus clouds + cumulus (l) - a heap.

Thomas Davis: The West's Asleep (song) + fast asleep.


scrum - Rugby Football: The method of beginning play in which the forwards of each team crouch side by side with locked arms. Play starts when the ball is thrown in between them and the two sides compete for possession + Joyce's note: 'moon in scrum' + claustrum (l) - cloister + Aristophanes: The Clouds.

Mother Goose (pantomime) + Fairy Godmother (in Cinderella) + the goose that laid the golden egg - A story found in many forms in world literature. In one common version of the story, the owner of a goose finds that the goose can lay eggs of pure gold and cuts the goose open to find the gold inside her. The goose turns out to be like any other goose inside and, being dead, will lay no more golden eggs.