Eucharist* - Eccl. The sacrament of the Lord's Supper; the Communion.

yous = you

maître d'hôtel* - a hotel manager; now usually the manager of a hotel dining-room, a head waiter.

toastmaster - one who at a public dinner or the like is appointed to propose or announce the toasts.

coupe - a shallow cup, bowl, or glass; a mixture of ice-cream and fruit, etc., served in a glass goblet or the like.

Jack and Gill* = lad and lass 

filiform - having the form of a thread; thread-like

fail - failure (the fact of becoming exhausted or running short, giving way under trial, breaking down in health, declining in strength or activity, etc.)

stir up - to rouse to action, activity, or emotion; to excite, provoke, induce.

fizz - liveliness, activity

tilt - to pour or empty out (the contents of a vessel)

champagne cup* - a 'cup' of which champagne is the basis or chief ingredient;                cup - a name for various beverages consisting of wine sweetened and flavoured with various ingredients and usually iced. 

dimming - that dims

douce = douse - a sweetheart, a 'dear'

squeezed - subjected to pressure or compression

pearly - pl. Clothes adorned with pearl-buttons, such as are worn by costermongers.

sparkling - flashing, glittering, brilliant, resplendent

nipple - to furnish with a nipple or nipples

bubblet - a small bubble

bumper - a cup or glass of wine, etc., filled to the brim, esp. when drunk as a toast.

snaggletooth - an irregular broken or projecting tooth

theare - there (obs.)

hole - the orifice of any organ or part of the body. spec. (slang) The mouth, the anus, or the female external genital organs.


innerman - the spiritual or intellectual part of man, stomach

monophone - (R. L. Garner in New Rev. Nov. 429), I have found it necessary to coin a new word to describe the character of their [sc. monkeys'] speech, and as each idea seems to be couched in a single word of one syllable and nearly, indeed of one letter, I have called it a monophone.

proxy - a person appointed or authorized to act instead of another; an attorney, substitute, representative, agent.  

consoler* - one who consoles (to comfort in mental distress or depression).

squamous - Path. Of skin-diseases: Characterized by the development of scales or laminæ of skin                                      famous

runaway - one who runs away; a fugitive, a deserter

pal - a comrade, mate, partner, associate, 'chum'

incessantly - without cessation, unceasingly; without pausing, instantly, immediately.

fraction - a fragment, scrap, small piece; in the Eucharist: the breaking or dividing of the bread.

crust - the outer part of bread rendered hard and dry in baking

doubling - deceitful or tricky action, double dealing

tippling - the drinking of intoxicating drink, esp. in small quantities and often; habitual indulgence in liquor.

unicorn - a fabulous and legendary animal usually regarded as having the body of a horse with a single horn projecting from its forehead.

penumbra* - a partial shade or shadow 


treasure* - an affectionate term of address

deal - a slice sawn from a log of timber (now always of fir or pine), and usually understood to be more than seven inches wide, and not more than three thick; a plank or board of pine or fir-wood; attrib. and Comb., as ('made of or consisting of deal'), deal door, table, etc .

milestone* - a pillar set up on a highway or other road or course to mark the miles.

mumble - to speak indistinctly, or with the lips partly closed; to mutter



wolf - a name for certain malignant or erosive diseases in men and animals

verminous - infested with, full of, vermin, esp. parasitic vermin; noxious, objectionable, offensive.

secede - to withdraw formally from an alliance, an association, a federal union, a political or religious organization.

garlic - a plant of the genus Allium having a bulbous root, a very strong smell, and an acrid, pungent taste.

leek - a culinary herb, Allium Porrum, allied to the onion, but differing from it in having the bulbous part cylindrical and the leaves flat and broad. 

drape - to cover with, or as with, cloth or drapery

mufti - plain clothes worn by any one who has a right to wear a uniform; esp. in phr. in mufti.

continence - self-restraint, in regard to impulse, appetite, or desire                                                                                  continent

quinque - five;                     secular - having a period of enormous length; 100 years.

blindfold - dark; fig. With the mind blinded; without perception; without forethought, heedless, reckless.

pate - a paste made from liver or other meats; the head, the skull

laughing gull - a black headed gull Larus atricilla

lime - a viscous sticky substance prepared from the bark of the holly and used for catching small birds.

skunk - a North American animal of the weasel kind, Mephitis mephitica, noted for emitting a very offensive odour when attacked or killed                                                                                                                                                                                 skin