sapphire - a precious stone of a beautiful transparent blue

chaplet - a string of beads; esp. One used for counting prayers, one third of the length of a rosary.

ring a rosy* - a childrens singing game in which the players dance in a circle and at given signal squat.

quipu - a device of the ancient Peruvians and others for recording events, keeping accounts, sending messages, etc., consisting of cords or threads of various colours, knotted in various ways.

Madge - pet-name for Margaret

fright - a person or thing of a shocking, grotesque, or ridiculous appearance.

dutch - a costermonger's wife; gen. a wife; often old Dutch

sleeptalking - speaking during sleep


hessians - short for Hessian boots (a kind of high boot, with tassels in front at the top, first worn by the Hessian troops, and fashionable early in the 19th century).

sickly - causing sickness or ill-health; producing discomfort or nausea                                                                                  silky

stocky - of stout and sturdy build; short and thick-set                                                                                                  stockings

jumble - collect. sing. articles for a jumble-sale (a sale of miscellaneous cheap or second-hand articles at a charitable bazaar or the like).

salvage* - to save and collect (waste material, esp. paper) for recycling

(to be lost, damaged, etc.) in the wash - i.e. in course of being washed

tidy - to arrange neatly; refl. to put one's hair, dress, etc. in order


sassy - impudent, saucy; vigorous, lively

ithel - a tamarisk, Tamarix aphylla, bearing panicles of pink flowers and minute leaves, native to western Asia and north-east Africa.

athel - ancestry, origin; spec. noble ancestry, nobility

arch - Anat. One of the arches formed by the tarsal and metatarsal bones of the foot.

elbow - a sharp bend in the course of a river, road, etc.

erne - an eagle

betrow* - to trust

betray - to give up to, or place in the power of an enemy, by treachery or disloyalty.

bother - petty trouble, worry; disturbance, 'fuss'


sore = sorry (dial.)

coss - kiss (obs.);                         cos - dial. and colloq. shortening of because.

cuss - vulgar pronunciation or attenuation of curse (v.)


bonhomie* - good nature; the quality of being a good fellow;                Bonhomme [Fr. = good man.] - a member of an order of begging friars who came over to England in the 13th c.

cocksure - perfectly sure

unlatch* - to undo the latch or catch of (a door, etc.)

cordon - Fortif. A course of stones along the line of junction of the rampart and parapet, or forming the coping of the escarp or inner wall of the ditch.

ope - open


my orders

dote - to be infatuatedly fond of

fall for ---- - to be captivated or carried away by; to yield to the attractions of.

loudspeaker* - any instrument for converting variations in an applied electric current or voltage (of appropriate magnitude and frequency) into corresponding sound waves that are able to be heard at a distance from the instrument;               lewd - lascivious, unchaste.

not to be able or fit to hold a candle to* - not fit to hold even a subordinate position to, nothing to be compared to.

horsepower - the power or rate of work of a horse in drawing

give away - to betray, expose (oneself, another person) to detection or ridicule.

boyish - boy-like; puerile

mate - one of a wedded pair, a husband or wife; Now only, a fitting or worthy partner in marriage; Also (rarely), a lover, paramour.

twirler - one who or that which twirls

Passiflora* - the genus of plants containing the Passion-flower (the name of plants of the genus Passiflora, consisting mostly of climbing shrubs, many of which have an edible fruit; so called because the parts of the flower, etc., were fancifully thought to resemble the instruments of Christ's Passion, or suggest its attendant circumstances).

untruth - a falsehood; a false or incorrect statement

tell - what one tells or has to tell; a tale, a statement, an account