to hitch one's wagon to a star* - to set oneself high aspirations; to aspire to another's admirable example.

on the wagon - (esp. of a person who drinks habitually) not drinking alcoholic drink usu. only for a short time = on the water wagon - drinking only water.

to bear two faces under one hood* - to be guilty of duplicity; (of speech) to be ambiguous.

latent - a kind of fingerprint, invisible to the naked eye

rainproof - a rainproof garment, esp. a raincoat

pink elephant* - used as a type of the extraordinary or impossible

elephant's breath - a shade of colour, light steel grey

elephant grey* - a fashion shade simulating the grey colour of the elephant

sheer - unmixed or unaccompanied with other matter; Of textile fabrics, etc.: Thin, fine, diaphanous. 

widowhood* - the condition of a wife bereaved of her husband, or of a husband bereaved of his wife.

airforce blue - an ultramarine blue

Bros. - commercial abbrev. of brothers

skyhigh - reaching to the sky; Also fig., very high

to have a crush on - to be enamoured of, take a strong fancy to

heliotrope - a shade of purple like that of the flowers of the heliotrope

of yore - of old, in time long past, anciently, formerly

nerve - pl. A disordered nervous system, nervousness

gaming - the action or habit of playing at games of chance for stakes; gambling.

Bruin - an appellation applied, after the manner of a proper name, to the Common or Brown Bear                                        Bruno

tease - to bother or plague in a petty way

lickle - childish or illiterate form of little

calves - pl. of calf (the fleshy hinder part of the shank of the leg, formed by the bellies of muscles which move the foot).


dripping - the fall of liquid in drops; concr. the liquid so falling

affectionate - to have affection for, to regard with affection

violent - something which acts with violence or force; a violent passion or person.

illuminated* - lighted up; made light, luminous, or resplendent

lilac* - the colour of lilac blossom

wallpaper - to cover a wall with wallpaper; also transf. and fig.

fireplace* - a place for a fire, esp. the partially enclosed space at the base of the chimney appropriated to the fire; a hearth.


devotions - private prayers

gape - an open-mouthed stare; a gaze of wonder or curiosity

gaze - to look fixedly, intently, or deliberately at something

pikestaff* - a staff or walking-stick with a metal point at the lower end like an alpenstock;            poke - an act of sexual intercourse.

soidisent* - Of persons: Calling oneself; self-styled, would-be. (Usually with implication of pretence or deception.); Of things: Said or claimed to be such, without really being so; pretended.

chine - Of silk: dyed or woven with a mottled or indistinct pattern after an actual or supposed Chinese fashion.

chambermate - one who shares the same room with another

shamefaced - ashamed, abashed

thight - tight, close-fitting, as apparel                                                                                                                                     eye

toccata* - a composition for a keyboard instrument, intended to exhibit the touch and technique of the performer, and having the air of an improvisation.


oilcan* - a can for holding oil


tassie - a small cup

coach - to prepare (a candidate) for an examination; to instruct in special subjects; to tutor.

tumble - to have sexual intercourse with (slang.)


chant - to sing, utter musically  

sororal - sisterly

sonority - the quality of being sonorous

capitally - excellently, admirably

chalice* - a drinking-cup or goblet; the cup in which the wine is administered in the celebration of the eucharist;
chaliced - contained in a chalice or cup.

split - a drink composed of two liquors

gloriously - with an accompaniment of glory or renown; illustriously