Eucharist - Eccl. The sacrament of the Lord's Supper; the Communion.

yous = you

sacré père (fr) - holy father

maître d'hôtel - a hotel manager; now usually the manager of a hotel dining-room, a head waiter + autel (fr) - altar.

toastmaster - one who at a public dinner or the like is appointed to propose or announce the toasts + Joyce's note: 'toastmaster' + postmaster.

BRINDISI - Italian province and port on Strait of Otranto, Adriatic Sea; wine and spirits are among its exports. Also, brindisi, It. "a toast." + Levey & O'Rorke: Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin 143: 'Alboni sang the brindisi from "Lucrezia Borgia"' + brandishing.

J.H. Voss: 'wine, women and song' 

Éire go bráth (Irish) - Ireland until Judgement Day

amongst + mingere (l) - to urinate.

Monday's Child (nursery rhyme): 'Friday's child is loving and giving'

stiff one (Slang) - an erection; a corpse

staffa (Italian) = "stirrup," staffetta = "courier" or Shaun (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake).

mollified - calmed in temper or feeling, soothed + nullified.

cream (Slang) - semen + dreams of harmony.

coupe - a shallow cup, bowl, or glass; a mixture of ice-cream and fruit, etc., served in a glass goblet or the like + Cowper: 'cup that cheers' (tea).

Jack and Gill = lad and lass + Jack and Jill (nursery rhyme). 

filiform - having the form of a thread; thread-like

deoch an dorais (d'ukh un durish) (gael) - "drink of the door": parting drink

L'estré (fr) - vulva + estrelat (Portuguese) - star.

Jonathan (Swift)

fail - failure + Inisfail (poetic name for Ireland; Ulysses.12.68, based on Mangan).

stir up - to rouse to action, activity, or emotion; to excite, provoke + The Stirrup Cup (song).

fizz - liveliness, activity; champagne (Slang) + Thomas Moore, Irish Melodies: song: Love's Young Dream.

tilt - to pour or empty out (the contents of a vessel) + FDV: To [stir up] love and fizz I lift my this bridle's cup [of your her natural dimmydouce champagne]

bridle - the harness on a horse's head to which the reins are attached + bride's.

cup - a sweetened, flavored, usually chilled beverage, especially one made with wine; the chalice or the wine used in the celebration of the Eucharist; a small open container, usually with a flat bottom and a handle, used for drinking + champagne cup - a 'cup' of which champagne is the basis or chief ingredient.

dimming - that dims, lacking in brightness

douce = douse - a sweetheart, a 'dear' + douce (fr) - sweet, smooth, mild (feminine) + J. Douce - champagne maker + Miss Douce (Sirens).

pee pair + Piper Heidsieck champagne.

squeezed - subjected to pressure or compression

Brust (ger) - breast + FDV: tightfitting tightfit [for] my snowy breasted

pearly - pl. Clothes adorned with pearl-buttons, such as are worn by costermongers + pearlies (Slang) - teeth + pearls of wisdom (phrase).

sparkling - glittering, brilliant, resplendent

nipple - to furnish with a nipple or nipples + nip in the bud (phrase) + nibbling + FDV: and while my teeth pearlies in their sparkling wisdom are nippling its sparkling bubblies bubbles I swear by the round of my old one's solidbowl _______ as long as my hole looks down,

bubblet - a small bubble + (notebook 1924): 'bublet' Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 10 (sec. 13): '-let is in the first place a comparatively modern ending... its extensive use in modern times is chiefly due to the naturalists who want it to express in a short and precise manner certain small organs (budlet Darwin... bulblet Gray... )' + bubbies (Slang) - breasts.

bumper - a cup or glass of wine, etc., filled to the brim, esp. when drunk as a toast

snaggletooth - an irregular broken or projecting tooth + snaggletooth (Irish) - gap-toothed.

salad bowl

theare - there (obs.) + As is typical for Joyce, if wine and bread are consumated they must also be excreted, and he quickly turns the mass scene into a regular "chapelofeases" (David Hayman, Sam Slote: Genetic studies in Joyce).

hole - the orifice of any organ or part of the body. spec. (slang) The mouth, the anus, or the female external genital organs + Joyce's note: 'Fluchende Frau as long as my hole looks down?'

goodbye + lullaby + FDV: Have you seen I'm leaving my proxy behind for you. Dave the Dancer. [a squamous man runaway!] Be sure & love him my treasure as much as you like. Here he is coming back [draped in mufti] from his continence with a pig's pork's head in a parcel, blushing like a pig, begob! He's every damn biter's bit as nasal a romeo as I am myself for ever cracking quips on himself, [that merry, [the jeenjakes,] he'd [soon] bring mothers roses, tears & all, with bedewing tears into any girl's laughtercheeks laftercheeks.] Ah, he's a fine finegrand grandfine [jollytan] fellow with his potful of brains. He's like nobody else with that potful of brains breens on him. He's jarry betimes but, [queer fish and all,] I'm dreadfully enormously fond of him so I'll say I am. O, by the holy, someone has shaved his skull for him as clean as Nuntius' piedish. Wait till you hear him clecking clicking his bull's bones. You're Welcome back, Wilkins. Turn round till we see you are you [still] full of poetry? This is my aunt Julia Bride. 

innerman - the spiritual or intellectual part of man, stomach + Joyce's note: '*C* inner man of *V*'.

monophone - (R. L. Garner in New Rev. Nov. 429), I have found it necessary to coin a new word to describe the character of their [sc. monkeys'] speech, and as each idea seems to be couched in a single word of one syllable and nearly, indeed of one letter, I have called it a monophone + monophônos (gr) - one-toned + interior monologue.

proxy - a person appointed or authorized to act instead of another; substitute, representative, agent

consoler - one who consoles (to comfort in mental distress or depression) + (notebook 1924): '*V* consoler' → Rothschild: Histoire de la Poste aux Lettres 7: 'I open Voltaire's philosophical dictionary at the word Post, and I find: "The post is the link for all business, for all negotiations: the absent are made by it present; it is life's consolation"'.

Dave the Dancekerl - David who danced before the Lord (2 Samuel, 6) + Kerl (ger) - man, guy.

squamous - Path. Of skin-diseases: Characterized by the development of scales or laminæ of skin + famous

runaway - one who runs away; a fugitive, a deserter + FDV: Have you seen I'm leaving my proxy behind for you. Dave the Dancer. [a squamous man runaway!]

pal - a comrade, associate, 'chum' + Dear Old Pal of Mine (song from John McCormack's Repertoire).

incessantly - without cessation, unceasingly; without pausing, instantly, immediately

fraction - a fragment, scrap, small piece; in the Eucharist: the breaking or dividing of the bread

crust - the outer part of bread rendered hard and dry in baking

doubling - deceitful or tricky action, double dealing + doubler (fr. slang) - to copulate + Dublin

tippling - the drinking of intoxicating drink, esp. in small quantities and often; habitual indulgence in liquor

unicorn - a fabulous and legendary animal usually regarded as having the body of a horse with a single horn projecting from its forehead + unique.

penumbra - a partial shade or shadow + Bulwer-Lytton: 'The pen is mightier than the sword' .

flourishing (Joyce's note)

behind + beyond.

doubt + pen/post (motif).

treasure - an affectionate term of address + Don Giovani: Il mio tesoro (song) + FDV: Be sure & love him my treasure as much as you like.

deal - made of fir or pine ("a plain deal table")

Leopardstown, Dublin, originally Leperstown, has racecourse

milestone - a pillar set up on a highway or other road or course to mark the miles

mumble - to speak indistinctly, or with the lips partly closed; to mutter


troubadour + Frau (ger) - woman + Il Trovatore: 'IL CONTE DI LUNA': 'Il Trovator! Io fremo!': 'the troubadour! I rage!' (the troubadour being his rival).

wolf - a name for certain malignant or erosive diseases in men and animals + Ulysses.14.730: 'a wolf in the stomach'.

verminous - infested with, full of, vermin, esp. parasitic vermin; noxious, offensive + Speak of the devil and he appears (proverb).

eccolo (it) - here he is

Paraclete (Gr. παράκλητος, Lat. paracletus) - advocate or helper. In Christianity, the term most commonly refers to the Holy Spirit + athlete.

secede - to withdraw formally from an alliance, an association, a federal union, a political or religious organization

Osterreich (ger) - Austria + Auster (ger) - oyster.

garlic - a plant of the genus Allium having a bulbous root, a very strong smell, and an acrid, pungent taste + (garlic is symbol of immortality).

leek - a culinary herb, Allium Porrum, allied to the onion, but differing from it in having the bulbous part cylindrical and the leaves flat and broad + Gaelic League.

Schwitz- (ger) - Swiss; sweat

'David' in Hebrew means 'darling'.

Cat has nine lives (proverb)

drape - to cover with, or as with, cloth or drapery

mufti - plain clothes worn by any one who has a right to wear a uniform; esp. in phr. in mufti

MOURNE - The subject of Percy French's song, the Mountains of Mourne "sweep down to the sea," in South County Down + Il Trovatore: Ai nostri monti (song): Home to Our Mountains.

continence - self-restraint, in regard to impulse, appetite, or desire + continent

aether (Irish Pronunciation) - either

quinque - five + secular - having a period of enormous length; 100 years + quinquisaecularis (l) - of five centuries + (on bicycle).


blindfold - dark; fig. With the mind blinded; without perception; without forethought, heedless, reckless.

Saint Patrick landed in Ireland in A.D. 432.

pate - a paste made from liver or other meats; the head, the skull + patte (fr) - paw + Peter/Paul (motif) + FDV: Here he is coming back [draped in mufti] from his continence with a pig's pork's head in a parcel, blushing like a pig, begob!

laughing gull - a black headed gull Larus atricilla

lime - a viscous sticky substance prepared from the bark of the holly and used for catching small birds + clock striking nine.

skunk - a North American animal of the weasel kind, Mephitis mephitica, noted for emitting a very offensive odour when attacked or killed + skull.