linenhall - a market-hall for the sale of linens (undergarments)

valentino - a man having the sort of romantic good looks associated with Rudolph Valentino.

tutor - one employed in the supervision and instruction of a youth in a private household.

benedicted* - blessed

parish priest* - the priest in charge of a parish

ratty - Austral. and N.Z. colloq. Mad, eccentric, silly

too ---- for words - ---- to an extent that cannot adequately be described

enhance - to lift up with pride; to praise, extol

fancy* - caprice, changeful mood; an instance of this, a caprice, a whim

morn - dawn, morning; the next morning


absent;                           absentee - one who is absent, or away, on any occasion. 

sester - a vessel for holding liquid; in OE. a jar, pitcher                                                                                                        sister

leveret* - a young hare, strictly one in its first year

sprig - a shoot, twig, or spray of a plant, shrub, or tree

speedwell - one or other species of Veronica, an extensive genus of small herbaceous plants with leafy stems and small blue (rarely pink or white) flowers.

spell - an occult or mysterious power or influence; a fascinating or enthralling charm.

flora* - in Latin mythology, the goddess of flowers; hence, in modern poetical language, the personification of nature's power in producing flowers.

veronique - the picture or representation of the face of Christ said to be impressed upon the handkerchief or sudarium of St. Veronica; the cloth or kerchief, alleged to have belonged to St. Veronica, with which, according to legend, the face of Christ was wiped on the way to Calvary, and upon which His features were miraculously impressed.

jer - the name of either member of the pairs of characters <glagjeru>, <glagjeri> and <cyrhard>, <cyrsoft> of the Slavonic Glagolitic and Cyrillic alphabets.

cattiness = cattishness - the quality of being 'cattish' (resembling a cat; of a sly or spiteful character).

naggin* - a small mug or cup

forward - to send forward, send to an ulterior destination

by return of post* - orig. by return of the 'post' or courier who brought the dispatch (obs.); now, by the next mail in the opposite direction.

pneu = pneumatique - the pneumatic dispatch system in Paris; a letter or message sent by this system;              pneumatic dispatch - a system by which parcels, etc. are conveyed along tubes by compression or exhaustion of air.  

tabloid* - a popular newspaper which presents its news and features in a concentrated, easily assimilable, and often sensational form, esp. one with smaller pages than those of a regular newspaper.


petit bleu* - a telegram in France, esp. one sent by the pneumatic post in Paris.


to tie a knot - to knot a piece of string or a handkerchief, esp. as a reminder.

silk paper* - a kind of tissue-paper


kink - a short twist or curl in hair, at which it is bent upon itself

chevelure* - the hair of the head

Boche - the (French) soldiers' name for a German                                                                                                                back

praxis - action, practice