hurricane - fig. A violent rush or commotion bringing with it destruction or confusion; a storm or tempest of words, noise, cheers, etc.

courtyard - an open area surrounded by walls or buildings within the precincts of a large house, castle, homestead, etc. + cohors (l) - unit of the Roman army, about 600 men.

Apocalypse + puck (Anglo-Irish) - box (from Irish poc: a sharp, sudden blow) + (kissing).

luncheon + Punch and Judy.

yodel - to sing or warble with interchange of the ordinary and falsetto voice, in the manner of Swiss and Tyrolese mountaineers; hence yodelling


reconnoitre - to recollect, remember, recognize + reconnaître (fr) - recognise + The Egyptian deceased enjoyed the power to recognise in the next world at least some friends and family of earth (Budge: The Book of the Dead lxxi).

bustle - a stuffed pad or cushion, or small wire framework, worn beneath the skirt of a woman's dress, for the purpose of expanding and supporting it behind; activity with excitement, noise, and commotion + Matthew 9:17: 'new wine into old bottles'.

shinner - one who 'shins round', an active person + shinner (Slang) - member of Sinn Féin (used by Loyalists and British troops) + former sinner.

latterday - belonging to 'the latter days', modern + Saturday suit.

paint - fig. Colour, colouring; adornment, esp. such as is put on or assumed merely for appearance.

full dress - the more elaborate apparel proper to a public ceremony, a dinner, or an evening party

Toussaint - The feast of All Saints (1 November) + MADAME TUSSAUD'S (WAXWORKS) EXHIBITION - In Marylebone Street, London. The chamber of horrors, celebrating famous murderers, is in the basement. 

exhibition + ex perditione (l) - out of ruin, out of perdition.

Dáil (Irish) - Legislative Assembly, lower chamber of post-independence Irish parliament

Horus - the name of an Egyptian deity, represented in art as having the head of a hawk + Chamber of Horrors - the name given to a room in Madame Tussaud's waxwork exhibition, containing effigies of noted criminals and the like; hence transf. a place full of horrors.

saffron bun - a bun flavoured with saffron + Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. XVII: 'He to whom saffron cakes have been brought in Tanenet is Osiris... The saffron cakes in Tanenet are heaven and earth; or... They are Shu... The saffron cakes are the eye of Horus; and Tanenet is the burial-place of Osiris'.

sovran = sovereign - Of remedies, etc.: Efficacious or potent in a superlative degree.

bonham - a young pig, sucking pig + bonum (l) - good.

whichever - whether one or another (of a definite set); no matter which

lump - to look sulky or disagreeable + like it or lump it - to be displeased at (something that must be endured).

give it a name - what would you like to drink?  

eirene (gr) - peace + Ier, Ieren (Dutch) - Irishman, Irishmen + rain.

Old Folks at Home (song)

hogmanay (Scottish) - the last day of the year + how many + Go mbeannuighe Dia dhuit (gu maniyi d'ie git') (gael) - May God bless you.

Go mbeannuighe Dia 's Muire dhuit (gu maniyi d'ies mwiri git') (gael) - May God and Mary bless you.

Go mbeannuighe Dia 's Muire 's Padraig dhuit (gu maniyi d'ies mwiris padrig git') (gael) - May God and Mary and Patrick bless you.

Johannes (l) - John + John Hanning Speke discovered the Source of the Nile.

postmortem - after death + post Martem (l) - after Mars, i.e., after the war, post-war.

jollification - the action of jollifying or making merry; merrymaking, jollity

William Shakespeare: Macbeth V.5.19: 'Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow' (quoted by Father Dolan in A Portrait I).

crass - grossly dull or stupid + cras (l) - tomorrow.

hairy - difficult; out-of-date, passé; frightening, hair-raising; crude, rough + heri (l) - yesterday.

final + one fine day.

how do you do + hodie (l) - today.

bouncer - a boaster, bully, swaggering liar; one engaged to eject undesirable or unruly persons from a saloon, ballroom, etc. + Paternoster + (death).

stinker - one who stinks; Formerly often used as a term of abuse.

stank - weary, faint, exhausted + stand + Thomas Moore, Irish Melodies: song: The Minstrel Boy: 'And his wild harp slung behind him'.

sceptre - an ornamental rod or wand (often of gold and jewelled) borne in the hand as a symbol of regal or imperial authority + scythe (Father Time).

hourglass - a contrivance for measuring time, consisting of a glass vessel with obconical ends connected by a constricted neck, through which a quantity of sand (or sometimes mercury) runs in exactly an hour.

touch and go - to touch for an instant and immediately go away or pass on; to deal with momentarily or slightly

if - a condition, a supposition; Often in the tautological collocation 'ifs and ands' + Adam and Eve.

predestined - destined or appointed beforehand; fated, doomed

odds - miscellaneous articles or things + odds and ends - a small often trifling things that are varied and unrelated + ifs, ands, or buts - reservations, restrictions, or excuses.


Michan - St Michan's church in Dublin has a vault full of well-preserved corpses which are shown to tourists + Magh (ma) (gael) - Plain [of], Country [of] + moy (Irish) - plain.

flop - to move clumsily or heavily; to move with a sudden bump or thud. Of a bird: To flap the wings heavily.


doorstep (Slang) - a thick slice of bread and butter

stopgap - something that temporarily supplies a need


sandbag - a bag filled with sand

prospector - one who prospects

sprout - Of a tree, plant, seed, etc.: To put forth, throw up or out, a sprout or sprouts.

woof - to arrange (threads) so as to form a woof; to weave

dead certain - absolutely certain


Hyam Hyam - brand of men's trousers, mentioned in Ulysses. (plus "I am that I am" - an utterance of God, Shakespeare) + hayim (Hebrew) - life.

chair (fr) - flesh

pleasantry - a pleasant and sprightly humour in conversation; an instance of pleasantness or enjoyment

The cowstail is yours (notebook 1924) → Sauvé: Proverbes et Dictons de la Basse-Bretagne no. 148: 'Paix! Paix! La queue de la vache Est avec vous' (French 'Peace! Peace! The tail of the cow Is with you')

humpty - humped, hump-backed + humpty dumpty - short and fat; Also allusively referring to the Humpty Dumpty of the nursery rime.

Daumen (ger) - thumb

misery me! - an interjection expressing self-pity, distress, or general wretchedness

Here We Are Again (song)

gaiety - merrymaking, festivity; a festive occasion, a lively entertainment; freq. in pl. + Gaiety Theatre, Dublin.

afterpiece - 'a farce or any smaller entertainment after the play'; Hence, any extra item following the main fare in a programme of entertainment; an epilogue. Also fig. + After (ger) - hindquarters.

Theatre Royal in Hawkins Street, opened 18 Jan 1821 by Henry Harris and completely destroyed by fire 9 Feb 1880, before the matinee of the Christmas pantomime, Ali Baba. 

regally - in a regal manner

mea culpa (Confiteor) + mio colpo (it) - my shot.

Pandemonium - the abode of all the demons; a place represented by Milton as the capital of Hell, containing the council-chamber of the Evil Spirits + pantheon - fig. 'Temple' or 'shrine of all the gods' + Christmas pantomime (at Gaiety Theatre, Dublin).

give over - to surrender, hand over; Of a factory: To stop working.

harlequinade - a kind of pantomime; that part of a pantomime in which the harlequin and clown play the principal parts

S.P.Q.R. - the Senate and People of Rome; also in joc. adaptations, esp. = small profits, quick returns + speaking

Twain, Mark - pseudonym of Samuel Langhorne Clemens (1835-1910) - American writer (Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer. Innocents Abroad and The Prince and the Pauper are also named in FW, and the latter book is about little boys who exchange moles like the twins). 

allspice - an aromatic spice, also called Jamaica Pepper or Pimento

nutshell - the hard exterior covering within which the kernel of a nut is enclosed + Not (ger) - need, emergency + Schall (ger) - resonance, sound + William Shakespeare: Hamlet II.2.251-253: 'I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space; were it not that I have bad dreams'.

veg - colloq. abbrev. of vegetable (a plant cultivated for food)

ribroast - a cut of meat containing a rib

jackknife - a large clasp-knife for the pocket

lickfingers - one who licks his fingers + lady's fingers.

relish - enjoyment of the taste or flavour of something; the pleasure of tasting or enjoying something agreeable + 'Patum Peperium, the Gentlemen's Relish' - a mixture of anchovies, butter and spices.

griddle - a circular iron plate upon which cakes are baked; also used for cooking grills, etc. + Oonagh made Cuchulainn eat a cake with a griddle in it, causing him to lose some of his teeth.


natives - English oysters

crisp - an overdone piece of anything cooked, fried, or roasted

crackling - the crisp skin or rind of roast pork

chaw - to chew; now esp. to chew roughly, to champ; or to chew without swallowing + the proof of the pudding is in the eating (proverb) - to fully test something you need to experience it yourself.

scald - 'to burn with hot liquor' + cup of scald (Slang) - cup of hot tea + "The semi-private joke about Fendant's being the 'archduchess urine' is carried over into Finnegans Wake (171.25-27, 209.06, etc.) and in the liturgical chapter Shaun makes an unusual act of communion with his sister, who plays the part of the BVM" (Hart, Clive / Structure and motif in Finnegans wake) + "... of the kalas identical with those typified by the Chinese under the image of the rainbow, and by the Alchemists as the multi-coloured garment which appears biblically as the coat of many colours. The irridescent hues reminiscent of fish scales are the kalas of the original fish (vagina) typical of the waters of creation as well as of the red deluge of destruction... Paradoxically, these doctrines now survive only in Oriental Tantras, which absorbed the Typhonian Traditions of ancient Egypt... The Aru, or Taru, was the door [in FW sigil is "the" or spilled tea at the end], the gateway of power whose tarot is the wheel, yoni, or lotus of the law. The fields (Sekhet-Aahru) are the place of flowers, and the waters of that especial flow-er (the lotus) identified in all ancient cults as the sexual flower, or flowing one, are the kalas emitted by the vagina. The divisions of Sekhet-Aahru thus form the secret cells, or energy-fields, of the female organism... In order to activate a particular cell, the magician is required to project his astral consciousness and to penetrate and permeate the cell with its subtle substance. To achieve this end he assumes the form of the guardian whose sigil is inscribed in the appropriate colours, and whose name he vibrates, astrally, into the ear of the woman serving as the 'door of power'. The vibration should persist until the astral form of the woman assumes that of the guardian. In other words, the magician - by a system of intense and super-sentient visualization - in penetrating the woman, enters in at the door of power (Sekhet-Aarhu) and fully pervades the cell of subconsciousness typified by the sigil... The range of the sorcerer who can assume with impunity these qliphoth-forms is virtually limitless." (Kenneth Grant: Outside the Circles of Time)

santos mozos (sp) - holy waiters + Holy Moses! + osmosis.