poach - to cook (an egg) by dropping it, without the shell, into boiling water and simmering gently; to catch and carry off (game or fish) illegally, to capture by illicit or unsportsmanlike methods such as a poacher uses. 

rent - a cleft or fissure in the surface of the earth; a deep narrow gorge or valley; also, a narrow breach in a wall, etc.

riverside - the side or bank of a river; the ground adjacent to, or stretching along, a river.

beavery - a place in which beavers live or are kept

dace - a small fresh-water cyprinoid fish, Leuciscus vulgaris

grannom - a kind of fly (see quots.); also an imitation of it used in fly-fishing

finny - provided with or having fins

minnow* - a small cyprinoid freshwater fish, Leuciscus phoxinus or Phoxinus lævis, common in the streams, lakes, and ponds of Europe.

gillaroo - a species of trout found in certain Irish rivers and lakes (...Trouts, which are called gillaroo, are found in Loch Melvin, near Ballyshannon, and Loch Con, near Ballina and differ little from the common trout, except in being of a bright golden yellow on the belly and fins, with more red spots on the sides, and somewhat broader and thicker in form).

purse - the narrow closed part or bag at the lower end of a trawl-net or other fishing net.

wind - to encircle with or enclose in something passed round and in contact.

carp* - a freshwater fish, Cyprinus carpio, the type of the family Cyprinidæ; introduced into England as early as the 14th c., and commonly bred in ponds.

rood - As a linear measure: A rod, pole, or perch. Now only in local use, and varying from 6 to 8 yards.

perch - a common spiny-finned freshwater fish (Perca fluviatilis) of Europe and the British Isles, the flesh of which is used as food.

astench - to assail with stench

lasher - Chiefly local (on the Thames): The body of water that lashes or rushes over an opening in a barrier or weir; hence the opening itself, and by extension, a weir.

loganstone* - a large stone so balanced that it could be rocked with a little force.

shelly - a shell                                                                                                                                                               shoulders

Latakia - a fine kind of Turkish tobacco produced near and shipped from Latakia (the ancient Laodicea), a seaport of Syria.

benevolent* - desirous of the good of others, of a kindly disposition, charitable, generous.

nosethrill - a nostril

jealisom* - jealous, having jealousy;                jessamine - the plant Jasminum officinale, a climbing or ascending shrub with fragrant white flowers, long naturalized in Southern Europe, and grown in England since the 16th c.

wilt - Of plants or their parts: To become limp or flaccid, through heat or drought.

consternation - amazement and terror such as to prostrate one's faculties; dismay.

dap - to fish by letting the bait dip and bob lightly on the water; to dip lightly or suddenly into water.

burning water - ardent spirit (obs.)

starlight* - the light of the stars  

sturgeon* - a large fish of the family Acipenseridæ, having an elongated, almost cylindrical, body protected by longitudinal rows of bony scutes and a long tapering snout, found widely distributed in the rivers and coastal waters of the north temperate zone.

armful - as much as can be held in both arms (or in one).

pike - a large, extremely voracious, freshwater fish of the northern temperate zone, Esox lucius, with a long slender snout.

pie - a dish composed of meat, fowl, fish, fruit, or vegetables, etc. 

twined - that has been twined, in various senses of the verb; twisted, plaited, curled, coiled, wreathed, etc.


juck - to make a sound or call imitated by this word, as a partridge.

gamut - the compass or full range of notes which a voice or instrument is capable of producing.

twitty - chirping, twittering                                                                                                                                                     29

Dorian - of Doris or Doria, a division of ancient Greece. Dorian mode, in Music, one of the ancient Grecian modes, characterized by simplicity and solemnity.

chthonic - dwelling in or beneath the surface of the earth 

solfa* - the set of syllables 'do (or ut), re, mi, fa, sol, la, si', sung to the respective notes of the major scale.

piccolo (it) - small

pipe - to play (a tune, music) upon a pipe; to whistle or sing as a bird.

air - connected succession of musical sounds; expressive rhythmical sequence of musical tones; song-like music, melody.

spinney - a small wood or copse, esp. one planted or preserved for sheltering game-birds; a small clump or plantation of trees.


forte - a musical direction indicating a strong, loud tone in performance.

cadge - to get by begging; to carry about, as a pedlar does his pack                                                                                      catch

latter* - hinder, hindmost (obs.)

througher - a thirl put through between two headings which are up-stoop.

lark - With allusion to the lark's habits; e.g. its early song

fork - a steel instrument with two prongs which, when set in vibration, gives a musical note.

Killarney - the name of a town in Co. Kerry, Ireland

that's flat - that's the absolute, undeniable truth

ware - to beware of, guard against; Chiefly in imper. = look out for!

wold - a piece of open country; an elevated tract of open country or moorland; forest (obs.)

what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander* - what is acceptable or pleasing to one person is acceptable or pleasing to another;                gorse - the prickly shrub Ulex europæus.

lethal - that may or will cause death; deadly, mortal

hemlock* - the common name of Conium maculatum, a poisonous umbelliferous plant, having a stout branched stem with purplish spots, finely divided leaves, and small white flowers; it is used medicinally as a powerful sedative.

logan berry* - a fruit produced by crossing a raspberry with a blackberry, or the plant producing it.  

loathe - to feel aversion or dislike for; to be reluctant or unwilling to (do something). Now only with stronger sense: To have an intense aversion for; to regard with utter abhorrence and disgust.

laburnum - a small tree of the genus so called, esp. L. anagyroides or L. alpinum and their hybrids, belonging to the family Leguminosæ and bearing long pendulous racemes of bright yellow flowers followed by pods of poisonous seeds.

dash - to strike with violence so as to break into fragments

gaudy - brilliantly fine or gay, highly ornate, showy. Now chiefly in disparaging sense: Excessively or glaringly showy, tastelessly gay or fine.

deathcup - a very poisonous mushroom (Amanita phalloides)

bryony - the English name of the plant-genus Bryonia (N.O. Cucurbitaceæ).

belladonna* - Bot. The specific name of the Deadly Nightshade or Dwale (Atropa  Belladonna).

greenwood - a wood or forest when in leaf

birdnest - a name given to several plants: The Wild Carrot; Monotropa Hypophitys; Bird's-nest Orchid                              business

wage - to put to hazard, venture or risk the loss of

sharp - of a note, singing, an instrument: Above the regular or true pitch, too high.

double first - (University colloq.): a place in the first class in each of two final examinations in different subjects.

foremost - first, before any other or anything else, in position or rank


sink - to invest or spend unprofitably; to lose (money) in unfortunate investment, war, etc.

sumtotal - the total amount (of things capable of numeration)