Luft (ger) - air + Luftzug (ger) - draft + Luftsack (ger) - air-pocket + lovesick.

wobble - to move unsteadily from side to side or backwards and forwards (without progression) + warbling.

hedra (gr) - seat, chair; backside + hydraulics.

coold - cold (obs.)

atmosphere + (notebook 1924): 'draughts playing in atmosphere'.

Borte (ger) - edge, border + bort- (Danish) - departure + (his cold is getting worse and thus he snuffles "morning").

perish - to bring to destruction, destroy; to put to death, kill (a person, etc.) + Irish phrase: 'that breeze would perish the Danes' (very cold weather) + (notebook 1922-23): ''twould perish the Danes' Leader 11 Nov 1922, 327/2: 'Our Ladies' Letter': 'Did you get anything for the winter? 'Twould perish the Danes here for the past week'.

chapter of accidents - unforeseen course of events + a chapter of accidents - a series of unfortunate events.

atramental - of or pertaining to ink; ink- + detrimental + (notebook 1924): 'atrament' → Rothschild: Histoire de la Poste aux Lettres 24: 'We would like to know with more precision to which period of the history of the Persians belongs a quite curious event... that swallows were transported far away, very far away from the nest where they were born, from the nest where they were hatched; there, certain signs were painted on their wings by means of ochre, of atrament, or of other dyes, then were they set free'.

half health (Joyce's note)

*V* cap earflaps (notebook 1924) Commelin: Nouvelle Mythologie, Grecque et Romaine 62: 'Mercury... has wings on his cap'.

cackling - that cackles + cackle (Slang) - reveal secrets by indiscrete talk + cat out of the bag (phrase).

leest - least (obs.) + leest (Dutch) - last + '*V* cdn't tell a lie if ye paid me' (Joyce's note).

falsehood *V* (Joyce's note)

Wd likely give (Joyce's note) Irish Independent 26 Apr 1924, 8/7: (letter to the editor) 'As this is the age for summer courses for the "backward" in all branches of learning, I hereby propose that Miss McSwiney should give a summer course of lectures to the Bishops on Theology... as to her qualifications, is she not by profession a teacher of infant school children?... The National Government would likely give a grant for such an important work'

satisfaction + Sothis - Egyptian goddess, both Isis and Sirius.

apple sauce - nonsense, absurdity


talk through one's hat - to talk nonsense; especially on a subject that one professes to be knowledgeable about but in fact is ignorant of

ernst (ger) - earnest + (I am in earnest).

Schuh (ger) - shoe + (sneeze).

siss = sis - sister + bis (l) - twice + Sisisphus, Sisyphus (l) - a king punished in the Tartarus by being cursed to roll a huge boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll down again, and repeat this throughout eternity + Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. LXXXV: 'the Ibis (i.e. Thoth)'.

tennis flannels - garments of flannel for tennis + MacCarthy, Dennis Florence (1817-82) - Irish poet.

correspondence - the letters that pass between correspondents; also, letters contributed to a newspaper or journal

sated (Irish Pronunciation) - seated

tripos - a seat, table, or other similar structure with three legs; esp. a three-legged stool (and especially that on which the priestess seated herself to deliver oracles at the shrine of Apollo at Delphi) + "a three-legged stool, elsewere remembered as 'tripos' on which HCE in his domestic Shaun-incarnation likes to sit, staring into the fire and idealising the Issy whose voice comes to him from above, until he is 'tramsported'." (John Gordon: Finnegans Wake: a plot summary)..

peek - to peer, peep, look in, or out. Also, to glance at.

focus - fig. A centre or 'hotbed' (of intrigue, sedition, etc.); a centre of activity or energy; In Lat. sense: A fireplace or furnace + focus (l) - fireplace, hearth.

peck - to strike with the beak, as a bird; to eat, to feed (colloq.)

thumbnail - a drawing or sketch of the size of the thumb-nail; hence fig. a brief word-picture

reverie - a fantastic, fanciful, unpractical, or purely theoretical idea or notion + (notebook 1924): 'thumbnail reveries' Sunday Express 28 May 1922, 5: 'Thumbnail Reviews' (on the same page as a review of Joyce's Ulysses).

prick up one's ears - to become attentive or alert to listen

phono - phonograph (an instrument, invented by Thomas A. Edison in 1877, by which sounds are automatically recorded and reproduced) + (radio).

pick up - to catch sight of (a light, signal, etc.); succeed in seeing, hearing, detecting, receiving, etc., by means of an appropriate instrument or apparatus, to pick up a wind.  

transported (notebook 1924)

Mother Machree (song): 'and the brow that's all furrowed'

The Book of the Dead or Going Forth by Day

frank - free from restraint or impediment; unrestricted, unchecked (obs.)

hoppy - characterized by, or predisposed to, hopping; lively, full of movement

plow - the front part of a plough + Irish phrase: 'tune the old cow died of' (bad slow music) + Thomas Moore, Irish Melodies: song: Oh, Ye Dead! [air: Plough Tune].

nostra (l) - our

Benedictine - of or belonging to St. Benedict or the religious order founded by him + Joyce's note: 'benedictine'.

errand - a mission, an expedition for a specific purpose

term - to give a particular or specified name to; to name, call, designate + (notebook 1924): 'our, as you so often call him, beloved apostle' → Kinane: St. Patrick 6: (quoting a letter of approbation from J. Lynch) 'kindling... an intensified love of our, as you so often call him, Beloved Apostle'.

effervescent - marked by high spirits or excitement; Of a liquid: giving off bubbles + ever fresh-painted.

Livy's Annals + Anna Liffey + (history).

beatific - making blessed; imparting supreme happiness or blessedness

Pharaoh - the generic appellation of the ancient Egyptian kings + far off.

ramshackle - in deplorable condition + Ramses (19th dynasty of Egypt) + R. Ord and W. Gayer-Mackay: Paddy-the-Next-Best-Thing (play, 1920).

Giovanni Battista Vico (1668-1744) - Neapolitan philosopher (historical development of culture and its cyclical or repetitive character) + VICO ROAD - The shore road from Dalkey to Killiney, along Dublin Bay, South-East of Dublin. It intersects Sorrento Road. 

round and round - with a circular course, so as to return again to the point of departure

term - utmost or extreme limit, end; esp. end of duration or existence, final cessation, close, conclusion, termination

appal - to make pale with fear, to dismay

recourse - to run back, return (to a place); to recur to the mind; to go back to an earlier point + ricorso (it) - reflux (Vico).

all serene - a slang phr. for 'all's well', 'all right' [James Joyce: A Portrait II: (Uncle Charles speaking) 'Very good, Simon, all serene... Anywhere you like. The outhouse will do me nicely'].

fret - to distress oneself with constant thoughts of regret or discontent; to vex oneself, worry

as regards - 'so far as it concerns,' 'in the degree, manner, or case in which it concerns'

dutiful - relating to duty or obligation

task + (notebook 1924): '*V*'s cask'.

'full of my breath from pride till anguish came to cool me' (Joyce's note)

breeze - to blow gently, as a breeze + praised + blessed be the holy name.

(notebook 1924): 'O, Sissie, it is grand to be going to meet a King the K. of K & then be off with Our Blessed Lord' ('Our Blessed Lord' not clear).

nenni (French Archaic) - no, nay

overking - a superior king; a king who is the superior of other rulers having the title of king

hither and thither - to this place and that, in this direction and in that (alternately); to and fro; in various directions

pardee = pardie - A form of oath: = 'By God!'; hence as an asseveration: Verily, certainly, assuredly.

patch - a domestic fool; a fool or foolish person generally; a clown, booby + Joyce's note: 'king in I- before a man alive' + (notebook 1924): 'Before there was e'er a man at all there was a lord in Lucan' Sauvé: Proverbes et Dictons de la Basse-Bretagne no. 934: 'Before there was a lord on earth, There was a knight at Kergournadeac'h'.

Lucan - Dublin environ on the Liffey. Two earls of Lucan may have interested Joyce: (1) Patrick Sarsfield, a Wild Goose, who fought under James II, died in 1693, saying, "O that this were for Ireland!"; (2) Lord Lucan, who commanded cavalry at Balaclava and is associated by Joyce with the Light Brigade. 

watery - consisting of water; resembling water in consistence + I wish everyone was as sure of heaven as I am (notebook 1924) Freeman's Journal 14 Mar 1924, 5/6: 'Officer Hanged': (quoting ex-lieutenant Gaffney about to be hanged for murder) '"I wish to God" he told his father, "that everyone was as sure of heaven as I am..."'

newlywed - a person newly married

lay - to put down or deposit as a wager

guinea - an English gold coin, not coined since 1813, first struck in 1663 with the nominal value of 20s., but from 1717 until its disappearance circulating as legal tender at the rate of 21s.

hayseed - the grass seed shaken out of hay

old one (Slang) - mother, old woman + Joyce's note 'tell mother that } murdered' Freeman's Journal 14 Mar 1924, 5/6: 'Officer Hanged': (quoting ex-lieutenant Gaffney about to be hanged for murder) '"... Tell mother that, and all my friends, too"'.

anamnesis (gr) - calling to mind, reminiscence

aboulia (gr) - ill-advisedness, thoughtlessness, irresolution + abuelos (sp) - grandparents.

Joshua - Old Testament leader of the Israelites (On the day the LORD gave the Amorites over to Israel, Joshua said to the LORD in the presence of Israel: "O sun, stand still over Gibeon, O moon, over the Valley of Aijalon." So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the nation avenged itself on its enemies, as it is written in the Book of Jashar. The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day.)


temperate - neither too hot nor too cold; of mild and equable temperature