congealed - made solid and hard by freezing; frozen

pinafore* - a covering of washable material worn by children, and by factory girls or others, over the frock or gown, to protect it from being soiled.

yous - dial. varr. you

pillowfight* - a fight with pillows (in a bedroom)

biddy - a woman, usu. with derogatory implication

gobble - Of a turkey-cock: To make its characteristic noise in the throat

gabble - Of geese, etc.: To utter with rapidity inarticulate sounds

soused - steeped in pickle, pickled

mackerel - a well-known sea-fish, Scomber scombrus, much used for food, that approaches the shore in shoals in summer-time for the purpose of spawning.

sniffle - to sniff

clambake - a baking, Indian-fashion, upon hot stones, of a mass of clams

hering - obs. form of herring (a well-known sea fish, Clupea harengus)

barney - a noisy dispute or altercation; a lark or spree

braggart - a vain bragger, one who brags much

blarney - smoothly flattering or cajoling talk (Colloquial.) Also, nonsense



hob - in a fire-place, the part of the casing having a surface level with the top of the grate; one  of the level supports on the top of a stove over which pots and pans, etc., are placed to be heated, etc.

sewing - the action of sew (v.), the use of a needle and thread

stop - to thrust, push (a thing, more rarely a person) in, into a receptacle or place.

oddments - odd articles, items, fragments, or remnants; odds and ends; esp. articles belonging to broken or incomplete sets, as offered for sale.

sweeping - fig. Having a wide scope, extensive, comprehensive, all-inclusive.

to wear out - to efface, destroy, exhaust, abolish, by gradual loss or the lapse of time.

oh - an exclamation expressing emotion of various kinds; esp. as a cry of pain or terror, or in expression of shame, derisive astonishment, or disapprobation.

ah - an exclamation expressing: surprise, wonder; sorrow, lamentation, regret.

areek - reeking

painter - an artist who represents or depicts objects on a surface in colours; one who paints pictures.

mucus - a viscid substance exuded by certain animals, esp. the slime of fishes.

last suppers

salon - a room, more or less elegantly furnished, used for the reception of guests.


flabby - Of language, character, etc.: Weak, wanting 'back-bone'; nerveless, feeble.

Groaning Chair - the large chair often found by bedsides

Gulliver's Tavels

Blue Monday* - monday that is depressing of the return to work

steam - to apply steam to, expose to the action of steam; to rouse or excite (a person), esp. to anger; to agitate, upset.

ossicle - a small bone; a small piece of bony substance

dyspepsia - difficulty or derangement of digestion, indigestion

shep - a shepherd; obs. form of sheep  

tout - to peep, peer, look out; to gaze (obs.); to look out busily for customers; to solicit custom, employment, etc. importunately.

chesnut - the tree Castanea vesca

burr - a knob or knot in a tree

sommer - summer (obs.)

mistral - a violent cold northwest wind experienced in the Mediterranean provinces of France and neighbouring districts.

kindling - a brood or litter, progeny, issue

gala - a festive occasion; a festival characterized by the display of finery and show.

rob - fig. To remove, take away, cut off from something (obs.)

taletelling* - the telling of tales, story-telling; that tells tales or stories

tunc - a kind of customary rent or payment, issuing out of certain lands in North Wales, and still until recently payable in respect of Crown Lands.

fester - to putrefy, rot; to become pestiferous or loathsome by corruption.

miry - fig. Dirty, defiled, despicable

bletherumskite* - voluble talk void of sense

shay = chaise - a light open carriage for one or two persons                                                                                                says

absenter - one who absents himself, who does not attend

Shaun the Post

Eastern hemisphere* - halve containing Europe, Asia, and Africa

to name the day* - of a woman, to fix her wedding day

slag - a vitreous substance, composed of earthy or refuse matter, which is separated from metals in the process of smelting, often used in the construction of roads.

trip - to make a trip or short excursion


Sursum corda* - in Latin Eucharistic liturgies, the words addressed by the celebrant to the congregation at the beginning of the Eucharistic Prayer; in English rites, the corresponding versicle, 'Lift up your hearts'. 

blighted - used as a mild substitute for blasted (cursed, damned; In low language as an expression of reprobation and hatred. Also used adverbially.)

bereft - forcibly deprived, robbed, having lost the possession or use of; taken away, removed, quite gone.

forfeit - to lose or give up, as a necessary consequence

yon - Usually implying that the object spoken of is at some distance but within sight: Over there, away there.

dissipate - to scatter; to drive or cause to go off in all directions

hook - fig. To catch, secure, e.g. as a husband, etc.

fieldnight - a night marked by some important gathering, discussion, etc. 

elite - the choice part or flower (of society, or of any body or class of persons)

deck - to clothe in rich or ornamental garments, to cover with what beautifies; In Lumbering: to pile up (logs) on a skidway.

cut out - to stop doing (something) 

Lent - Eccl. The period including 40 weekdays extending from Ash-Wednesday to Easter-eve, observed as a time of fasting and penitance, in commemoration of Our Lord's fasting in the wilderness.