Luft (d) - air

wobble* - to move unsteadily from side to side or backwards and forwards (without progression).

coold - cold (obs.)


perish - to bring to destruction, destroy; to put to death, kill (a person, etc.)

the chapter of accidents - the unforeseen course of events

atramental - of or pertaining to ink; ink-

cackling - that cackles

leest - least (obs.)

apple sauce - nonsense, absurdity


siss = sis - sister

tennis flannels* - garments of flannel for tennis

correspondence* - the letters that pass between correspondents; also, letters contributed to a newspaper or journal.

tripos - a seat, table, or other similar structure with three legs; esp. a three-legged stool.

peek - to peer, peep, pry, look in, or out. Also, to glance at

focus - fig. A centre or 'hotbed' (of intrigue, sedition, etc.); a centre of activity or energy; In Lat. sense: A fireplace or furnace.

peck - to strike with the beak, as a bird; to eat, to feed (colloq.)

thumbnail - a drawing or sketch of the size of the thumb-nail; hence fig. a brief word-picture.

reverie - a fantastic, fanciful, unpractical, or purely theoretical idea or notion.

to prick up one's ears - to become attentive or alert to listen

phono - phonograph (an instrument, invented by Thomas A. Edison in 1877, by which sounds are automatically recorded and reproduced).

pick up - to catch sight of (a light, signal, etc.); succeed in seeing, hearing, detecting, receiving, etc., by means of an appropriate instrument or apparatus, to pick up a wind.  

frank - free from restraint or impediment; unrestricted, unchecked (obs.)

hoppy - characterized by, or predisposed to, hopping; lively, full of movement.

plow - the front part of a plough                                                                                                                                          cow


Benedictine - of or belonging to St. Benedict or the religious order founded by him.

errand - a mission, embassy, an expedition for a specific purpose

term - to give a particular or specified name to; to name, call, denominate, designate.

beatific* - making blessed; imparting supreme happiness or blessedness

Pharaoh* - the generic appellation of the ancient Egyptian kings

Ramses (19th dynasty of Egypt)

Giovanni Battista Vico (1668-1744) - Neapolitan philosopher (historical development of culture and its cyclical or repetitive character).

round and round - with a circular course, so as to return again to the point of departure.

term - utmost or extreme limit, end; esp. end of duration or existence, final cessation, close, conclusion, termination.

appal - to make pale with fear, to dismay

recourse - to run back, return (to a place); to recur to the mind; to go back to an earlier point.

all serene - a slang phr. for 'all's well', 'all right'

fret - to distress oneself with constant thoughts of regret or discontent; to vex oneself, worry.

as regards - 'so far as it concerns,' 'in the degree, manner, or case in which it concerns.'

dutiful* - relating to duty or obligation


breeze - to blow gently, as a breeze

overking - a superior king; a king who is the superior of other rulers having the title of king.

hither and thither* - to this place and that, in this direction and in that (alternately); to and fro; in various directions.

pardee = pardie - A form of oath: = 'By God!'; hence as an asseveration: Verily, certainly, assuredly, indeed.

patch - a domestic fool; a fool or foolish person generally; a clown, dolt, booby. 

watery - consisting of water; resembling water in consistence; thin, fluid.

newlywed* - a person newly married

lay - to put down or deposit as a wager

guinea - an English gold coin, not coined since 1813, first struck in 1663 with the nominal value of 20s., but from 1717 until its disappearance circulating as legal tender at the rate of 21s.

hayseed - the grass seed shaken out of hay

Joshua* - Old Testament leader of the Israelites; in allusion to the branching shape of the tree, compared with that of Joshua brandishing a spear.


temperate - neither too hot nor too cold; of mild and equable temperature.