congealed - made solid and hard by freezing; frozen

pinafore - a covering of washable material worn by children, and by factory girls or others, over the frock or gown, to protect it from being soiled + primavera (it) - spring.

yous - dial. varr. you

pillowfight - a fight with pillows (in a bedroom)

biddy - a woman, usu. with derogatory implication + Biddy Moriarty - Biddy O'Brien is so called in one recension of "Finnegan's Wake" Finnegan's Wake 3 (song): 'Miss Biddy Moriarty began to cry' (originally, Poole: Tim Finigan's Wake: 'Miss Biddy O'Brien beagn to cry:').

gobble - Of a turkey-cock: To make its characteristic noise in the throat.

gabble - Of geese, etc.: To utter with rapidity inarticulate sounds.

soused - steeped in pickle, pickled

mackerel - a well-known sea-fish, Scomber scombrus, much used for food, that approaches the shore in shoals in summer-time for the purpose of spawning + "soused methought out of the mackerel. Eldsfells! sayd he." [316.31]

sniffle - to sniff

clambake - a baking, Indian-fashion, upon hot stones, of a mass of clams; noisy social entertainment + Come Back to Erin (song).

hering - obs. form of herring (a well-known sea fish, Clupea harengus) + Hering (ger) - herring.

barney - a noisy dispute or altercation; a lark or spree + Impudent Barney O'Hea (song).

braggart - a vain bragger, one who brags much

blarney - smoothly flattering or cajoling talk (Colloquial.) Also, nonsense.

lemoncholic (Slang) - melancholic + lemon (Slang) - an unattractive woman.


hob - in a fire-place, the part of the casing having a surface level with the top of the grate; one of the level supports on the top of a stove over which pots and pans, etc., are placed to be heated, etc.

stop - to thrust, push (a thing, more rarely a person) in, into a receptacle or place

oddments - odd articles, items, fragments, or remnants; odds and ends; esp. articles belonging to broken or incomplete sets, as offered for sale

sweeping - fig. Having a wide scope, extensive, comprehensive, all-inclusive.

wear out - to efface, destroy, exhaust, by gradual loss or the lapse of time

oh - an exclamation expressing emotion of various kinds; esp. as a cry of pain or terror, or in expression of shame, derisive astonishment, or disapprobation

ah - an exclamation expressing: surprise, wonder; sorrow, lamentation, regret

areek - reeking + arricchirsi (it) - to become rich.

painter - one who paints pictures + have the painters in (Slang) = avoir les peintres (French Slang) - menstruate.

the curse (Colloquial) - menstruation

the rag was up - there was a notice outside to say that the play's run was ending; also refers to menstruation + have the rags on (Colloquial) - menstruate.

mucus - a viscid substance exuded by certain animals, esp. the slime of fishes

soupir (fr) - sigh + last suppers.

salon - a room, more or less elegantly furnished, used for the reception of guests + salon thé (fr) - tearoom + Ceylon tea.

flabby - Of language, character, etc.: Weak, wanting 'back-bone'; nerveless, feeble.

Groaning Chair - the large chair often found by bedsides, one on which woman is congratulated after successful childbirth

Gulliver's Tavels + Levey & O'Rorke: Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin 68: 'a new drama, written... by W.G. Wills, Esq., entitled "Bolivar; or, Life for Love"'.

Blue Monday - monday that is depressing of the return to work + een blauwe Maandag (Dutch) - a very short time (literally 'a blue Monday').

steam - to apply steam to, expose to the action of steam; to rouse or excite (a person), esp. to anger

ossicle - a small bone; a small piece of bony substance

dyspepsia - difficulty or derangement of digestion, indigestion + John the Baptist.

Old Clo - itinerant old-clothes seller + Ole Clo - London old clothes seller described by Mayhew (Ulysses.14.1443) + Clongowes Wood College (James Joyce: A Portrait I).

shep - a shepherd; obs. form of sheep + Shep - name for devoted old sheepdog. 

tout - to peep, peer, look out; to gaze (obs.); to look out busily for customers; to solicit custom, employment, etc. importunately

chesnut - the tree Castanea vesca

burr - a knob or knot in a tree

sommer - summer (obs.) + Sommer (ger) - summer + Goodbye, Summer (song from John McCormack's Repertoire).

mistral - a violent cold northwest wind experienced in the Mediterranean provinces of France and neighbouring districts + Mistral, Frédéric (1830- 1914) - Provençal poet.

kindling - a brood or litter, progeny, issue + Kinder (ger) - children.

vice versa

gala - a festive occasion; a festival characterized by the display of finery and show

bene fit (l) - it is made well + Joyce's note: 'my benefit' → Key: John McCormack, His Own Life Story 104: 'the night of my benefit concert'.

rob - fig. To remove, take away, cut off from something (obs.)

taletelling - the telling of tales, story-telling; that tells tales or stories + Tales Told of Shem and Shaun (pre-publication of sections from Finnegans Wake).

tunc - a kind of customary rent or payment, issuing out of certain lands in North Wales, and still until recently payable in respect of Crown Lands + tunc (l) - then.

fester - to putrefy, rot; to become pestiferous or loathsome by corruption + (notebook 1931): 'may my - fester if I ever see (saw)'.

miry - fig. Dirty, defiled, despicable.

magdalen (Slang) - whore + Maggies + Mary Magdalene.

bletherumskite - voluble talk void of sense

shay = chaise - a light open carriage for one or two persons + (notebook 1924): 'shays' → Gallois: La Poste et les Moyens de Communication 130: (of the postillion) 'Les chemins de fer l'ont tué, avec la chaise de poste' (French 'The ralway killed him, together with the post-chaise') + chaise (French) - chair, seat.

absenter - one who absents himself, who does not attend

Po (ger) - posterior + Shaun the Post.

Eastern hemisphere - halve containing Europe, Asia, and Africa

name the day - of a woman, to fix her wedding day

slag - a vitreous substance, composed of earthy or refuse matter, which is separated from metals in the process of smelting, often used in the construction of roads.

trip - to make a trip or short excursion

inside your head

Sursum corda - in Latin Eucharistic liturgies, the words addressed by the celebrant to the congregation at the beginning of the Eucharistic Prayer; in English rites, the corresponding versicle, 'Lift up your hearts'. 

omnes (l) - all

blighted - used as a mild substitute for blasted (cursed, damned; In low language as an expression of reprobation and hatred)

bereft - forcibly deprived, robbed, having lost the possession or use of; taken away, removed, quite gone


forfeit - to lose or give up, as a necessary consequence

'bone orchard (graveyard)' (Joyce's note)

very shortly (Joyce's note)

yon - Usually implying that the object spoken of is at some distance but within sight: Over there, away there.

dissipate - to scatter; to drive or cause to go off in all directions + Joyce's note: 'dissipated clouds' Schuré: Woman the Inspirer 12: (Mathilde Wesendonck of Richard Wagner) 'At times when he entered the room, visibly tired and dejected, after a short rest it was a relief to see the clouds that had gathered upon his brow dissipate and his countenance light up when he sat down at the piano'.

hook - fig. To catch, secure, e.g. as a husband, etc.

fieldnight - a night marked by some important gathering, discussion, etc. + Elysean fields - abode of the blest.

elite - the choice part or flower (of society, or of any body or class of persons)

lost of time (Joyce's note)

deck - to clothe in rich or ornamental garments, to cover with what beautifies + deck- (ger) - to cover.

Diamant (ger) = diamant (Dutch) - diamond

cut out - to stop doing (something) 

drink up, gentlemen, please (Joyce's note)

Lent - Eccl. The period including 40 weekdays extending from Ash-Wednesday to Easter-eve, observed as a time of fasting and penitance, in commemoration of Our Lord's fasting in the wilderness. 

post Ilium (l) - after Troy

Fastetiden (Danish) = Vastentijd (Dutch) - Lent (in Christian tradition, is the period of the liturgical year leading up to Easter. The traditional purpose of Lent is the preparation of the believer — through prayer, penitence, almsgiving and self-denial — for the annual commemoration during Holy Week of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus, which recalls the events linked to the Passion of Christ and culminates in Easter, the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.)