to be able to trot a mouse on it and varr. - said of particularly strong or thick liquid food or drink.


pick - that which is selected; the best or choicest portion or example of anything; the taking of a bit or mouthful of food; a slender or sparing meal. 

bully - pickled or tinned beef; brother, companion, 'mate'; a blustering 'gallant'.


salty* - tasting of salt; piquant, racy

flavour - the element in the taste of a substance which depends on the co-operation of the sense of smell; a more or less subtle peculiarity of taste distinguishing a substance from others.

godown - a swallow of water or liquor (obs.)

savoury* - pleasing to the taste; appetizing; agreeable

condiment - anything of pronounced flavour used to season or give relish to food, or to stimulate the appetite.

gimme - colloq. contraction of give me 

poco - a little, rather: used in musical directions


haggis - a dish consisting of the heart, lungs, and liver of a sheep, calf, etc. (or sometimes of the tripe and chitterlings), minced with suet and oatmeal, seasoned with salt, pepper, onions, etc., and boiled like a large sausage in the maw of the animal.

never say die - never consent or resign oneself to death, never give in.

quid - one pound sterling

soupmeagre - thin soup, made chiefly from vegetables or fish

vairy - Her. Of a coat, charge, etc.: Varied or variegated with two or more colours; furred with vair.

furry - of fur, made of fur, lined or trimmed with fur

best - obs. f. beast 

sarve - obs. form of serve

to serve turn* - to serve to do something (obs.)

boardcloth - a cloth used to cover a table, a table cloth

stage - a period of development, a degree of progress, a step in a process

tabler - one who boards persons (obs.)

Huguenot - a member of the Calvinistic or Reformed communion of France in the 16th and 17th c.; a French Protestant.


birchen* - of, pertaining to, or composed of birch

woman;                     cowl - Taken as the sign of monkhood, and hence sometimes as = monk.

alb - a tunic or vestment of white cloth reaching to the feet, and enveloping the entire person; a variety of the surplice, but with close sleeves; worn by clerics in religious ceremonies, and by some consecrated kings.

monasticism - the monastic system or mode of life

missal - the book containing the service of the Mass for the whole year; a mass-book. 


flitch - the side of an animal, now only of a hog, salted and cured; a 'side' of bacon.

rejoice - to gladden, make joyful, exhilarate (a person, his spirits, etc.)

spirit - a liquid of the nature of an essence or extract from some substance, esp. one obtained by distillation.

spice isle - one of the spice islands (the islands in the East from which spices were imported).

curry - a preparation of meat, fish, fruit, or vegetables, cooked with a quantity of bruised spices and turmeric, and used as a relish or flavouring, esp. for dishes composed of or served with rice.

cinnamon - the inner bark of an East Indian tree, dried in the sun, in rolls or 'quills', and used as a spice.

chutney - a strong hot relish or condiment compounded of ripe fruits, acids, or sour herbs, and flavoured with chillies, spices, etc.

clove - the dried flower-bud of Caryophyllus aromaticus, much used as a pungent aromatic spice (usually in pl.)

sozzle - to mix or mingle in a sloppy manner

clinkclank* - to make a clink-clank sound

posthaste - haste or speed like that of one travelling 'post'; great expedition in travelling.

rounds - a series of actions that recur in routine

terminus - the end of a line of railway; also, the station at the end; the place at which a tramline, bus route, etc. ends.

draw - to move or make one's way towards a place, to come near, approach.

roomy - of ample dimensions; capacious, large

item - an article or unit of any kind included in an enumeration, computation, or sum total.

extraprofessional - Of things: outside the course of professional duties

postage - the amount charged for carrying a letter or postal packet; originally, that paid to a post messenger.

squire - a country gentleman or landed proprietor, esp. one who is the principal landowner in a village or district.

jook - to evade, elude, 'dodge', by ducking, bending, or springing aside

milk - to get money out of, 'bleed' pecuniarily; to exploit, turn into a source of (usually) illicit profit.

turnkey - one who has charge of the keys of a prison; a jailer, esp. a subordinate.

to suck the blood of - (fig.): to exhaust the resources of, drain the life out of.

marshalsea - a court (abolished in 1849) formerly held before the steward and the knight-marshal of the royal household of England (latterly before a barrister appointed by the knight-marshal), originally for the purpose of hearing cases between the king's servants, but afterwards with wider jurisdiction; Also, a prison in Southwark under the control of the knight-marshal.

first offender - one who has committed a first offence, and obtains the conditional remission of punishment provided by the 'First Offenders' Act' of 1888.

redletter day - a saint's day or church festival indicated in the calendar by red letters; hence, any memorable, fortunate, or specially happy day.

machree - my dear

stump - to dig out by the roots

rattattat* - the sound of repeated knocking; also freq. used to represent the noise of reports from fire-arms.