in arrears - backward, behindhand as to state or condition

penitent - that repents, with serious purpose to amend the sin or wrongdoing; repentant.

hourly - occurring or performed every hour 

nurse - to wait upon, attend to (a person who is ill)

fee - an occasional gift, a gratuity, given in recognition of services rendered

biddy - a young chicken; maidservant; a woman, usu. with derogatory implication.

stave - a 'verse' or stanza of a poem, song, etc.

weigh - to have a greater or less degree of heaviness, as measured by the scales.

suage = sewage - to irrigate or fertilize with sewage

lay - common, ordinary

grame - angry, vexed, furious

reaper - one who reaps;                     the (Great, Grim, Old) Reaper - death personified. 

draw nigh - to come (gradually) near, approach

lightfoot - having a light foot; treading lightly, active, nimble



maraud - to plunder

onus - a burden, charge, responsibility, duty

yan = one (north. dial.)

galloper - one who gallops on horseback, esp. of hunters

dish - to 'do for', defeat completely, ruin; to cheat, circumvent (slang.)

console - to comfort in mental distress or depression; to alleviate the sorrow of (any one).

bruise - to crush by pressure, jam, squeeze; to beat small, pound, crush, bray, grind down.

bulge - a wallet or bag (obs.)

narrowing - that narrows or contracts

duly - to the extent or degree that is due; adequately, sufficiently, fully

toot - coalesced form of to it

pop - to come on or upon abruptly, suddenly, unexpectedly, or by chance

silkette - a fabric made of silk and cotton, chiefly used for lining dresses

diligence - a public stage-coach

long distance - over a relatively great distance; between distant places

laird - a landed proprietor. In ancient times limited to those who held immediately from the king. 

whoosh - an exclamation evocative of or accompanying a sudden explosive rushing sound or movement; to cause to move rapidly with a rushing sound.



tizzy - a highly excited or distracted state of mind

intercept - to interrupt, break in upon (esp. a narrative or a person speaking).

tactfully* - in a tactful manner;                     tactful - full of or endowed with tact.


correspondent* - a person who holds communication with another, esp. secret communication.

fluster* - to utter in confused manner


Benjamin - the name of the patriarch Jacob's youngest son. Hence allusively, the youngest (and, consequently, favourite) son of a family.

permising* = permitting


lithe - Of persons, their actions, dispositions and utterances: Gentle, meek, mild

throttle - the throat

memento - something to remind one of a past event or condition, of an absent person, of something that once existed; an object kept as a memorial of some person or event.


at home - at one's ease, as if in one's own home; in one's element

mite - a very small object; a tiny fragment