abhainn (Irish) - river


debtor - one who owes or is indebted to another

obbligato - indispensable, that cannot be omitted + obbligato (it) - a portion of a musical composition which cannot be omitted (from Italian obbligato: obligatory) + obrigado (Portuguese) - thank you.


chum - a habitual companion, an associate, an intimate friend

cog (Slang) - to cheat by copying during examination or by copying another's homework

crib (Slang) - to cheat by copying from an illicit aid during examination

foil - to tread under foot, trample down; to overthrow, defeat (an antagonist); to baffle, frustrate the efforts of (a person)

copy + Archdeacon J.F.X.P. Coppinger.

Victor Pritchard (1579-1664) wrote Canwyll y Cymry, "Welshman's Candle." 

Flamme (ger) = flamme (fr) - flame + mermaid's (barmaid's) flame.

leal - loyal, true

Hy Brasil (Anglo-Irish) - legendary island in Atlantic, Irish Elysium

abu! (abu) (gael) - to victory!

important + omnipotent.

servus (l) - slave, servant + Servus Servorum (l) - Servant of Servants, Slave of Slaves (title of the popes) + Servus (ger) - (greeting).

rough diamond - a diamond in its natural state, before it is cut and polished; hence fig. a person of high intrinsic worth, but rude and unpolished in manners

nuntius - a messenger; a papal nuncio + Pontius Pilate.

piedish - the deep dish in which a pie is made + FDV: O, by the holy, someone has shaved his skull for him as clean as Nuntius' piedish.

burnt out - extinct after entire consumption of the fuel; sometimes fig.

matting - a fabric composed of a coarse material, e.g., coir, bast, hemp, grass, etc., used as a covering for floors or roofs, or as material for packing, for tying plants, etc. 

Donnerwetter (ger) - thunderstorm (expletive) + "Dondderwedder / Kyboshicksal" [283.L04-.L05]

KHYBER PASS - Pass in Safed Koh range South of Mohmand Hills on border between Afghanistan and Pakistan; traversed for centuries by armies and peoples invading India + kaibe, cheibe (ger) - (Swiss expletive) + Schinken (ger) - ham.

Panza, Sancho - Don Quixote's servant + scappa senza pagar (it) - runs away without paying

spittoon - a receptacle for spittle, usually a round flat vessel of earthenware or metal, sometimes having a cover in the form of a shallow funnel with an opening in the middle + spat-on.

scaly - abounding in, covered with, or consisting of scales; having a surface that peels off in thin plates or layers

blackguard - to use foul or abusive language towards; to subject to laughter or ridicule + (Joyce's eye patch and goatee).

goatsbeard - plant cultivated for its small white flowers (PICTURE)

buttonhole + butting (goat).

Lemuel Gulliver in Swift's Gulliver's Travels

sourd (fr) - deaf + grandsire.

crusader - one who engages in a crusade

poteen, potheen - whisky distilled in Ireland in small quantities, privately, i.e. the produce of an illicit still + Paidin (pad'in) (gael) - diminutive of Padraig: Paddy + caubeen (Irish) - old hat + (hat off) → "Hat yourself!" [.23]

Ku Klux Klan - a widespread secret society, which arose in the Southern States of North America after the civil war of 1861-65, beginning with the effort to overawe the Negro population by whipping and arson, and developing a system of political outrage and murder + (the girls).

thoughtful - meditative, contemplative; pensive, musing; disposed to think about or consider matters

simpatico (it) - nice 

intellegentius (l) - pertaining to understanding or perception (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

absinthe - an alcoholic liqueur originally distilled from wine mixed with wormwood, but said now often to contain none + (notebook 1924): '*V* absentminded'.

red berry - any of several North American plants, esp. the red baneberry (ActŠa rubra)

forest + FDV: Wait till you hear him clecking clicking his bull's bones. You're Welcome back, Wilkins.

exchange - a building in which the merchants of a town assemble for the transaction of business (preceded by some defining word that indicates a special branch of business: as coal-, corn-, hop-, stock-, wool-exchange) + Butter Exchange Band, Dublin. 

Pfeife (ger) - pipe, whistle + fife and drum.

bowl full

"The Marseillaise" was composed in 1792, adopted by a Marseilles battalion, suppressed by Napoleon, later became the French national anthem + moule (fr) - mussel + bouillabaisse (fr) - boiled fish dish, eaten with its soup

yunker - younker (a child)

doodler - one who doodles (to draw or scrawl aimlessly) + doodle (Slang) - penis.

wank - Of a male: to masturbate + wanken (ger) - stagger + wanted

awrite - to write

phoney - a phoney person or thing; that has no real existence; fake, sham, counterfeit; false + 'Yankee Doodle went to London, riding on a pony' (song).

hair - to produce or grow hair + hairing (Irish Pronunciation) - hearing.

hat - to cover with a hat

dye - to tinge with a colour or hue; to colour, stain

dexterity - manual or manipulative skill, adroitness, neat-handedness; lit. Right-handedness + right extremity.

frater (l) - brother

Cladach (klodokh) (gael) - Stony seashore; fishing community in Galway town, famous for its Claddagh rings, which display hands clasping a crowned heart.

dapper - Of persons: Neat, trim, smart, spruce in dress or appearance.

dandy - one who studies above everything to dress elegantly and fashionably; a beau, fop + Tandy, James Napper (1740-1803) - "Oh I met with Napper Tandy, and he took me by the hand..." He was a stupid, unreliable United Irishman, immortalized in "The Wearing of the Green."

watchkeeper - one who keeps watch or serves as a member of a watch on board ship; an officer in charge of a watch; also in gen. use, one who keeps watch or acts as a look-out.

in all shapes and sizes - in a great variety of forms

maraud - to make a raid for the purpose of plundering; to go about pilfering

mappamundi (l) - map of the world + mappamondo (it) - geographical globe.


(SPAIN) + a cock and bull story - an idle, concocted, incredible story.

auster - the south wind + Auster (ger) - oyster + (AUSTRIA).

hungrig (ger) - hungry + (HUNGARY).

(GERMANY) + bulls and bears - speculators on rises and falls, respectively, on Stock Exchange.

SICILY - Largest isle in the Mediterranean Sea, the ball to Italy's boot + (ITALY and SICILY). 

isles + Lord Byron: Don Juan III.lxxxvi: 'The Isles of Greece' (Byron fought for Greek freedom from Turks).

julep - a sweet drink prepared in different ways; often, simply a liquid sweetened with syrup or sugar, and used as a vehicle for medicine; U.S. A mixture of brandy, whisky, or other spirit, with sugar and ice and some flavouring, usually mint + Turkey-in-Europe.

Freischutz (ger) - free-archer + Carl Maria von Weber: Der Freischutz (opera).

feil (ger) - exposed or offered for sale, mercenary + Pfeil (ger) - arrow + Bogen (ger) - bow + Siegmund Feilbogen - Austrian professor who employed Joyce as a translator in Zurich in 1915.

rockery = rock garden - an artificial heap or pile of rough stones and soil used for the ornamental growing of ferns and other plants.

costard - a kind of apple of large size + (William Tell - Swiss archer shooting apple) + (SWITZERLAND).

Peter the Great + Peadar (pader) (gael) - Peter + Grab (ger) - grave + (RUSSIA).

call on - to invite to come on, allure, incite

Turgesius on Thorgil - viking who invaded Ireland in 832. He and his death were likewise violent + (SCANDINAVIA) + Jesus. 

Mona - (1) song, "Mona, My Own Love"; (2) Moon + Mona (l) - Isle of Man, Angelsea.

make up to - (fig.): to make advances to (a person), to pay court or make love to


Breslau (city) + Breastlaw - Common Law, Isle of Man (mistakenly called Mona).


landskip = landscape

Lambay Island off County Dublin


rejoice - to gladden, make joyful, exhilarate (a person, his spirits, etc.)

French, Basil - character in Henry James's story Julia Bride (in the story, Julia is proud of Basil)

davit - a curved piece of timber or iron with a roller or sheave at the end, projecting from a ship's bow, and used as a crane to hoist the flukes of the anchor without injuring the side of the vessel + Michael Davitt - 19th century Irish nationalist + devil.