hurricane - fig. A violent rush or commotion bringing with it destruction or confusion; a storm  or tempest of words, noise, cheers, etc.

courtyard* - an open area surrounded by walls or buildings within the precincts of a large house, castle, homestead, etc.



yodel* - to sing or warble with interchange of the ordinary and falsetto voice, in the manner of Swiss and Tyrolese mountaineers; hence yodelling.

reconnoitre - to recollect, remember, recognize

bustle - a stuffed pad or cushion, or small wire framework, worn beneath the skirt of a woman's dress, for the purpose of expanding and supporting it behind; activity with excitement, noise, and commotion; stir, tumult, disturbance, fuss, ado.

shinner - one who 'shins round', an active person

latterday - belonging to 'the latter days', modern

paint - fig. Colour, colouring; adornment, esp. such as is put on or assumed merely for appearance.

full dress - the more elaborate apparel proper to a public ceremony, a dinner, or an evening party.

Toussaint - The feast of All Saints (1 November)

expedition;                        exhibition

Chamber of Horrors* - the name given to a room in Madame Tussaud's waxwork exhibition, containing effigies of noted criminals and the like; hence transf. a place full of horrors;
Horus - the name of an Egyptian deity, represented in art as having the head of a hawk.

saffron bun - a bun flavoured with saffron

sovran = sovereign - Of remedies, etc.: Efficacious or potent in a superlative degree.

bonham - a young pig

whichever - whether one or another (of a definite set); no matter which

to like it or lump it* - to be displeased at (something that must be endured);                 lump - to look sulky or disagreeable.

give it a name - what would you like to drink?  

postmortem* - after death

jollification - the action of jollifying or making merry; merrymaking, jollity


crass - grossly dull or stupid

hairy - difficult; out-of-date, passť; frightening, hair-raising; crude, clumsy, rough, erratic.


how do you do

bouncer - a boaster, bully, swaggering liar; one engaged to eject undesirable or unruly persons from a saloon, ballroom, etc.

stinker - one who stinks; Formerly often used as a term of abuse

stank - weary, faint, exhausted                                                                                                                                         stand

sceptre - an ornamental rod or wand (often of gold and jewelled) borne in the hand as a symbol of regal or imperial authority.

hourglass - a contrivance for measuring time, consisting of a glass vessel with obconical ends connected by a constricted neck, through which a quantity of sand (or sometimes mercury) runs in exactly an hour.

touch and go - to touch for an instant and immediately go away or pass on; to deal with momentarily or slightly.

if - a condition, a supposition; Often in the tautological collocation ifs and ands.

predestined* - destined or appointed beforehand; fated, doomed

odds and ends* - a small often trifling things that are varied and unrelated;                odds - miscellaneous articles or things.


flop - to move clumsily or heavily; to move with a sudden bump or thud. Of a bird: To flap the wings heavily.


doorstep - a thick slice of bread (slang.)

stopgap - something that temporarily supplies a need

sandbag - a bag filled with sand

prospector - one who prospects

sprout - Of a tree, plant, seed, etc.: To put forth, throw up or out, a sprout or sprouts.

woof - to arrange (threads) so as to form a woof; to weave

dead certain - absolutely certain


pleasantry - a pleasant and sprightly humour in conversation; an instance of pleasantness or enjoyment.

humpty - humped, hump-backed;                 humpty dumpty - short and fat; Also allusively referring to the Humpty-Dumpty of the nursery rime.

misery me! - an interjection expressing self-pity, distress, or general wretchedness.

gaiety - merrymaking, festivity, pleasure-seeking; a festive occasion, a lively entertainment; freq. in pl.

afterpiece - 'a farce or any smaller entertainment after the play'; Hence, any extra item following the main fare in a programme of entertainment; an epilogue. Also fig.

regally - in a regal manner

mea culpa

Pandemonium* - the abode of all the demons; a place represented by Milton as the capital of Hell, containing the council-chamber of the Evil Spirits; in common use, = hell or the infernal regions;                        pantheon - fig. 'Temple' or 'shrine of all the gods'.

give over - to surrender, hand over; Of a factory: To stop working.

harlequinade - a kind of pantomime; that part of a pantomime in which the harlequin and clown play the principal parts.

S.P.Q.R. - the Senate and People of Rome; also in joc. adaptations, esp. = small profits, quick returns                           speaking

allspice* - an aromatic spice, also called Jamaica Pepper or Pimento.

nutshell* - the hard exterior covering within which the kernel of a nut is enclosed.

veg - colloq. abbrev. of vegetable (a plant cultivated for food)

ribroast - a cut of meat containing a rib

jackknife - a large clasp-knife for the pocket

lickfingers* - one who licks his fingers

relish - enjoyment of the taste or flavour of something; the pleasure of tasting or enjoying something agreeable.

griddle - a circular iron plate upon which cakes are baked; also used for cooking grills, etc.

crisp - an overdone piece of anything cooked, fried, or roasted

crackling - the crisp skin or rind of roast pork

chaw - to chew; now esp. to chew roughly, to champ; or to chew without swallowing.

scald - 'to burn with hot liquor'