farthing - the quarter of a penny; the coin representing this value + Dolly Varden (song) + Dolly Varden - a character in Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens.

vestment - a garment or article of clothing, esp. one of the nature of a robe or gown; Also collect., clothing, dress + investments.

abdominal - Anat. Of or pertaining to the abdomen + abdomen (l) - belly + subdominal - pertaining to the subdomen + subdomen (l) - the part of the belly that is subdued or appended.

poteen - whisky distilled in Ireland in small quantities, privately, i.e. the produce of an illicit still + (notebook 1924): 'Lsd made by poaching invested in poteen' Connacht Tribune 12 Apr 1924, 7/4: 'Athendry District Court. Fishing and Sporting Rights': '- Dr. Comyn: There are many valuable rivers in the country, and the money prople make on poaching in salmon and trout, in many cases, is invested in poteen'.

1st cost (Joyce's note) → prime (or first) cost - the direct cost of something, excluding expenses, discounts, profits, etc.


Olcott, Chauncey (1860-1932) - Amenican actor who, Mr Wilder says, played Shaun the Post for years on both sides of the Atlantic, and wrote song Mother Machree

ounce - a unit of weight; originally, as still in Troy weight, the twelfth of a pound + (Issy's garments weigh half an ounce).


backboard - a board placed at, or forming, the back of anything, e.g. of a picture, a cart, a boat

mesdames - the plural of madame + Song Madamina from Don Giovanni.

strafe - to punish; to do damage to; to attack fiercely + Gott strafe England (ger) - God punish England.

gogetter - an active, enterprising, pushing person

cash register - a till for recording and adding the amounts put into it

poisson - Used with reference to a discrete frequency distribution defined by e-mmx/x!, which gives the probability of x events occurring, m being its only parameter + poisson (fr) - fish + One man's meat is another man's poison (proverb).

sowing my wild oats (phrase) + (Parable of the Plums in Ulysses).

horn of plenty

mead - an alcoholic liquor made by fermenting a mixture of honey and water

lashings - a great plenty, abundance

Joyce's note: 'erbole (wild plum)' (wine)

hydromel - a liquor consisting of a mixture of honey and water, which when fermented is called vinous hydromel or mead

bragget - a drink made from ale and fermented honey

fluke - a lucky stroke, an unexpected success + flute (Slang) - penis + Mozart: The Magic Flute.

frolicky - given to merry frolicking

zoom - Of a camera, lens, etc.: to close up on a subject (esp. rapidly) without losing focus; to travel or move (as if) with a 'zooming' sound; to move at speed, to hurry.

tophole - the highest point attainable; also attrib. first-rate, 'tip-top'

mart (Archaic) - market-place + Joyce's note: 'mart' Connacht Tribune 26 Apr 1924, 1/2: 'Preliminary Notice': 'I have received instructions to Sell by Public Auction, at the Mart, St. Augustine Street, Galway, ON THURSDAY, the 1st of May'.

factor - mercantile agent, commission merchant + facteur (French) - postman.

BECTIVE - Village, County Meath, with Bective Abbey (ruins), founded 12th century. The allusion is mainly to the Bective Rangers, a Dublin rugby club. 

(salmon said to be sleepless) + 'by the salmon' (obscure oath unrelated to the fish) + Solomon.

anadromos (gr) - running-up: of a fish entering a river from the sea (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake)

ye - Used as objective (accusative or dative) instead of you (in plural or singular sense).

pesci (it) - fishes + pisces (pl.) (l) - fishes + Ye gods and little fishes (Ulysses 6.88).

mony - obs. form of many + money makes money (phrase) + (notebook 1923): 'Money makes money' O. Henry: The Four Million 130: 'Mammon and the Archer': 'I bet my money on money every time... I'm for money against the field. Tell me something money won't buy'.

brothers + Irish phrase: 'ignorant as a kish of brogues' (literally 'ignorant as a basket of shoes').

sisters + Miracle of the loaves and the fishes (John 6:5-13, Mark 6:34-44)

fusee - one who is armed with a fusee (a light musket or firelock); a fusilier

ranger - pl. A body of mounted troops, or other armed men, employed in ranging over a tract of country.

ensemble - to bring together, assemble

Shannon - a river in Ireland

black water - a stream stained brown by the peat of the mosses from which it flows + Blackwater river, Ireland.

rann - a stanza of a song, a verse + run

yip - colloq. pronunc. of yes

scat - treasure, money; dung, (pl.) droppings

Schatz - In Germany: a term of endearment for a woman + Mein Schatz (ger) - My treasure.

lovebird - a lover

funk - to fear, be afraid of + fuck.

preternatural - that is out of the ordinary course of nature; beyond, surpassing, or differing from what is natural; unnatural + peter (Slang) - penis.

daring - Of persons or their attributes: Bold, adventurous; hardy, audacious.

feer - obs. form of fear + it is daring fears that is divine. 

VARIAN AND CO - Brush manufacturers, long at 91-92 Talbot Street

belay - to lay (a thing) about with other objects (i.e. by putting them about or around it) + balayer (fr) - to sweep.

stake - to place a bet on, to wager; to put at risk 


divy - colloq. abbreviation of dividend + divy (Czech) - wonders + (postman's lamp).

catch as catch can - phr. expressing laying hold of in any way, each as he can

stagger - to bewilder, perplex; to render helpless by a shock of amazement (or occas. horror)

humanity - the human race; mankind; human beings collectively

loyally - in a loyal manner, with loyalty; faithfully

snowwhite - white as snow, pure white + Snow White and Rose Red - sisters in fairy tale + Snow White (pantomime). 

spouse - a wife + sponsa (l) - betrothed woman, bride.

red clover - a wild plant that is used for grazing cattle and other animals, having red-purple to pink flowers + live (or be) in clover - to live luxuriously + Roll Me Over, in the Clover (song).

nighty night - good night (a customary phrase used at parting at night or going to sleep) + ninety-nine (metronome mark).

metronome - an instrument used in music for marking the time by means of a graduated inverted pendulum with a sliding weight which can be regulated to make the required number of beats in a minute.

fly high - to obtain a high or powerful position in society, at work, etc.

petter - one who pets or indulges + (notebook 1931): 'petter & pal' → Paul/Peter (motif).

sumptuous - Of persons, etc.: Spending largely; (hence) magnificent in equipment or way of living (obs.)

sheila - a girl or young woman; a girl-friend

Mumm - the proprietary name of the champagne produced by the firm of Mumm in Rheims + damn all.

beautiful + brut (fr) - (of champagne) extra dry + frullare (it) - to whisk + but fill up.

fizz - to make a hissing or sputtering sound

pop - to make a small quick explosive sound; to burst or explode with a pop

Chartreuse - French liqueur made by the Carthusian Monks since the 1740s.

pale - [ad. L. pala spade] a baker's shovel + 'Take a pair of sparkling eyes, If you can, Happy man' (song).

sparkling - reflecting or emitting rays of light; flashing, glittering

swirl - Of water or of objects borne on water: To move in or upon eddies or little whirlpools.

Heidsiek - brand of champagne + hide and seek + Pretty Molly Brannigan (song): 'There's not a bit of all me hide / The sun'll ever tan again'.

stand - to confront, face, oppose

let fly - to fire, shoot; ejaculate (Slang)

bishop + shoot a bishop (Slang) - fuck.

seventh heaven - the highest, called also 'heaven of heavens,' being the abode of God and the most exalted angels

plant - to put or fix in position; to post, station

ottoman - a cushioned seat like a sofa, but without back or arms, for sitting or reclining on

lechery - habitual indulgence of lust, lewdness of living; luxurious or inordinate pleasure

stitchless - unclothed + simply speechless.

admiración (sp) - wonder, admiration

uxorious - marked or characterized by excessive affection for one's wife + uxor (l) - wife + luxuriously

compartment - one of the divisions of a railway-carriage + apartments.

sybarite - a person devoted to luxury and pleasure + separate

chamber - a room

shoestring - a small or inadequate amount of money, a very little capital

first class! (Joyce's note)

famik (Volapük) - famous + famished.

anxious - troubled or uneasy in mind about some uncertain event; being in painful or disturbing suspense; concerned, solicitous

Jupiter Pluvius - Jupiter as the dispenser of rain; hence used trivially in reference to a fall or storm of rain

assideratio (l) - a looking at the stars + consideration.