wellington - a waterproof boot usu. reaching the knee, worn in wet or muddy conditions; Usu. pl.; Used to designate other articles of clothing introduced by the Duke, or named after him, as Wellington coat, hat, trousers.

arrah - an expletive expressing emotion or excitement, common in Anglo-Irish speech.

passkey - a key that will open any of a number of locks, a master-key.

fluff - light, feathery, flocculent stuff, such as the downy particles that separate from dressed wool.

tackle - to grip, lay hold of, take in hand, deal with

villain - an unprincipled or depraved scoundrel; a man naturally disposed to base or criminal actions, or deeply involved in the commission of disgraceful crimes.

pepper - to 'heat', to excite to anger or other strong feeling (obs.)

goodless - devoid of good; comfortless; worthless;                goodness gracious! - exclamatory phrase, in which the original reference was to the goodness of God.

disrespect - an act showing disesteem or irreverence; 'an act approaching to rudeness' (obs.)

just - to adjust

caroline - a very tall silk hat

stalk - to walk with stiff, high, measured steps, like a long-legged bird; Usually with disparaging notion, implying haughtiness, sullenness, indifference to one's surroundings, or the like                                                                                                   talks

over and over* - repeatedly, many times over

imitating;                                     immutate - unchanged.

everybody;                         apery - pretentious or silly mimicry; a pretentious imitation.

whoever* - an emphatic extension of who, implying perplexity or surprise

ulmus (l) - elm

stele - obs. f. steal (v); an upright slab bearing sculptured designs or inscriptions.

to make it up - to be reconciled after a dispute, to become friends again

befriend - to act as a friend to


telepath - an adept in, subject of, or believer in telepathy

dulcet - sweet to the eye, ear, or feelings; a dulcet note or tone

isinglass - a firm whitish semitransparent substance (being a comparatively pure form of gelatin) obtained from the sounds or airbladders of some fresh-water fishes, esp. the sturgeon.

mort - dead;                    to be the death of - something that kills, or renders liable to death; often hyperbolically.




Hertzian waves* - radio waves

flavin - yellow

ahoy - a nautical call used in hailing

Bosporus* - strait (bogaz, "throat") uniting the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara and separating parts of Asian Turkey from European Turkey. 


splash - the act or result of suddenly and forcibly striking or dashing water or other fluid; the sound produced by this.

twick - to pull sharply or suddenly; to twitch

four in hand* - a vehicle with four horses driven by one person


teacake - a light kind of flat cake to be eaten at tea

black currant - the fruit of the Ribes nigrum

resemble - to bring together or collect (obs.)

Candlemas - the feast of the purification of the Virgin Mary (or presentation of Christ in the Temple) celebrated with a great display of candles; the date of this feast, February 2nd.

joey - a young child

ennoy - to be ruffled in mind, troubled, vexed